Neighbors working with security and Home Owner associations to remove me from society

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While around the age of 27 moving into my place in woodland hills, and not realizing that I was being hunted since 9 years old. Followed from place to place with this terror system built around me to remove me from society and being hunted wherever I go in the world I would not realize what the police, government, my family were doing to rile the masses against me to try to create mental illness and end my life.

Mike Huntley’s word alone “We are using the system against you”

And oddly enough, seems to be connected to Lorena Escobar as well since hired by my father, as they have tried to get me to move at every place I’ve ever lived in for some reason. Because all these situations happening in my life world wide are all INTERCONNECTED and not isolated situations that normally occur as random events.

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics to get me fired and make me move  –

College frame job with a Gay person to try to get me to move –

Just a couple of example of each and every place I’ve lived in my entire life, and oddly enough seems to be some kind of paranoid schitzo tactic with something and my family and movies. Probably using MOVIES (People to get you to move) in some kind of literal sense, since everything to them is literal and out of context, the they seem to perceive everything you say as a threat. Like doing something wrong for buying my father a watch for his birthday. And people mad at you for it. Things like this, that you could not even phathom were possible. that people would go ballistic on you over. While my brother would keep coming behind me FLICKING me in the ear from behind, which now realizing years later after all their mental illness tactics that most likely he was trying to send me hidden messages about MOVIES = FLICKS. As well as Tom Farly’s attempted confession tactics of saying he is Def in one ear working with my family. As well as using all my screen names, handles, or whatever info he could get to create elaborate lies about me and give to the world.

Who knows why they have done this to me my entire life, but if I had my guess, at the age 13, my mother and father got divorced, and my father moved out. And it seems like all this sabotaging of my life, for my entire life began then, from person to person, friend to friend, possible relationships, jobs, places, I live, you name it. At this point. And it seems like my family can’t deal with the choices they made like divorce, and in order for them to accept their decisions, and bad relationships, need to pin it on me, so they can cope with life. This is just a guess since their is no communication with my families issues towards me. But it seems like this is one of their secret accusations towards me. As well as why my fathers women he dates keep coming after me with him for no reason. Which is odd. Like his wife Shelly, saying something weird to me like “Now you have an evil step mother” and of course me not doing or saying one mean thing to her at all in any way shape or form. As she worked with these mass groups world wide to get rid of me. Just like each and every person in my life, with the same BEHAVIORS.

While living here for years. At first, I did not realize what was going on around me. Such as the neighbors using cars parked in patterns or parked in 2’s, 4’s, sometimes same cars, sometimes cars using the names to try to send me hidden messages, and create ideas of references, a form of schizophrenia.This one tactic, in 1000’s of mental illness tactics directed at me, I have watched all day and night for 16 years alone. Which I have no doubt started around 9 years old, with the other ones. I have watched this every day for 16 years on my street alone, and will happen anywhere i go in the world.

dsc03248 dsc03261 dsc03289 p1150644 p1160333


4 grey Lexus’s in a row

around the age 29, I noticed something was very wrong, but I could not explain, or even comprehend that there was a mass world wide conspiracy since 9 years old to end my life and try to remove me from society any way shape or form possible.

About a week ago, the HOA Organization sent me a letter, working with the neighbors that my car, was obstructing someone, and therefore, once again, pre crime, that I am POSSIBLY a nascence, And they are going to hold a hearing on the 23rd, to see if I will be fined or whatever. Oh course, I am pretty sure HOA Organizaations don’t have hearings. Also, what is the point of being around a group of people who refuse to address what they are all doing togethor trying to set someone up and frame them all day and night. Refuse to stop, and are trying to get reactions to use against him. They are just going to do what they are and have always done with the rest of these groups since 9 years old and tell me I am imaging it to justify their HIDDEN AGENDA! Which in the big pcture is to just remove me from society. Maybe get me to kill myself or starve in the streets. And since working with my brother who basically told me at around 13 that they were going to make me crazy and put me in a mental institution. Which is linked to all this world wide mobbings.


But of course, like usual, the HOA organizers, or anyone here, or anywhere else are not concerned with the all day and night horrific terror, mental illness tactics being done to me. Showing that they have hidden agendas and ulterior motives to remove me from society. Because people don’t just sit around watching in secret billions of people trying to kill one person and say or do nothing at all to stop it. or hold people accountable for it. Showing they are interested in removing me from society in a world wide CONSPIRACY.

