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As of the Mass DNS attack on our networks it turns out that before the actual attack which is basically as DOS attack  (Denial of service) meaning all it can really do is block us from surfing the internet.

But since people on the inside I found out had someone go into our DNS servers and actually turn logging on the event viewer from default, overwrite old logs, to Archive old logs, they had clear calculated attempts to shut down our own Domain controllers with pre meditation.

Their 2 – 3 month attack was specifically to build up the logs to consume all hard drive space and collapse the server. Being that a simple linux pre boot can delete the logs. Not a big deal although the motive is clear.

Sabotage the network and destroy my credibility which has been the elaborate all day and night tactics to make me look crazy, smear my name any way shape and form.

As I get to the office today realizing the not only have they been working on the active directory to collapse the network environment, but also, the NAS went down due to related Active Directory issues.

As of last night while trying to get some outside help all night, everyone in the community was told to do everything possible to try to aggravate me every way shape and form. In 24 hour period, hiring maybe 6 or 10 employees everyone was told to dangle the carrot, and blow me off. Every single person I hired said something like “Give me 10 minutes” and never came back trying to covertly provoke me into a fight so they could make up lies I have some kind of problem. This happened most of the day as well.

This is the common tactic used all my life, especially with women for 40 years to try to figure out ways to make it look like I have an anger, rage, and anxiety problem.

Now, this does not end there. As I get into the office, and people notice that their are issues, and I’m sure people like Lorena Escobar, and Elsie, with this mass group are trying to figure out how to give me all day and night breakdowns to end my life and make it look like it was a problem I had, they progressed it in the office as well.

As there were a few intricate issues that could be overcome to keep people from working, they decided to ramp up the psychological warfare tactics to try to give me a breakdown.

While first, Lorena going to lunch and snapping her fingers to try to bait me, then sitting next to me to pretend she is nice to try to dig for information which she did not get because she does not have the vested interest in the company but only ways to sabotage me and wipe me off the planet.

Also  of course in the lot is a grey VW parked backwards which is a common tactic. As we eat lunch a girl in an umbrella walks by as well. Another common tactic as you can see in my other posts


This was also a week prior at my shrinks office.


When we get back, each of the employees start making up lies to try to figure out ways to make me out of control. First Loydi claims her monitor is flickering.

Then after showing people how to access the data, they would tell me they had no problem and keep telling Lorena and Elsie they couldn’t work. As I’d double check, they would say it’s fine, then again make up more lies.

When I go out for a smoke there’s a man in a Pontiac parked backwards facing the front door waiting for me to work on as well. This is a common tactic to try to intimidate me.



As I’m repairing the systems, more people blowing me off helping. George Escobar starts walking behind me clicking the pen over and over to try to start a fight. Then he walks by playing Starwars music after a lunch Discussion with lorena and ring tones.

When I get back upstairs, Jorge Rodriguez starts whistling and snapping his fingers.

At this point Tony Monitlla comes to me telling me he can’t work on his personal laptop. while they did something to the LAN connection on his computer he says “I can’t work and I’ve been working all day” so eventually I asked him how that was possible his laptop connected without a DHCP server working, as he tried to cover his ass stating that I’ve been working all day. Which he had, on his verizon cellular.

This is a common theme with Tony trying to come to me at my low point and get what he wants with the rest of the office preying on weakness.

at around 4:00 p.m. people start singing, whistling, clicking pens and snapping over and over to try to figure out how to give me mental breakdowns which has been a lifelong all day and night world wide mob to end my life starting with my own mother and brother making up every imaginable lie and giving it to the world in secret.

Marcella working on her common humming tactics with Gwen Sauzo. Connie and Loydi working on the their tacitcs of repeating things in two’s and three’s

On leaving the office, George Escobar makes some sarcastic statement, “it wasn’t too tough for you today was it” or something to this extent.

Not only this, but in migrating the data to the new NAS, I found out that the employees had copied the entire contents into hidden folders. One being the name of my cat, the other tried to make it look like logs.

