Community Mobbing – Bobby’s Restaurant and on the way to work

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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This morning I decided to go to Bobby’s Coffee Shop to get some food on the way to work. I’ve been harassed there, just as every other place in the world since going there using the same tactics given out to the world to do at every place I eat to create mental illness and use the system against me to destroy me and end my life.

Especially with Mike Huntley telling me just that “We can’t set you up and were using the system against you”


When going there, of course the fist thing that come out of the waitress and owners mouth is “How are you”

Not because they care, but because businesses are told over and over to do same things in patterns to create mental illness.

Same thing My brothers BBQ has been doing until the end of time with covert terror tactics, trying to get reactions, then cover up their mass crimes.

When sit down, waitress will keep mimicking things I’ve said to try to trigger me into a reaction, tell everyone I’m crazy and have wronged her. Today was subtle and not like before but still going on.

At one point the good looking cashier and hostess decides to walk past me behind me and go outside or in back. At the same time, the Chef on the work side of the counter walks by me, and turns away as if working and starts whistling.


This is a common tactic for chefs at every restaurant to whistle at me and create mental illness, try to make me look crazy and remove me from society, or mob me until my nervousness system gives out. This is the same tactic my mother and brother started at a very young age to try to remove me from society.

For example, when we were kids my brother would always come up behind, flick me in the ear, or bash me in the head, in hopes he could get a reaction to give to the police, hence his lies about me trying to kill him with a knife, telling the police and notifying the world as he sent every one of his friends after me for over 30 years.

As I’m finishing my food, a man comes in wearing solid black pants and a solid green shirt. Specific color pattern tactic used to try to create mental illness and PROVOKE a reaction like usual.

This happens most of the time I go there. They then want to talk to me, and try to provoke me into fights to help the restaurants rid me of the world.

There message is clear, we will kill you no matter how long it takes with a world wide campaign. They will then spin the story stating things like if you don’t like it here, then don’t come here. This will be used at every place to stop me from getting food, then claiming I suffer from obsession for coming back to any place.

If the idea is to stop me from eating, then the motive is obvious. weather it be eating or going anywhere in the world. The goal is to destroy and end my life and Bobby’s is a large part of it.

and of course on the way to the office, tons of people coming out with umbrellas.

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