Of course, like usual, not only was my car not obstructing anyone, but one of the neighbors who is trying to set me up and provoke me into a situation, is however obstructing parking spaces which he starts doing after they had the HOA organizers contact me.


Not only this, but maybe 6 years ago, I didn’t park perfectly straight in Encino, and so after this, people were told world wide, especially at the public places I go. If I go somewhere, and they know I am going there, or will go there, to have people in the lots park their cars obviously crooked directed at me to send me hidden messages. So as you can imagine, because the neighbors here want to make me mentally ill and end my life, they all get togethor and try to mimic that imperfection in what they call their LAUNDRY LIST of things they say they are going to CLEAN ME UP. So to punish me for the rest of my life for such crimes of not parking perfectly straight, they get togethor and mimic me with things they think I have down to punish me all day and night for the rest of my life. But this is clearly not the type of things people do. And the only reason it is being done in the first place starting at the age 9 is to end my life.

So you can see here. This same person, with the person next door, every day, parks their cars crooked directed at me. To try to set me up, frame me, and provoke me into a situation. This is done, every singe day. Never stops. And is directed at me. It is not someone just parking quirky and living their own lives.


st one point, even getting two people with white genesis’s on their 2’s tactic

dsc03822 dsc03823 dsc03824

dsc03848 dsc03849 dsc03852

But if you take a close look. Why these cars are parked like this, you can see the servaillence camera pointing right at them!

So it is obvious, that like usual, like each and every person that has come in my life since 9 years old, it is a setup to try to make me look like a NASCENCE. Because they want a reaction to use against me. Which just goes from person to person since 9 years old.



Also, you can see that the same person involved in saying that I am somehow obstructing parking is then the one obstructing parking for some kind of frame, or pin what they are doing on me. Which has been done my whole life, from people like my Brother, his friends, Brian weaver, Brian Longbotham, all working togethor to rile the world against me.

But if an Organization is working with the people in the complex to do this, then threaten to fine me if I react, then that is fraud. A criminal act to set someone up to steal their money. Because if someone is being followed, pursued, endlessly provoked every day of their lives, and it never stops, then they say I have to pay money. Well, that is blackmail, and money paid to thugs.

But it gets a lot worse then just these 2 cars. This are some pictures from the cars outside my complex, I’d say in 3 – 4 short walks. For about 15 minutes each. This isn’t me waiting around forever to get these pictures. These cars started parking like this  few months back. And this isn’t people who are bad parkers. And some of the same people do it over and over showing that it is intentional and directed at me to try to stop me from going out, taking walks and being healthy.

dsc03710 dsc03719 dsc03715 dsc03720 dsc03726 dsc03739 dsc03741 dsc03740 dsc03746


2 focus, 2 elantra pairs alternating. one is a genesis, but same car as the Elantra

Also, you can see here, that usually I take pictures of the more obvious proveable things going on so there is less despite. But there are a lot of more subliminal things going on. Such as idea of reference tactics. For example, here you can see, that most of the street looks normal, yet their are 2 pairs of red cars parked togethor.

Which of course, an hour later turned into 2 Kia’s

So, the next day, after getting the letter from the HOA Organizers, I go outside to take a walk, and a man in our complex is coming home on a bicycle. He asks me. Are you still passing out cards. I tell him. “Only when being attacked” obviously meaning their passive aggressive, subliminal, covert mental illness attacks. He then gets mad. Not like a rational good decent person would do. Because a decent person would say. it is wrong for people to try to create mental illness and rid you of the world. Or be provoked in any way shape or form. Instead he says. I am on the board. And you are going to be fined.

Of course, I let him know that trying to set me up, and then charge me blackmail money to keep me quiet and subdued is a crime, and FRAUD. and obviously with criminal INTENT. Using an HOA as a coverup to try to thug someone into a position, and then charge him for being mentally battered to death. Instead of just stopping and leaving me alone.

Of course he starts playing victim, and all. the usual cover-up tactic with these types of people.

Also, a day before receiving the letter. Not only at one point did someone steal the antennae off my car. But they took it further. I come home a week earlier, and their is a plumbing leak in our garage. And of course, this pin size hole is magically spraying right on my car antennae. This is pretty strange and COINCIDENTALLY after someone stealing the old one.