In this directory was a copy of the existing data, as employees were told to delete mass data trying to make me look incompetent.  For example, one of the women Valerie who has been trying to get rid of me since the beginning of time, deleted the entire 15 years of reports at 5:03 p.m. I don’t know about you, but if there’s a deletion accident of the work you are working on, it’s rare that it happens at closing time.

This also happened, when I had a lunch with Lorena and My father asking what the “Star” folder was all about. The next day they tried to delete this folder with 15 years of data. I always suspected before INTENTIONALLY and CONTINUALLY deleting data that they had it backed up.

Welp, here it is, all backup up so they can say I was incompetent, and then recover the data later, probably Lorena hiring her friend Robert, while he claims he SAVED the data.

This has literally been a 40 year world wide attempt to end my life any way possible while these sick demented people make up claims who it’s my fault and they want to help me.

Even going far as telling everyone I had snapped and cannot be trusted when finding out what they were doing.

These people like Lorena Escobar, George Escobar, Elsie Sandoval and everyone involved will stop at nothing but covert murder tactics to end my life and won’t address whatever insecurities they have.

Also, notice in the Pontiac picture that the lot was parked 99% normal. As I was leaving at 5:00 pm, there were then several cars parked backwards in the front, and after I had left, they left.

Of course, onece  I got home, several people in cars just sitting waiting, playing with their phones camping out, trying to make me sick or get more false confessions to rid me of the world.

These are CRIMINAL actions by these people no matter what lies they claim against me.

But when your talking about delusional psychotics, or just psychotics, they just want you dead and will do anything it takes.

More Specifics on this life long murder campaign at:

When going to work, once again, people came out with umbrellas. Also interesting enough, I noticed one girl as she walked off the main boulevard put her umbrella away knowing I wasn’t going to be on the side street.

P1130644 P1130586 P1130592 P1130597 P1130627 P1130640

Specific details on this mass world wide mental illness campaign to end my life at:

Leaving the office at about 4:45 pm, once again on my way home, several people come out with umbrellas

P1130501 P1130507 P1130509 P1130515 P1130551 P1130554 P1130568

Once I get home by The Metro complex which surrounds my complex, they start having people come out wearing green and black patterns to bait me into situations. If I react, they will do it more, sending me the same message they’ve sent me when I first noticed this murder campaign. Covertly saying “Leave, or we will kill you”

And very coincidental with the girl who was waiting outside my office building in green and black holding an umbrellas


Girl at office in green and black




when get home at my place,  people with the METRO complex

I go in the jacuzzi, where someone who claimed he is on the board is wearing solid black pants and solid blue shirt which is one of the terror patterns done in angry mobs with suggestive messages. He was said he was on the board, who knows, and was not happy with the glass bottle in the pool area as I kindly removed it which was a REASONABLE thing to ask of me as I’m sure it is valid. Not someone telling me I have to move, or kill myself.  Or do whatever they want of me and try to get me to commit crimes hinting to me that if I do not obey them, they will mob me to death. Especially for speaking out about this mass crime in secret in the gray areas of the law.

Even if it was possible that I could leave, it would just happen again and again like it has been since about 10 years old where I found out my own brother was working on these tactics to bait me into situations, then notify the masses of my so called crimes if he feels I defend myself.

Being that I have never done anything to my brother or anyone else for that matter, this is clearly a psychotic behavior. With calculated covert information gathering and dissemination to the world with clear criminal and harmful INTENT.

Weather it’s showing me movies and trying to figure out ways to make me look crazy by having friends act out the scenres in real life over and over, or these covert suggestive messages as they tell me I have to do what they say.

This is not about authority, this is not about anything I’ve ever done. It’s just about a bunch of sick demented thugging murderers who feel it’s more important to protect illegal activities, then doing what is right and wrong.

The term “Blood is thicker then water” only applies depending on the blood type.

Specific details on this 30 year all day and night campaign to end my life at:

Today after seeing my therapist, I was notified to come in and fix a printer by Gwen Sauzo who keeps singing when I’m in the office. Not because she likes music, but because she’s told with the rest of this mass group to figure out ways to repeatedly provoke me until I’m dead.

