College frame job with a Gay person and Police, Government involvement

Posted: January 3, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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After Transferring from southern Oregon State College to University of Colorado. Which is completely NORMAL, despite the disinformation given to the world. And a COVERUP by the police and government to make me look like a problem. Saying such things as I am stalking my brother or following him around trying to get information on him or prove things which the government and police making up lies to justify their actions that I was somehow hunting my brother because I simply wanted to go to a place I visited and was familiar with or I am schitzo. You name it. Anything to turn the world against me.

But not only this, My brother had already graduated, and those scams don’t even make sense because he was no longer there.

I moved into a an apartment on Arapahoe blvd, which I can only imagine the elaborate lies given to the world from a harmless street sign. But in my life, this is the type tactics used to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society using the mass public against me.

Out of these ENDLESS setup attempts, Frame jobs, You name it!  My roomates, Eric Feely, and Matt, sent in a Gay person to try to set me up.

They also sent a weed smoking, guy who paid no rent, took over my room, to get rid of me, with more frame jobs to try to get me to go after him, and attempted setups that did not work with my bothers Friend Jason Baum, and Eric and Matt. But that is for another time to explain those elaborate scams to give the world lies and try to make me look like a violent person, asshole, abusive, or whatever, which seems to be their MOTIVE since 10 years old to justify my EXTERMINATION where of course nothing I saw happened but me moving after finding out that he knew the system, and way to take over my house without even paying rent. Of course but what was really going on was a setup to try to get me to go after him. But that is for another blog, some other time. Which explains, why Starbucks Employees have been in an ANGRY RAGE since I started writing my book about these things and dont want me TALKING about the TRUTH.

Especially having endless people follow me there, and whistle over and over at me. For years, on a daily basis, trying to hint to me that I am a whistle blower. Because their are not concerned with the TRUTH, the are concerned with figuring out how to end my life and keep it covered up. Which is very STRANGE.

While I was going to sleep. The Gay guy, came into my room and laid down. He then started asking me what I was thinking.  I was shy, and not used to those situations, and did not know how to react. And after about 15 minutes. I could not sleep. Was not mean to him at all. And left my room and watched TV.

He then left. And I am sure he felt Alienated uncomfortable as well. Which so far, this does not seem to be anything out of the norm, and happens billions of time per day in society.

After this of course, since my roomates working with the police to set me up weren’t done with me. One of my roomates then started telling me some weird things like I saw that DERROGATORY STATEMENT at a party in hope that he could get some kind of statement to use against me from a reaction to use against me, to give to the world, to rile the Gay Communities against me. Just like my Brother and Friends were doing at 12 years old with Black and Asians, after kissing a black girl which seems to have angered them for some odd reason.

But of course, since I have no problem with gay people, or any other race or nationality at all, provided, they are not Abusive, working on me with some ANGLE, and are good people or we get along. I did not feed into their setups. Which would be of insignificance if I had. And if any person coming after me from a private conversation would be a clear and obvious attempt on my life to destroy me as any RATIONAL, HONEST person knows. Which makes this global campaign so weird and freaky to end my life.

Now after this, oddly enough, Gay people were told to HUNT me down and remove me from society any way shape and form possible. Obviously, along with all the other groups being turned against me such as Black Communities, Persians, Asians, Etc. While, these people involved like Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphry, Jason Perelmn, etc keep making up newer and newer lies to rile the world against me to end my life.

Another situation which occured, was My Brothers wife, Jen,  setting the stage to create paranoia, as me going down in Miama, Lincoln Mall, and a gay guy flirting with me. As I was much older, and experienced, and knew how to  deal with his pickup lines, and I was nice, polite, friendly, flirty, but of course, told him, I was not gay, and it wouldn’t work out. And that was that. But of course, then Jen sending me hidden messages of their SPY GAME tactics, hinting about the interactions from a random stranger where she never was. Of course, probably trying to get some Deragotory comment to give to the world which seems to be a huge tactic of theirs.