When leaving to work, the Plumber was there asking me to move my car, from ENTERPRISE Plumbing, which I did. And he started in on me calling me BOSS. Which people started doing after Lorena Escobar hired me, then taking part in this mass mobbing was telling the world I am somehow trying to take over the company. Because I am going into an office I was hired to go into for 40 hours a week on salary.

More about Lorena Escobars 25 years involvement in this campaign to remove me from society

Also, the Plumber starts in on me trying to get some kind of confession about having to redo all the piping. Which was mentioned to me a while back that some of the other people in the complex didn’t want to pay their home owners fees because they used the money to fix half the complex which was not ours. And their was some kind of dispute that one of the people on the HOA board was embezzling. But most of the people here are liars who target people, try to frame them, set them up, create mental illness, and or don’t have the decency to be HONEST about what is being done to my life. So almost everything they say is a possibility of a lie, since they are lieing to me that I am imaging what they are doing and they don’t think it is wrong.

Of course, this plumber is somehow trying to get a confession from me, just like the endless other things in my life that everyone else did, that the world was told was me. And of course, them not thinking the world told in secret that someone is a monster, needs to be rid of the world, without any type of trial to prove it, or the fact that the entire operation of telling the world 1000’s of lies in SECRET is not a criminal act alone. Shows their true MOTIVES. Because any retard can see what is going on here.

After pipes were fixed


At one point a Neighbor in #2 who had been working with people following me to coffee shops, was working on his setups, from going through my trash, to telling me that I should move to China, after me posting on twitter how messed up China is because they only allow one news channel and information can be controlled.

At one point, to show how these people operate and their INTENTIONS. When things started to calm down around here, and I was cleaning out my place. I left some boxes and things I was going to throw out on my porch for a few days. And someone came on my porch, took a box, and put it on the steps in view of the place across from me. Showing that they did not want things to STOP.

That when things get better, once again, they were out framing me, trying to make it look like I am the problem or a Nuisance. Aren’t these the people talking about they want a nice area to live in? then were are they following some person around creating problems? showing their INTENT!

It is so bad around here that, they started to redo the streets, but could not continue because the people in our complex and the ones nextdoor would not stop parking their cars on the streets directed at me. with their obsession to rid me of the world. the started it, then had to wait several weeks. Of course, My car was in the garage. And I am sure they hoped I would park my car on the street so they could use their Nuisance scam to coverup their real crimes of CRIMINAL DEFAMATION. And attempted murder.

dsc03704 dsc03705 dsc03707

You can see the streets were started, and the cars still on the streets. At one point people parking cars in patterns of 2’s and 4’s. But you know. that not the type of behavior that is creating problems. Nope, it’s the guy letting people know that this is all being directed at me to create mental illness is somehow the problem. Especially when I am known world wide because of their mass murder campaign. As if I am somehow stupid when these people say they don’t know me and what is going on. Ya ok, sure.

So also a few days before this letter, taking a walk, people start coming out of the complexes wearing all black. One of their tactics. One girl in all black asks me to please stop passing out cards because she wants to live in a nice neighborhood. And she says “For me?” like ya ok. And I tell her, my life is more important then her, and all they have to do is leave me alone, and started with this mass organized terror operation. And I don’t have to defend myself by letting people know I am being hunted. Well guess what. She did not like that Answer.

I would think, if someone wants to live in a nice neighborhood, they would not be stalking, thugging, trying to set up, frame, someone, and let them live their lives which they have now ruined since 9 years old, and I never have any aspect of any life from what they’ve done to it. As if I am the bad guy for finding out what they are and have been doing. All this person has to do is go live their life and not target me.

About an hour later, a security guard knows I come out for a talk and tries to intimidate me for now reason and drives up to me while walking talking about not passing out cards. Of course I tell him. If I am not attacked, then their is no issue. And they have a guy walking his dog wearing all black.

And while walking, passing out a card on one of the cars directed at me on the street. A black man yells out the window calling me Nigger. and as I continue walking up the street a few hundred feet their is a black girl in a U-haul pretending she is moving and wants to talk to me. Of course wearing all black as well. She like usual, plays stupid and starts asking me what this is all about. She plays the game of. Just look past it, and maybe some day I will meet someone who does not know what is going on. But I talk about reality and how the world knows what is going on. And people need to be honest about it.