After leaving, by my house a women comes out with an umbrella.


on my way to the office, 5 people come out

P1130470 P1130477 P1130482 P1130465

and as I get to the office, right in front a women is waiting by the entrance


This is an all day and night attempt to make me mentally ill and end my life in the masses all around the world in secret.

details at:

Today on the way to the office, I get a text about 8:40 am from else Sandoval to set up a new account for a new employee. Of course her password is to be “Fire” trying to keep me quiet about these world wide fires these people have started in my name and want to keep me quiet about their true crimes they are trying to cover up and put on me.

Once I park my car in the lot, a Fire Fighter helicopter fly’s over me, which has been done before several times with police helicopters to freak me out into some kind of false confession to remove me from society.


All if fairly quiet after that until I go get food after 3:00 pm, right after I go into the Subway, Police come in after me I’m guessing to intimidate me just like usual, and every single day we go out to lunch they park cars at the places I go to try to keep me quiet.

P1130378 P1130383

It is possible that they are trying to help but then again, being harassed by every officer for over 30 years and continual threats from the LAPD saying things like “We are watching you Perelman”  on multiple occasions to SCARE and BLACKMAIL me quiet about this 30 year murder campaign.

Not only this, but one of the Subway employees who works at the topanga and ventura location  who was targeting me is now working downstairs who tries to provoke me in front of the police for their elaborate endless 30 year setups to remove me from society.

Once I leave Subway, of course, a man is waiting for me in Solid black pants, and a solid yellow shirt which this tactic has been done to me continually since last thursday with hidden Ideas of references to try to create the effects of schizophrenia and remove me from society


Also, 98% of the lot i parked normal although their is one mercedes by the front door parked backwards, most likely hinting about the elaborate bullet in my fathers 300e setup to try to rid me of the world.


Once I get in the office, after they think they have SCARED and BLACKMAILED me quiet, once again, several of them start provoking me over and over in their systematic – Try to IMMOBILIZE, then TERRORIZE until dead, over and over and over until the end of time with clear INTENT to end my life with a systematic psychological warfare campaign.

They will say things like, I’ve done “Something” but won’t say what they horrible something is to create obsessional looping as they never stop. Lorena and Elsie will make up lies that they are either trying to “Protect the company” “Run the company” but of course these blackmail, murder tactics are only used on me as I’m told I’m imagining it.

Not only can these people come up with one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, but each one has to keep crying wolf and calling the police to try to overpower me and control me. If they can’t get the dirt to blackmail me into what they want, they will just try to make me sick and then try to get me to do what they want claiming I have some problem in vagueness to cover up the real crime.

Lorena of course decided to wear black and white, as well as some of the other people targeting me to keep me quiet trying to create mental illness with more hidden messages.  The one women at the Park was wearing black and white who normally wears red and black which was mad at me for taking pictures of dogs, tree’s rocks, etc, making claims I am taking pictures of everyone in the park and threatening me. After this having 1000’s per day come out because they doesn’t like people who own cameras, or realistically, she, working with a world wide crew just want to figure out ways to end my life and cover it up.


After I leave the office, when I get close to my house, of course, once again, their are two women with umbrellas

P1130404 P1130423

This is an all day and night event to create mental illness and end my life or rid me of the world. Not one person will address what their problem is. These people are not concerned with people like my brother who went out running cars off the road and baiting people into fights, they are only concerned with me, because I didn’t do what he was trying to BAIT me into doing which shows their true colors with  elaborate setups to end my life. And world wide rap sheet of LIES disseminated to the world in SECRET so I cannot address the issues, or even hold the people accountable for a world wide SMEAR campaign in SECRET while all the CRIMINALS stick togethor protecting themselves in SECRET.

Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Lorena Escobar, Eric Christianson, Tim Thompson, etc. with clear and obvious intent to MURDER protected by a mass group in secret working with the POLICE who have not been able to set me up once. Even having Rodie Morales try to sneak a trashbag of Marijuana in my house to get rid of me and he couldn’t. That is just one out of 1000’s of criminal activities working with the police to end my life.

