The Your like your Jason Perelman brother scam tactic to try to remove me from society and it’s genetics

Posted: January 4, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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One of the well thought out elaborate scams put in place and thought out by my family, police and masses was the scam of having my brother go out and do all these things. Then pin them on me.
But not only this. As I have spent the last 35 years of my life, being the nicest person known to man and being HUNTED by one person sequentially after the next. Upon finding out I was target and not being able to comprehend what was going on.
One of the elaborate tactics it to try to mentally batter me into the point where I have to defend myself. Usually verbally. And then each and every person will hint or suggest that I am like my brother and it is my fault. By saying things like “Bro, Brother” etc.
Then they go around saying I am also a schitzofrenic to the world with their endless Lies in the 1000’s in SECRET.

Yet what they leave it is the fact that they endlessly hunt me until their is a reaction, then start trying to Brain Wash me with the scam. For the sole purpose to create mental illness, try to make me look crazy, and remove me from society, But at the time, I did not make the connection between Kelly Hatch trying to frame me, smear my name, and then other random strangers world wide helping reinforce these setups. Which is odd when the WORLD is trying to set you up all day and night since 10 years old.
But guess what, with all the ENDLESS lies, that I have broken into peoples houses and things like this. For the sole purpose to make up these lies to justify their thugging and terror operations and removing me from society.
For example, You did this, now we are going to watch you. ETC. Which they have conveniently done to me for 35 years to make their MURDER campaign look legit, they don’t seem to have any CONCERN, in any way shape or form for the person they Actually say is a monster whici is my brother. They are ok with him being a monster.
I am the only one, who spent years trying to talk to people and address the issues of what is, has, and was going on. And I have been told, not only that I better not say anything in regards to this. But also, each and every person world wide took turns on me trying to thug me quiet, for merely asking what this is remotely about. Especially of 30 therapists. Showing that this is obviously and EXTERMINATION campaign, and I am being setup and continually pushed into the situation they want, to remove me from society.
That also goes for all the things my brother and his friends did. They do not think he has done anything wrong when saying I am like him. Yet they say I have done something wrong, because they think I am like him. Which makes absolutely no sense.
Example, My brother and friends kept renting horror movies and watching them. And I watche

d a lot of them with him too. And I am not going to lie. I like horror movies. And watching Horror movies is not a crime or they would not make them. But oddly enough, not only does no one care that my brother watched them, They only care that I watched them and am somehow a danger to society, crazy, etc. As people have come after me for this trivial thing for years Showing that the whole thing in a scam and was well thought out from day one.
But not only this. I have never met one person in this life time who went around saying. Your brother is crazy, so you are crazy. IT IS UNHEARD OF! just like all their other JUSTIFICATIONS to terrorize me and try to figure out ways to remove me from society.
This is just one of their endless CON scams they use and have used against me all day and night. But when groups endlessly follow you from place to place all day and night 24/7 for 25 years trying to torture and mentally batter you, frame you, and endlessly, all day and night try to set you up into defending yourselves, then say you are schitzo, crazy, violent, enraged and like your brother and are a problem. It is blatantly obvious, that someone with a PSYCHOLOGY degree thought this out starting at the age 10 with a very unhappy ending and everyone who is part of it, being pretty much world wide, is in agreement, they are going to end my life. Showing that they are no different from Hannibal Elector. And then calling me a bad person because I found out their plans to end my life.
So when these people try to control, provoke, manipulate me. Then try to make me feel I am the bad person because they have REFUSED to leave me alone since 10 years old. I have no sympathy for their BULLSHIT, and see right through them.
So if my brothers friend Andy drove a Taurus or something, I guess what “I you mess with the Bull, you get the horns” comes from. Then I have no clue why they are doing this to me, because one of my brothers friends drove a Taurus or something. But we all know that, that is just another one of the MURDER tactics to try to rid me of the world.

For more details on this psychological warfare campaign started at the age 10 and is now going on for 35 years

You can go to


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