You know, sort of trying to control or manipulate me by dangling carrots that I should forget about it, and maybe she will be mine. Of course she starts talking about how she is leaving her boy friend because he is “Fucking With her” because a lot of this murder campaign started by my families inability to take insignificant jokes like the try my mother wanted me to draw for her. And me joking around with her. Which somehow equates into Kevin is a horrible monster and needs to be hunted and killed by the world. But we are talking about a person who for 29 years we only had one single argument. And that was the end all be all of incidents. Someone who cannot let go of something that doesn’t even matter in the first place.

The black girl then starts digging about the security guards she is clearly working with. Who have been hunting me world wide with my brother since our teens and whatever tactics my brother was working on with the security guards to try to make it look like security guards were justified in hunting me my entire life just like all his other elaborate setup attempts, lies, smears, frame jobs, you name it. Which is why security guard have been hunting me with thse mass groups my entire life.

So I basically say that these security guards who drive around the complex all day trying to feel important, seem to think we live in Watts or something, when this is woodland hills California. You know, those spoiled 16 year olds with their new BMW’s are really out breaking in and stealing TV’s around here. Ya ok.

Of course, She then says she might contact me. And after this, Pickup trucks were parking on my street, and at my office backwards. You know, some kind of punishment that i might talk to or ask out a girl. Because according to them, friends, relationships, and things like this are crimes where I have to be stalked with endless psychological shocks to punish me to make sure it never happens again. Which doesn’t make any sense, because it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about ways to torture, terrorize, and kill or rid of the world with mental illness tactics, hidden messages and such.

Also, right before receiving this letter, someone left a realestate pamphlet at my door, which said. “Time to cash out” and sell your home. With one of their THREAT letters, that I had better leave. But of course, these things have never stopped since 9 years old. And every place I have ever lived. the same things were going on,

So, how many times would I have to move? or is it, I have to move into the ground? showing their real MOTIVE!

If you really want to know the types of people these are, who say You kind is not allowed here! Who you never even met or spoke to. Who follow you around digging through your life then come after you. And you have no clue who is even coming after you. When they have the option of just going on and living their own lives instead of obsessing and hunting someone down, especially for no reason. With lame excuses that it is somehow because I am DIFFERENT! same thing as Adolf Hittler. Of course how different am I? well, I am different because I have been robbed of a normal life! so does that make me different? or FORCED into a situation to use against me? With lame excuses to justify their actions.

And what does that even mean? because the U.S. was built on the foundation that people, ideas, are all different. “The melting pot” where all races, cultures get togethor. Capitalism, where people come up with weird, insteresting, different, new ideas.

So the very people who damn well know that, PRETEND that, oh Kevin is different, we need to EXTERMINATE him! well, that is all a coverup for a larger AGENDA!

And the scams of, well it’s his fault  because we do not like, trust, or whatever. I can tell you that I have never went after anyone because I did not like, trust, know, or whatever. And at this point in my life after I have found out what has been done to my life and the world refuses to be honest. I sure as hell no longer have the option of trust. And you still don’t see me going after people and doing what I’ve always done and focused on trying to live my life and accomplish things. So you can see these people MOTIVES! and they will do and say whatever they need to, to accomplish this AGENDA started at the age 9, and their ACTIONS show it!


The kind of people who dump liter boxes and car shit on your car. Because maybe you asked our a stripper or girl with Tattoos. To me, this is Tailor Trash. No matter how much money they have.

dsc03615 dsc03617 dsc03614

So what was my crime? well, it’s simple. At the age 29, I found out, that I was being hunted to be removed from society, and knowing what is being done to me. And these people don’t like that.

They will work every angle and tactic. That I am like the Kevin in the movie Split


Which a lot of the movie was written from the interpretation of the lies given to the world about me. And the psychologists and psychiatrists trying to cover up what they are doing to my life by saying I suffer from schizophrenia. And things like this.  As interestingly enough, my website states that I have been to 24 theropists trying to get someone to listen and be honest. and of course, Kevin in the movie has 24 personalities. As well as all the other things taken from my social network conversations and put into the movie.

This is just one movie out of countless movies with this done. But it lets you know what is really going on. The magnitude of involvement world wide. And the amount of people who actually followed me and waited for me at this one movie alone trying to intimidate, scare, provoke me from seeing it.