I’m told not to talk about whats going on. And the situation is always reversed as I’m told or suggested it is my fault for this. With elaborate excuses that I’ve started fires be having friends, conversations, or even asking people out on dates. This is perfectly normal unless a funded operation to disseminate lies to the world. I do not see complaints about the porn star party girls who have sex with everyone in site, have millions of fans, and go to party after party being social. Just someone like me who is kind, polite, generous, and not a huge party person.

either way, I have done nothing, and these people know it.

specifics at

from the age of 20 to 30 three people befriended me with the attempt to set me up, smear my name and rile people up to end my life covertly and in the grey areas of the law.

first when i moved to southern Oregon state college, a person named Eric Christianson befriending me, showig me music and books stating i was doing something wrong because of their titles. he then proceeded to take me to strip clubs blasting to the world i was hunting down strippers on porn stars after he i invited me to go along with him, Also, he was working with my brother to get this confession I had tried to kill him with a knife, covering up his continual attacks from behind, and ignoring the fact that not only was ne not stabbed, but the knife itself was never even thrown as it dropped to the ground intentionally as he claims it was to cover up his true continual provoking and attacks to continually try to put me into a situations he could then spew to the world out of his hate and rage to end my life and cover it up.

after moving to university of Colorado to go to a better school, a Russian exchange student named Val Morozav befriended me saying he wanted to start a web design company with me. he would say we should go to strip clubs and talk business which doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Val was using the same tactics to smear my name and destroy my life. at the point that actual work came in, Val was not interested in working and would try to get me to do everything.

when i noticed this seemed odd, he disappeared. notifying these mass worldwide networks again that i am following, harassing strippers and porn stars to help rile up these mass covert terror groups to end my life.

after moving back to California, this happened again with my friends and the police using a man named Rodie Morales. once again taking me from strip club to strip club. then having each and everyone do fake setups and cry wolf tactics to smear my name working with Mike Huntley, Tim  Thompson, Tom Farley, Paul Humphrey, Victoria Walker, etc

DSCN0003Mike HuntleyDSCN0021_Tim ThompsonDSCN0025Victoria Walker

Victoria walker is also responsible for asking me to build websites that are similar to other peoples names while she then goes and tells them I am crazy and doing something to them. Not sure specifically, but I’d assume she’d make claims I am copying them or trying to steal their identities which is one of their common SMEARS.

During the visits at the strip clubs there was one setup sequentially after the next.

One stripper named Stephenia hung out  around me, then at one point pretending that I had done something to her, when nothing at all was done, then getting mad at me and working with others to terrorize me. Later to find out, that Victoria walker was asking me to do submission posts for her on sites the Stephania was posting ads, etc for an elaborate setup trying to make it look like I was following people or digging for information.

At Bare elegance a girl named Lola was following me from place to place. At one point, she followed me to Coffeebean, and because I was shy, I didn’t talk to her, now realizing that it was a good thing, because she was not only following me, but then crying wolf that I was following her to cover it up.

One Asian girl CeCe was try trying to get confessions about IRC bots which they were doing to me, then trying to cover it up by telling everyone I was writing them or something, not that I would know how, even today.

One girl named Miley I wanted to do a website with and gave her a contract and she was not interested, which was no big deal. But later on after she quit a stripper named Tina was following me around digging for information kept asking about Miley, for years and years, trying to prove I was obsessed with her, when I never said one word about her.

At one point Chasey Lain did a feature dance at the Rhino while stripper after stripper came up to me trying to get dirt saying things like,” I don’t like her and her boobs are ugly” trying to make it look like I didn’t like her and was following her. Especially after the elaborate airplane setup which didn’t work that I didn’t know about until after 30.

At the Rhino, a stripper named Kat moved to Vegas, as Mike Huntley called me up trying to get a confession that it was my fault and telling the world. She was also involved in trying to get these knife confessions for my brother.

