Office and random Mobbing – preying on weakness – 7/29/2013

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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As of the Mass DNS attack on our networks it turns out that before the actual attack which is basically as DOS attack  (Denial of service) meaning all it can really do is block us from surfing the internet.

But since people on the inside I found out had someone go into our DNS servers and actually turn logging on the event viewer from default, overwrite old logs, to Archive old logs, they had clear calculated attempts to shut down our own Domain controllers with pre meditation.

Their 2 – 3 month attack was specifically to build up the logs to consume all hard drive space and collapse the server. Being that a simple linux pre boot can delete the logs. Not a big deal although the motive is clear.

Sabotage the network and destroy my credibility which has been the elaborate all day and night tactics to make me look crazy, smear my name any way shape and form.

As I get to the office today realizing the not only have they been working on the active directory to collapse the network environment, but also, the NAS went down due to related Active Directory issues.

As of last night while trying to get some outside help all night, everyone in the community was told to do everything possible to try to aggravate me every way shape and form. In 24 hour period, hiring maybe 6 or 10 employees everyone was told to dangle the carrot, and blow me off. Every single person I hired said something like “Give me 10 minutes” and never came back trying to covertly provoke me into a fight so they could make up lies I have some kind of problem. This happened most of the day as well.

This is the common tactic used all my life, especially with women for 40 years to try to figure out ways to make it look like I have an anger, rage, and anxiety problem.

Now, this does not end there. As I get into the office, and people notice that their are issues, and I’m sure people like Lorena Escobar, and Elsie, with this mass group are trying to figure out how to give me all day and night breakdowns to end my life and make it look like it was a problem I had, they progressed it in the office as well.

As there were a few intricate issues that could be overcome to keep people from working, they decided to ramp up the psychological warfare tactics to try to give me a breakdown.

While first, Lorena going to lunch and snapping her fingers to try to bait me, then sitting next to me to pretend she is nice to try to dig for information which she did not get because she does not have the vested interest in the company but only ways to sabotage me and wipe me off the planet.

Also  of course in the lot is a grey VW parked backwards which is a common tactic. As we eat lunch a girl in an umbrella walks by as well. Another common tactic as you can see in my other posts


This was also a week prior at my shrinks office.


When we get back, each of the employees start making up lies to try to figure out ways to make me out of control. First Loydi claims her monitor is flickering.

Then after showing people how to access the data, they would tell me they had no problem and keep telling Lorena and Elsie they couldn’t work. As I’d double check, they would say it’s fine, then again make up more lies.

When I go out for a smoke there’s a man in a Pontiac parked backwards facing the front door waiting for me to work on as well. This is a common tactic to try to intimidate me.



As I’m repairing the systems, more people blowing me off helping. George Escobar starts walking behind me clicking the pen over and over to try to start a fight. Then he walks by playing Starwars music after a lunch Discussion with lorena and ring tones.

When I get back upstairs, Jorge Rodriguez starts whistling and snapping his fingers.

At this point Tony Monitlla comes to me telling me he can’t work on his personal laptop. while they did something to the LAN connection on his computer he says “I can’t work and I’ve been working all day” so eventually I asked him how that was possible his laptop connected without a DHCP server working, as he tried to cover his ass stating that I’ve been working all day. Which he had, on his verizon cellular.

This is a common theme with Tony trying to come to me at my low point and get what he wants with the rest of the office preying on weakness.

at around 4:00 p.m. people start singing, whistling, clicking pens and snapping over and over to try to figure out how to give me mental breakdowns which has been a lifelong all day and night world wide mob to end my life starting with my own mother and brother making up every imaginable lie and giving it to the world in secret.

Marcella working on her common humming tactics with Gwen Sauzo. Connie and Loydi working on the their tacitcs of repeating things in two’s and three’s

On leaving the office, George Escobar makes some sarcastic statement, “it wasn’t too tough for you today was it” or something to this extent.

Not only this, but in migrating the data to the new NAS, I found out that the employees had copied the entire contents into hidden folders. One being the name of my cat, the other tried to make it look like logs.

In this directory was a copy of the existing data, as employees were told to delete mass data trying to make me look incompetent.  For example, one of the women Valerie who has been trying to get rid of me since the beginning of time, deleted the entire 15 years of reports at 5:03 p.m. I don’t know about you, but if there’s a deletion accident of the work you are working on, it’s rare that it happens at closing time.

This also happened, when I had a lunch with Lorena and My father asking what the “Star” folder was all about. The next day they tried to delete this folder with 15 years of data. I always suspected before INTENTIONALLY and CONTINUALLY deleting data that they had it backed up.

Welp, here it is, all backup up so they can say I was incompetent, and then recover the data later, probably Lorena hiring her friend Robert, while he claims he SAVED the data.

This has literally been a 40 year world wide attempt to end my life any way possible while these sick demented people make up claims who it’s my fault and they want to help me.

Even going far as telling everyone I had snapped and cannot be trusted when finding out what they were doing.

These people like Lorena Escobar, George Escobar, Elsie Sandoval and everyone involved will stop at nothing but covert murder tactics to end my life and won’t address whatever insecurities they have.

Also, notice in the Pontiac picture that the lot was parked 99% normal. As I was leaving at 5:00 pm, there were then several cars parked backwards in the front, and after I had left, they left.

Of course, onece  I got home, several people in cars just sitting waiting, playing with their phones camping out, trying to make me sick or get more false confessions to rid me of the world.

These are CRIMINAL actions by these people no matter what lies they claim against me.

But when your talking about delusional psychotics, or just psychotics, they just want you dead and will do anything it takes.

More Specifics on this life long murder campaign at:

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