Community Mobbing – After leaving lawyers office

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went down to see my lawyer involving this My Brothers cover up. It’s strange that each time I plead not guilty, they amend new lies, and then want me to plead guilty, or take a plea bargain or they just keep adding new lies, but the truth is the truth that I have done nothing to anyone and I have no clue why I have a world wide group trying to end my existence protected by the police for over 30 years.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I know the law system, but I’d think normally you’d plea guilty or innocent, then it goes to trial, and not, keep having to plea not guilty as they keep amending new lies, and preventing the resolution or due justice. Like I said, I do not know the system, but this seems STRANGE to me, because it would stop people from being allowed to say “Not Guilty” in a court of law.

Your not guilty, until we find dirt, seems like the new system, or at least to me. Something I will be researching for my own justification, and knowing what my rights are so no corrupt cops, like Officer Toro and the others who threatened me saying “If  you ever take a picture of a person. I will exercise the law in my own way”

As it’s important for not only me, but EVERYONE to have these civil rights as we would have CHAOS, which is exactly what has been unleashed on me in SECRET.


On my way to my lawyer, I noticed that not a lot of people were working the mental illness tactics in Beverly hills, especially between Wiltshire and canon dr. Although there were some, but not huge numbers.

At 11:07 am someone followed my twitter account with a purple and black picture. Instantly I remembered the older purple and black tactic.

bkack purple

After I left my lawyers office, I walked around looking for food, I stopped a an ice cream place which was really good by the way, but there were several customers wearing Solid black pants and solid purple shirts. Also several people in the other colors, pink/black, blue/black. green/black, etc but not like before. Purple and black seemed to be the mental illness emphasis today, also being that they set the mental trigger with the first twitter follow.

I then went to get food at chessecake factory, where most of the employees seemed professional except one, but teams of people were coming in in black pants and a purple shirt, and tons of others in just a purple shirt.

Who knows, maybe they didn’t have solid black pants. But like usual, it was obvious and covertly directed at me for mental illness like usual trying to send hidden messages and create mental illness.

One customer even walked out and when he saw me started spinning his keys which is an older tactic as well. Most likely, something like “We will spin you for finding out what we are doing” type of threat.

P1140359P1140341 P1140344 P1140347 P1140350 P1140354

I did not take many pics at cheesecake factory, was too into eating, but I saw person after person like usual working on the, we  set you up to get a reaction, then cry wolf tactic.

once I got some, I noticed the person who had joined my account, changed pictures with different colors.


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