I can’t tell you their reasoning. Maybe they don’t want me seeing it. Maybe they don’t want me talking about it. Maybe they just want to create mental illness like started at 9 years old all day and night 24/7 with world wide support to figure out ways to remove me from society.

While I had a lot of people work on some kind of scam by sending me sub tweets, that I am fake, and not really about the entertainment industry, the difference is, that I am being told that I am IMAGINING what is going on. For example, if I was a famous actor like Tom Cruise, I’d be making 50 million a year. People would speak to me directly saying. Oh, your Tom Cruise, I liked this movie, can I have an autograph, people want to work with him, etc. And I’d live a high profile life to protect myself with all that money. The difference is that I walk around from day to day, and am known world wide. And each person I come in contact with, sends me hidden messages, that they know this or that. Then tell me they don’t know me, I’m imaging it, and crazy. Not only that, but the level of people stalking me with mental illness tactics, then saying I am imaging it, is far from normal, even for some high profile person.

The point is. That I am probably 10 times more known the the president of the united states, and am told I am imagining it. Basically trying to make me look crazy. And drive me insane. So all the people trying to play mind games that I am the one with the problem, or that what is being done is somehow normal, and I am too sensitive is just and ANGLE, to accomplish their hidden agenda and make me think it is somehow my fault. This shows their real motives and agendas, which start at 9 years old using movies with Chuck Norris, and an Eye for an  Eye, Breaker Breaker. Movies I have never really seen because I wasn’t really a chuck norris fan.  I did watch Eye for an Eye last week. First time at the age 44. And their were tons of things that these mass groups were going ballistic on me from the movie. From things I said to people which they then correlated to the movie. As if I was taking it out of the movie. Showing that, they were given information about me and movies to paint an untrue picture about me to the world.

This goes from movie to movie throughout my life. From things put in movies directed at me, or peoples interpretations of me or my life, to people saying I am doing things out of movies to coverup their agendas.

But, in the end, Who is the Nuisance? The person just trying to go out, have friends, relationships, make money, do things with his life and accomplish things? or these mass world wide groups hunting and pursuing, to rid me of the world. And can’t even tell me what it is really even about? And at the age 29, finding out what was going on and basically in shock, I have the same answers from these people today 16 years later. I am imagining it, and I am a bad person. Yet, these people cannot tell me specifically, with factual data, what this is actually about. Except cover up tactics like. You are passing out cards letting people know none of this is true, and that is causing problems.

And of course, I would not have to pass out cards, If I was not being attacked all day and night 24/7. But that obvious notion, doesn’t seem to click that maybe it’s not a good idea to have mass groups hunt down, and try to torture and kill someone with never ending covert mental illness and psychological warfare tactics. And maybe when they start asking, what is going on. And are forced to put up websites that people are trying to kill them. That maybe they have gone too far, and need to stop. In my case, over 35 years too far! All day and night 24/7. Every place, state, job, you name it.

Updated: 3 9 2017

Today I got a call from a Matt a

saying, he found a card or something on our property. and threatening me that people on their board live here, and they are going to fine me in punishment to them following me from place to place discriminating me, and being part of this mass terror/murder operation. In fraudulant efforts to try to endless work with the neighbors, provoke me to death, try to get a reaction then charge me in fraudulent activities.

Basically, threatening and trying to scare me.  Of course, normally, someone who wants to stop a situation, doesn’t then, after threatening someone to stop, start doing more things to someone so they have to defend themselves. Showing that it is about setting me up to take my money.

So about an hour after this call, going out to my car, they have the neighbors keep doing things to esculate the situation instead of leaving me alone. Which they started in on me 16 years ago upon moving in.

You can see how they are doing things to my car. In this picture they put the wipers up.

Also, this Gay person Matt, seems to be working with the gay employees at coffee shops who have been stalking me for over 16 years, because they sent a gay person in my house in Colorado, and I didn’t ask him out.  Obviously, I am not gay, and even if I was, there is the attraction level. But because of this, I have been hunted by gay communities world wide for simply not asking a gay person out. At the same time living with a person named Matt as well involved in all sorts of other elaborate setup attempts and frame jobs, working with the police.

