Community mobbing – 8/3/2013 – Terror tactics on the way and back to my therapist

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I had an appointment with my therapist, once again,

on the way, people worked every angle and tactic to make me mentally ill, stop me from getting help any ways possible. Wait, aren’t these people concerned about me? isn’t that the continual hints they keep telling me?

well, if I’m on my way to a therapist, then why would they want to make me sick. Well, because like we all know. They aren’t concerned, and want me dead.

That is generally why they get together and make someone mentally ill in the first place.

So, on the way to my appointment, several people on winnetka and victory, within about 500 feet with umbrellas


As I get to my appointment, two people waiting at the door in the color patterns. One in all black, and on in red and black.


After this, I go to a CVS, of course, one I’ve never been to. The lady says come back in 30 minutes, and within a few minutes, someone posts on twitter “I have to wait 30 minutes” or something to extent like this which is the usual tactic of people wanting me to go places, live my life, so they can make me even sicker then claiming I suffer from agoraphobia or paranoia.



I come back in 30 minutes, where tons of cars are now parked backwards, and people waiting around in these color patterns.

I then on the way home, stop at a gas station and buy some water and a candy bar. Within minutes of leaving, someone posts something on twitter that says something like “I need my chocolate” this is a common mental illness tactic done to me all my life to end my like with mental illness finding out about 12 years ago they have been using these “Ideas of reference” tactics all my life.


I then make my way home where people come out with umbrellas on the exact same locations as usual, and when they veer off the main street, close the umbrellas because they aren’t using them to shade themselves, they are waiting for me to create mental illness and are notified of my locations with internet, sms, email systems or whatever global tools are being used most likely on sherman way and cannoga

P1140174 P1140183 P1140185 P1140168P1140104 P1140137

On my way home past Pet Smart, once again, where people come out every time I leave work, tons of people with umbrellas at Victory and Canoga

P1140192 P1140191

Also, on my way home, look at all the people that came out dressed in solid black which is a common tactic. This is only a few since there were too many too take. Also, I didn’t see anyone in all black on the way there.

P1140170 P1140044 P1140100 P1140113 P1140120 P1140122 P1140140 P1140141 P1140148 P1140153 P1140159 P1140162 P1140169

During out last joint therapy session with my father.  Who tries to talk me out of every thing I tell him and ignore everything possible that is obvious spining the story and saying stupid things like. If I tell him what’s going on, he says well why. As if I have to tell him why people have been hunting me which is irrelevant to the action.

When I give him details about obvious situations like my brother running cars off the road and pinning it on me. He will say things like, nobuddy cares, that was a long time ago. Or when I tell him that my brothers friends are hunting me down after a bullet hole gets in his car and they are pinning it on me, not only does he say it’s not a big deal someone put a bullet in his car. Why would they care that I’m accused of it. When we all know the reality when someone is accused of murder, people want them gone. But he will give disinformation trying to make me look crazy, paranoid, obsessed, you name it, when what’s going on is obvious.

In our last session, he is doing everything possible to get me to make up with my mother and brother in order for them to stop. Well, my answer was. Why should I give them what they want, to stop. If the love me and appreciate me they would not do it in the first place. If they see I’m gone, then they would stop in hopes I forgive. Not BLACKMAIL me back into their lives with my father trying to force and manipulate me back to these horrible people.

Finally, my father says it’s not happening and I have to learn to live with it. My answer was, no I don’t. People trying to kill someone is not anything I have to live with.

That very statement comes off to me like this. We are going to mentally RAPE you when we are upset with anything we don’t like, and you are going to have to live with what we are doing, so you better not step out of line by asking girls we don’t like or any other aspect of my life. I can guarantee that if any girl has a man rape them, and the man says “You will have to live with what I am doing to you” I guarantee, he will end up dead in self defense.

Any time someone or millions get together to hurt someone, it clearly is not the cards you are dealt, but a crime committed against someone with the INTENT to kill. Finally after reminding my father of the security guard who bashed my head in over 7 time to kill me or shut me up about the truth, my father tells me to ignore it. I bring it up, and my father breaks for a second stating I’m going out at nights and doing something.

First off, that proves exactly my point. If my family didn’t have world wide neighborhood watch groups following me from place to place trying to provoke me into reactions to set me up, there wouldn’t be an issue. But because these people won’t live me alone, are dictating my life, and trying to set me up because I want to live me life shows clear and obvious INTENT.

Don’t start shit then cry wolf for the sole purpose to dictate other peoples lives. I have done nothing, and these people know it and are trying to keep me quiet. It is the people who are following me and trying to kill me who have showed their true 30 years of colors by admitting they are following me around for 30 years dictating my life.

It is a COVER UP, of my families obsession with me. Creating things that don’t exist by following me from place to place trying to set me up over and over. Just like my father spends all day watching my little brother on his phone GPS. He looks for things that don’t exist then goes ballistic on you by telling others his delusions to control.

This is who my family is, and they don’t like me because I’m the opposite of them. They claim I am backwards. yes I am. I am trusting, giving, caring, honest and helpful. They don’t like these traits. They want me to change. I refuse to be paranoid psychotics like them.

Also when leaving out last session, the psychiatrist next door, Amy Zief, turns up her music load with the door closed as we leave. Today when I left my appointment from another doctor, right after, someone posts on twitter, something like “I just like to realax in my room and listen to music load” with more Idea of Reference tactics to try to make me sick with the mass 30 year murder campaign and stop me from getting help from the crimes they have committed against me.

Unfortunately, they have destroyed my life and credibility with their blackmail smear control tactics.

But this is just more proof of their actions with a world wide terror campaign to get what want in their selfish ways claiming it’s for me.

Details at:

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