I ended up doing a website for a Porn Star named Emily Jewel, she then tried to get me to get information from her boyfriend. When I said I wasn’t getting involved in their relationship, she then sent her boyfriend after me in this mass mental illness campaign.


Another Model was Traci Anna, who I built a web site for who would want to sit on my lap when working, but since I was professional, I said no. She then proceeds to try to reel me into her scam of something with hidden camera’s in Gene Simmons place, but I say no, so she and this group pin it on me.


Another girl named Venice was dangle carrots about a website until the end of time. Finally, I realized that Mike Huntley who I had look over the contract slipped in a clause stating if things didn’t work out, we could sue her. Then pinning what he was doing on me. This is obviously one out of thousands of Mike Huntley’s setups. Venice also was working with this group telling me she worked at Bare Elegance, then telling everyone I am going after people.


At one point Rodie Morales introduced me to Aubrey Fisher, who was working on me with this mass paranoid schizophrenia campaign, as she worked with Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Rodie Morales, Tim Thompson. Trying to get any confession possible. From stalking, to pedaphila, you name it, and using the common tactic like her name to send mental illness messages to make me sick. At one point because I tapped my foot in my car, she told millions all around the world to do this to me to make me mentally ill and end my life.


FInally there wa sa girl at Bare Elegance named Mila who was spending every waking minute with me trying to set me up and smear my name. Making up lie after lie. I’m too sensitive, I’m mad at her. Eventually making up lies that I think she is Julia Sophia, even though she is Italian and it doesn’t even rationally make sense, finally making claims that I am trying to kill her while collecting and making up every lie imaginable with this group


during this period one of my pool playing friends steve mcpuke covertly introduced me to a pool player named tim thompson. tim and i were both web designers and had done some adult work.

DSCN0021_Tim Thompson


Steve Mcpike

at this point, like val morozav time wanted me to do all the work then go around telling everyone i was up to something.

at one point Tim claimed his girlfriend had cancer. when he said she had died and pretended he was depressed for a long time, i took him to strip clubs bought him lap dances to try to cheer him up and get his mind off things. he then went around making up lies that i was using him to try to get to the strippers.

At one point Tim Thompson got us a contract with Hotbody international, he claims was a client of his. When we were their for meetings, he would constantly hint about the one secretary girl to try to bait me into pursuing her.

As I was being tracked on my computer and did a flow chart of their website redesign, right after sending the email, Tim has them cancel, trying to make it look like I’m rubbing it in their faces.

When I noticed something was wrong, I noticed that every angle possible was being used to end my life, I noticed Tim Thompson had spyware on my computer as when I found out that they were taking my data off my computer and putting in on Aol accounts with similar screen names to smear my name as my computer shut down to stop me from finding out what they were doing.

These people have worked every angle to end my life. Even cowardly Greg Gutfeld was hinting how I lived a shady life and it was my fault. Not only have I lived an UNIMAGINABLY clean life, I may have associated with some shady people, but not one was doing anything illegal. Not only this, nobuddy seems to care about their unperfect life, just that I have to be PERFECT and I have to do what I’m told. But in the end, it’s all a coverup for a MURDER campaign.

Not only have I not done one thing wrong to anyone, I’ve been open, warm, kind generous to everyone in my path. And this is a SMEAR and MURDER campaign plain and simple. Not one person can come up to me directly and accuse me of anything because these people know everything they are saying is LIES and have to try to COVER it up.

When I first moved in here about 11 years ago, little did I know that not only did I have a world wide campaign to end my life for some unkown reason, but since that day, this complex has had a full scale attaack on killing me since I moved in.Tonight, I went out for a cigarette, and of course, since I have a world wide campaign to end my life, tell me I’m imagining it, and that I’m crazy due to a psychotic family and friends growing up,  As I walked outside around my complex I noticed that

on both sides, continuing to do things in patterns of two’s  They have Mopeds on both sides parked outside on each side of my complex like they were doing with the VW’s to try to get some kind of confession. Assuming it was when my brother ran a VW off the road and pinned it on me like everything else he and his friends did with clear intent to rid me of the world with this group.