There have been tons of incidents where Gay people have come into my life trying to get me to react, and I was polite to all of them. And the nicer I have been, the more they have been HUNTING ME Down. Not only this. But like usual, and any CAMPAIGN to rid someone of the world. They don’t seem to be interested in all the NICE things I have done for or polite, with gay people, or anyone else. they are only interested in trying to knitpick any imperfection and give it to the world trying to make me look like a horrible monster. Which is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to SMEAR operations. Which are only done usually in Political Situations or Government Operations, just like the tried to do to Snowden for speaking out about the corruption.

And last I checked if any Gay, or other nationality keep attacking you, them saying it is because you hate black people or gay people, etc. But they are the AGGRESSER. then it is clear and obvious. That it is not you that hates them, but them that HATES you, and they need to make up lame excuses to justify their Mob Groups actions and play victim and try to turn it around on you.

So, Tonight alone, I have one Gay employee and his friends seem to be working on me at a Starbucks for EXTERMINATION with these mass groups.


21504 Victory Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

The same employee, who keeps following me into the bathroom after I go into it. And one time actually came in because I forgot to lock the door as they said it was just an accident.

He had his friends come in, keep provoking me as I tried to be polite. And then when I engaged in a friendly conversation I was attacked with his passive aggressive terror tactics to try to set me up. Not to mention the other 15 people that came in provoking me at the same time. Which is done all day and night, 24/7 world wide, every place I go. And then told, that I am imagining it. To try to make me look crazy, and angry so they can accomplish removing me from society, and getting away with what they have been doing to me since 10 years old. Showing that this is a mass CONSPIRACY, and most of the people know about these endless setup attempts and don’t want that coming out.

Also, after him asking “What happened to you” I nicely told him that not only do we all know what is going on. And explained that within one hour there were about 15 people provoking me. And politely not accusing him. He then tries to COVER IT UP saying. I am homeless, and I just want his money. But of course I am sitting in a Starbucks normally dressed. With a laptop doing 3D animation as if that makes any sense showing he is full of shit. Also several Starbucks haev tried the, Kevin is Homeless and Loitering tactic on me over the years. Even when I would drive in with a 90K Jaguar, showing they will say whatever they can to remove me from society.

As When I asked the Starbucks employee why these gay people seem enraged with me, his answer was. “Do I come in your house and start things” but of course, Starbucks is not his house. It is designed for customers like me to work in peace. And he seemed to be protecting the very people trying to set me up.

Of course at this point, he said, He took offense and was going to get rid of me. And upon leaving, Which I knew this was a bad idea, because I know these types, who make up lies about you, then come after you” I actually apologized to him. And his response, just like I thought it would be, showing his TRUE COLORS, is that he was going to get rid of me anyways. Which seems to have always been his plan. Showing that he clearly has MOTIVE. And seems to be ENRAGED that when a gay guy flirted with me. I did not DO WHAT I WAS TOLD I HAD TO DO. Because why would anyone EXERT years of time and energy with world wide groups, because someone just wasn’t interested in some gay guy. It doesn’t add up like all the other things going on with  endless blogs about similar types of endless situations like this where no RATIONAL, SANE, person would remotely CARE about.

And another Gay employee at Coffeebean been working on me for EXTERMINATION as well. With the same type of tactics, obviously connected

Ventura & Topanga Canyon
21851 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Now these people damn well, know I have done nothing to them, any other gay people, or any other person for that matter. And with the endless PROOF, blogs, I have with lie after lie after lie after lie about me, frame jobs, setup attempts. all day and night since 10 years old.

Also, another thing they will do, is then have strangers I don’t know, that are their own friends or or people they know, come in and harass them in my name, saying that this is me, and pretending that I am doing this.

to them to make it look justified to have more people come after me. And that I won’t leave them alone. Yet their is nothing I have said or ever said or done to anyone in this lifetime to go after anyone in my name. Except Adrianna Olivarez sent after me “I’m going to get the doctors son” and not meaning it in a good way, by my father and Lorena Escobar to try to frame me and smear my name to the world taking my conversations with her, taking them out of context and giving it to the world like everyone else. Showing that they are just targeting me, hunting me, and working every Angle known to man to accomplish this.