College frame job with a Gay person –

But what the HOA Organizers are mad at, are personal things in my life that are non of their business that don’t even exist, or at places any where else other then the property I live on. Showing that this isn’t about anything related to my home. And if I am a good person. They are out following me from place to place trying to profile me and prove I am a bad person, then get rid of me. Which has nothing to do, like usual, if I have done anything wrong. And shows their ulterior motives in fraudulent activities.

Example, you don’t go to coffee shops, or we claim you are a nausance, and then make up lies that you are a problem. Then fine you. Nothing based on. You moved in, are a great person, and have done nothing wrong on your property. And things like taking walks, checking your mail, or whatever are my freedoms. And having neighbors follow me from place to place, saying. “We are watching you” is basically a threatening act to try to intimidate someone.

But not only this. While they spend all day and night doing these things to my life. They are basically slum lords. We have not had a lawn in years. Just a patch of dirt in the middle of the complex once they let the grass die

Also, in the Garage, their is endless water damage. While focusing all day and night 24/7 on me. They are not even concerned with things like water seeping through my neighbors foundation. Showing severe water damage to to floor. And I don’t know anything about construction. But when I see a cracked ceiling and water coming through it. To me, it looks like the town house is about to collapse, and someone is about to get killed by their place collapsing while they are in it.

isn’t this what their job is? to maintain these things instead of following people around with psychological warfare and terror tactics since 9 years old who they refuse to tell the person what it is even about?

Maybe they have no money to fix these things even though we pay a shitload of Home Owners fees, so they see an easy target and come after me. Who knows the motive. But if they aren’t investing our home owners fees into the properties, and then having the people on the board try to endlessly set the nice guy up, they think is a push over. Then try to charge him because they won’t leave him alone. Common sense pretty much says it all. They need money, and see an easy target to set up.

Especially if they want to fine me because they won’t leave me alone. Kinda says, we need money, lets try to set this person up, frame him, and take his money.

This water leaks with the plumbing has been going on for years, and I’d think that would be a priority, not following me around in my private life looking for dirt. From my hobbies, who I date, What I do for a living. That is all irrelevant to maintaining a property.

But it shows you the type of people I am dealing with. Who I would think would say to the board members, that it is unacceptable to follow people around all day and night trying to rid them of the world, instead of taking part in it. Showing they are not PROFESSIONAL.

While working with security to follow me all around the city. And public places I go. With the “We are watching you” intimidation Which the only job a security guard would have is to protect the property. Not follow people from place to place saying, I don’t trust you, we are going to hunt you, and it’s your fault because we don’t trust you.

But you can see the type of people I am dealing with, in something much bigger, and world wide. And of course, then they will have neighbors come out calling me a RAT. as if people wouldn’t speak out about this type of thing trying to brainwash me or something.

So I guess one of my questions that pops to mind, specially with the BOARD MEMBERS, is that, why are they not concerned with making this a nice place to live where everyone gets along, and they focus on fixing all the things around here like water leakage everywhere, dead dirt lawns, and smear campaigns against people they don’t like because maybe I asked out a girl with tattoos or even a stripper.


And if Board Members are living in my complex, and this is all PERSONAL, maybe, They don’t like my kind! as Starbucks corporations motives seem to be. Stop me from dating, having friends, relationships, and a family, then turn it around saying. THEY DON’T LIKE MY KIND! and I am not welcome there. It was more inferred over and over with innuendos, and not directly said. But that is because they have kept me in isolation refusing to be honest.

so if Board Members are living in my property, and saying WE DON’T LIKE HIS KIND! whatever they mean by that after destroying my life with very lie, smear defamation, slander. Then isn’t that a conflict of interest? All that person needs is to have a bad day, to get rid of someone they don’t like. Making up whatever lie or riling the masses against someone. Which seems to be the case.

I would think, these people on the board who live here, wouldn’t want the type of thing going on that I am EXPOSING, as one of the largest crimes known to man in the history of the world. And in order to live in a peaceful environment, this is unacceptable. Not, we are going to HUNT you, and you better not say anything.

Things that they would have no knowledge of, unless something shady was going on, which no one cares about anyways, unless they are obsessed psychotic lunatics.

For more information on this world wide operation

to EXTERMINATE me, remove me from society, rid me of the world with every person,  resource known to man, and end my life in such a way to get away with it, and no investigations, you can go to.

My World Wide Targeting info


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