As I walked out, the man with the black charger came out and got in his car to pull it back in the complex. He went around the block and pulled it in around 3:50 am. Odd time to just randomly pull a car back into the parking lot which is in this huge complex which surrounds my entire place.

Not only is it strange that someone or multiple people would park mopeds on a public street, but it’s even stranger when they have a gated complex with spots by their places.

P1130249 P1130270

At 3:50 am, either someone would be leaving for work extremely early, or arriving, but I cannot imagine why someone would randomly come out and pull their car in especially with me knowing what they are doing and coming out with a camera.

P1130242 P1130254 P1130247

This moped tactic has been heavily used with Lorena Escobar, and George Escobar. two of my office employees, and strangely, that’s another pattern of two’s being that Lorena and George both have the same name and have been heavily targeting me as well with the intent to kill.

Both following all around the world. George has been going through all my social networks using the information for mental illness tactics and Lorena works on her elaborate setups with women to try to make me look crazy or bait me into situations while using music as suggestive messages to threaten me, then making up random claims that it’s because I’m doing it, as she jumps from newer and newer SMEARS, and then does those to cover up her true crimes.

Once I get back to my street,  I notice also, once again, their are Two  VW  golf’s parked on the street from the Metro people who have to walk a good amount to get to their cars rather then park it in their protected gated complex where the spots are next to their place. Also, I should add, they started going ballistic with the VW’s when I first went to my first appointment with the therapist. I’m guess this is a blackmail tactic. For example, we know you did this, and if you talk, we will kill you with hidden messages about it. Even though they clearly know this was not only my brothers crime, but he was premeditatedly doing it to pin it on me with all his other crimes.


P1130279P1130286 P1130280

This is an all day and night tactic going on for over 30 years to end my life with things in patterns of two’s. For example, the people who were send in my life or targeting me.

Lorena Escobar, George Escobar

Victoria Wakler, Dr Walker

Eric Christianson, Sherri Christianson

Brian Weaver, Brian (Buky) Smith

Also, Yesterday, a Blue car, the one here was parked leaving his inside lights on, and a man from the Metro an hour later pulls a red pickup out on the street, and leaves his inside lights on as well across from it.


Moved and light is still on tonight


and the day before this, they had two cars, on my street across from each other both with factory “Keyes” Plates they put on which is a common tactic and you can see in other posts. This is a tactic I noticed started 12 years ago where people would walk by shaking keys at me over and over. It then progressed to license plates.

P1130155 P1130156

There have also been other people parking cars with “Keyes” plates this week on my street as well as the places I go, but it is harder to prove what they are doing with only one car. But her is one pick I have from yesterday as well

P1130176 P1130177

And it is a Honda Accord which just happens to be the car Mike Huntley drove who was Targeting me for over 20 years, then started business with me to get the confession that I tried to kill my father when he working with whoever did it to set me up and pin it on me.

Also, this is the honda accord this morning waiting for me and as I walked out my house left, which was parked right across on the other side like all the other cars working with their patterns of two’s tactics.

P1130167 P1130169

This group has literally be following me across the world trying to end my life. won’t tell me what they think I’ve done, and just say that I’ve “DONE SOMETHING” with the sole intent to create obsessional looping to make me wonder why I’m being hunted by millions all across the world with covert mental illness tactics to end my life. Continually making up new lie after lie and giving them out to the world to hunt me down riling up people to kill in their names claiming I have some kind of problem and it’s somehow my fault they are doing these things.

The police have done everything to NOT help, and have at every point stopped me from getting them all the information I have on this. Not only that, they seem to ignore the information they do have in attempts to put a stop to a world wide crime directed at one man, who has never done one thing to anyone but be kind, generous, giving and helpful to everyone in his path looking for imperfection to give to the world to use against me.

One person after the next has come in my life since about 10 yrs old giving out lie after lie to the entire world for over 30 years with one intent. To end my life.

This will go on forever until I’m dead claiming I am responsible for their 30 year murder campaign against me.