And maybe they will try to use the excuse that I am telling people what is being done to me trying to make me think that, by speaking out that I am being hunted is somehow a bad thing. Which it is not. Trying to turn it around like usual making me think I am starting fires by notifying people of a mass world wide mobbing against me when they need to know the TRUTH so that I can walk out in public without being killed, especially for no reason. Because the reality is, it is really about awareness, and if someone knows these other people are doing it, they need to report them to the police and put them in jail. Not pretend I want them to go out and commit crimes in my name to frame me even more.

And as you can see from my endless blogs and specifics that these people have worked every angle and used every resource known to man to EXTERMINATE me for the last 35 years.

It i blatantly obvious, that this is just another daily event of MURDERERS trying to justify their actions to end my life and remove me from society.

Because in the end, even if I was an asshole to a gay guy in 1994. I can’t imagine a gay guy trying to KILL me for something that insignificant, in 2017. As if it not only didn’t really matter then since their is no actual crime. It sure as hell doesn’t matter now. Because their is no horrific act that has been done. Only to me.

And since a SIMPLE situation of, two people not working out is the only thing that happened from a gay guy that snuck in my room and asked me a question “what are you thinking about” that a shy kid felt uncomfortable and simply went into another room. I don’t see is of anything of significance, or even wrong with. of course, these people will try to tell the world I snapped and I hate gay people, to justify their actions to remove me from society. But of course being attacked over and over into any sort of reaction isn’t snapping. It’s a normal reaction to being attacked. And if their is any types of reactions, it is obvious, that is a setup. And then forcing you to push back if they won’t stop especially when they keep following me from place to place with the same tactics which shows their MOTIVE.

Because what they Gay communities message to me seems to be. I better marry a gay guy or they will follow me around and kill me because I am a bad person for not being interested. Like many others in my life like Stephanie (Skyler). Of course, they will try to chalk it up as some kind of Miscommunication. And he was rubbed the wrong way. But of course, we all know the truth and what is really going on here.

so, No Worries, but this is for the people who have and are being given this INFORMATION for the sole purpose to LITERALLY turn the world against me and try to have me hunted and killed by world wide groups such as Black, Asian, Persian, Gay, Adult Industry, Women  You name it groups, making up such lies that I am RACIST, Car thief, Pedaphile, Con artist, Hacker, Fraud, Asshole, etc.

And since these endless Defamatory ACCUSATIONS are given to the world OVER and OVER and OVER and in SECRET, creating new ones on a daily basis. It is obvious that this is really about a world wide MURDER campaign and WITCH hunt to figure out ways to remove me from society In such a way so their is no investigation saying I was just too sensitive, I couldn’t take it.


Today, upon going to work and going to a different Starbucks to grab a coffee, which I am harassed at every day for 10 years or so. When going up to the counter the the one person the Gay guy hat, or almost identical on from the day before. And the guy who was helping me called me BUD, like the security guard the gay guy was working with trying to provoke me into a situation.

And later in the afternoon upon leaving work, I stopped by

Barclays Coffee

8976 Tampa Ave. Northridge, CA 91324

While sitting outside, two girls walked by and Mimicked some of my conversations from the day before at the Starbucks location which I’ve seen this type of tactics being used on me all day and night now for 16 years world wide to create mental illness and end my life.

Showing that this is not just a few demented people, but Literally a world wide campaign doing these things to me all day and night 24/7 since 10 years old or around the time my brother told me.

“Me and my friends put a teacher in a mental institution” then telling me “We have a bug in your room and we are listening to everything you do on the radio”

starting is Paranoid Schizophrenia, Obsessional looping, and terror operations to torture and kill or rid me of the world with world wide support.

For more information on this WORD WIDE murder campaign since 10 years old. You can go to


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