Specifics at:

Today I went to court for My Brothers BBQ who has been targeting me with a mass group for 30 years.

After court, I had tons of notes as to passive aggressive paranoid schitzo thugging tactics that have been used on me my whole life used in that courtroom today as well as last time.

One of the courts concerns hinted from my lawyer as they did not state it is this blog and their court room. I can understand this As I didn’t like people following me for 30 years spewing out lies to the world in a highly funded operation to end my existence. I could have had a field day with today’s court room behavior I jotted down to scare me quiet.

SO COURT, I will tell you this. I will give you the RESPECT you want. As court should not be a circus. This is the same respect I have given almost every single person in my life for 41 years, even though you took 2 or 3 hiccups, turned my life into a highly funded operation to BLATANTLY SMEAR my name and then try to pin your lies on me world wide.

But remember one thing, RESPECT, is a two way street. And by you showing me not only what you’ve done for the last 30 years to my life, but from day one of me being in the court room and are now trying to cover it up by sending out world wide lies or hidden messages to bully me into false confessions or scare me out of talking about the truth.

If you want my RESPECT, you have it, but you need to act PROFESSIONAL without any COVERT THUGGING, to try to CONTROL, INTIMIDATE, or BLACKMAIL me quiet especially after your world wide lies this is my fault.

Now, you hint about FIRES, I’ve never started a fire literally or figuratively I’ve spend my life being kind, generous, giving, caring, open, and honest.

The first public blog or anything I have ever wrote about anyone at all was after the age 38, 8-9 yrs asking what’s going on, while accused of 1000’s of LIES, told I’m imagining it, to find out, their is a WORLD WIDE campaign to IMMOBILIZE me for doing absolutely nothing wrong. And REFUSED to help me or put a stop to it.

And watching people like Lorena Escobar follow me around making up lie and lie, then doing these lies to me. As well as collect every possible details and give it to the world out of context which is a CRIME of defamation, as well as pre-meditated mobbing with the INTENT to kill.

This being said. I build websites, databases, computer networks, computer security for a living as well as my artistic side, and truth be told, even if I had a blog before defending myself, it would take huge amounts of money to make it world wide. Meaning, the people who have been following me for 30 years, collecting every detail of my life, hacking into my computer, putting spyware on my computer documenting every out of context piece of information possible to the world in a well funded operation then claiming it’s because I’m doing it is ABSURD. first off, how did this college kid get all this millions to do it?

Plus being that when Lorena Escobar wanted me to put spyware on the company computers, then went ballistic for me not doing it shows this groups true colors.

NO. it is not me who have done this. It is my TARGETERS with their lies and criminal intentions. I have done nothing but be kind generous helpful, and positive to everyone in my life every while each and everyone was trying to bait me and set me up or smear my name and the fact that not one person can come to me and tell me DIRECTLY their problem shows me their true colors and this is not about right or wrong, but WHAT SOMEONE WANTS.

I will not claim I am perfect, I have had a few insignificant mistakes but if I compare my life to anyone elses, mine always comes out the cleanest.

You don’t like the type of women I like? well, that’s my FREEDOM and nobuddies business but mine and them.

This is unacceptable to me.  If this applies to me, then it has to apply to everyone else and put in the U.S. Constitution that organizations and governments can do this too people.

I have made this courtroom PROMISE provided it is met on both sides.

I will NOT write any information inside the courtroom, BUT

what I will not do is stop writing about the daily incidents being done to me in public. This is still a crime of the highest level and by telling me that I do not have the first amendment to defend myself against a world wide mobbing is UNACCEPTABLE, and if we want that type of communistic, or socialistic government then it will have to apply to everyone.

I will not stop documenting or talking about the daily crimes being inflicted on me. Nor will I stop talking about the psychical and emotional damage done to me which not one person can tell me why I have been targeted and this was clearly done with calculated and premeditated targeting then trying to SMEAR my name to cover it up while using every psychological warefare tactic to end my life for finding out.

And since the age of 30 while I tried to move on, I was and still am being hunted by millions for trying to move on while they say I have to confess to something. So since the TRUTH is demanded, I gave it and I will over and over because when I die, I will know I died knowing I did the right thing, as I can’t say for others.

If you don’t want crimes being written about, don’t have millions attack me all day and night trying to kill me. This is not my fault, and for you to tell me not to DEFEND myself against 30 years of world wide with suggestive messages of what could happen to me, well funded SMEARS in the 1000’s well, life does not work that way unless your a tyrant or a murderer picking on some kid being kind generous and helping everyone in his path.

So as I was leaving the court house with this message, I noticed, once again, tons of women with umbrellas doing everything possible to make me mentally ill.

This will be the first for today in mass attacks being posted to end my life. I was going to talk about the courtroom, and I have some good juicy dirt which I’d rather be doing more positive things, but we all know, this isn’t going to go away by itself.

And I will not rest until the WORLD knows the TRUTH and not 1000’s of SMEARS and LIES to end my life.

so, as leaving Van Nuys Court House,  as I’m pulling out of the parking lot, I see a lady entering the complex with an umbrella.


Once again, leaving all up van Nuys blvd, tons of these people with one single intent. To end my life with a paranoid schizophrenia campaign, obsessional looping, you name it. I 17 in 5 minutes leaving.

Here they are

P1130084 P1130096 P1130098 P1130099 P1130101 P1130104 P1130105 P1130108 P1130118 P1130119 P1130122 P1130127 P1130131 P1130132 P1130140 P1130146 P1130147

I will not tolerate being bullied and mobbed, thugged to death anymore, especially for no reason and when I could have had a good and prosperous life that was taken from me for no reasn.

Police, Court, whoever, You want to do the real RIGHT THING, then do it. Put a stop to your bullshit, but someone is still going to be held accountable for my damages in a court of law. This is YOUR doing, not mine. REMEMBER THAT so I suggest you find out who is responsible for this, and put them in jail especially with all the detailed information you have. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!

If this is about PROTECTING your friends or co-workers, well, that is not why I pay taxes for the police. I pay my taxes to stop criminals, ESPECIALLY ones coming after me. I don’t care who you know, who is your friend. I care about right and wrong. Especially me being wronged.

If the Police cannot exercise stopping crimes, and instead pin crap on people for knowing or finding out they are a victim, then I say, we junk and rebuild the system because it is pointless anyways at that point. And that would basically saying you have a bunch of thugging cops payed to kill people for no reason and then they get pensions for a reward. And I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s not the morals I was brought up on.

Today in the morning I went to see my lawyer,

Immediately after leaving his office, a lady gets up and walks away sitting outside with an unopened umbrella while at the corner of the block is another lady walking with an umbrella

P1130006 P1130016

I then proceeded to Van Nuys to have my car towed from one repair shop to another, as I’m leaving the repair shop.

A lady walks around the corner with an umbrella


At this point I drive up Van Nuys Blvd to Roscoe where I think I took about 18 pictures and videos of women with umbrellas in 15 minutesIMAG0091 IMAG0093 IMAG0095 IMAG0100 IMAG0106 IMAG0113 IMAG0115IMAG0125 IMAG0128 IMAG0129 IMAG0146 IMAG0161P1130020 P1130022 P1130025 P1130043


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Leaving the office at an unusual time today at around 3:15 pm, and due to this, people were notified to come out but couldn’t get out fast enough at the usual areas around winnetka and dosoto, but came out

closer to my house all up Canoga Blvd.  Literally over 14 people came out this time all up canoga. When I went back about 30 minutes later, I noticed there was nobuddy showing that they were all notified where I was going and were messaged and came out to create mental illness like usual. Lorena Escobar is heavily behind this Murder campaign with Paul Humphry and Mike Huntley. Their 30 year intent to kill is very clear and shown in this blog as well as all the others.

P1120904 P1120936 P1120937 P1120938 P1120945 P1120838 P1120829 P1120842 P1120443 P1120449 P1120448 P1120890 P1120898 P1120901

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