World wide mobbing – Jaded and Broken Tactics

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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In my website I talk about all the elaborate tactics and smears to try to end my life and then cover it up.

out of these 1000’s of elaborate pre meditated well thought out tactics and alibies to cover up this mass murder campaign I’ve heard from a lot of people things about me being jaded or broken to try to get rid of me.

First off, these aren’t crimes to have problems to begin with. But the truth is, each time I try to get back up on my feet, I’m once again bombarded by this mass world wide mobbings with these tactics.

At some locations, some people even say things like “People are trying to break you” I don’t exactly know what this means accept people saying, Let’s watch the Matrix while they try to send me suggestive ideas of references that I’m NEO or something.

But what’s really going on is the system is being used against me just and Mike Huntley, my 20 year friend who was hunting me down from day 1 with my brother and crew trying to end my life.

Why is it that each time I try to talk, flirt, make any contact with a women, or anyone for that matter, I’m attacked with covert mental illness tactics that only someone with a psychology degree would know, and if I react in any way. Even don’t react and walk away, I am then ACCUSED of having a problem.

For example, let’s say I’m at a coffeeshop, I see a cute girl, she then grabs one of the tactics to try to provoke me into a fight. For example, at one point at STARBUCKS every single girl that walked by for months was told to run their hands through their hair. At the point I say, this is spooky or someones trying to rid me from society with a world wide campaign, claims of. Oh, he’s playing games with us, or he’s hot/cold, etc. to then SPIN the story in their favor that I’m crazy or broken.

Even online, I make an attempt to talk to someone. And 90% of the time they are trying to get me to talk to them. And if I do, after that, they will used these elaborate covert tactics given at to the world to provoke me into fights so they can try to set me up.

So I’m confused, if I’m jaded or broken, why are they trying to get me to talk to them for the sole purpose to provoke a reaction, then cry wolf?

doesn’t the very act of trying to be social show your not jaded, and the clear obvious which the world knows, is that they are trying to stop me from ever talking to anyone in the world or I will be covertly attacked for the sole purpose of a reaction.

At one point, the people around me were MAD at me for joining social networks claiming, it’s not what society does. Even though 90% of the world has social accounts even in third world countries.

And the Name Social Networks itself says, this is a place to be social. But just like coffee shops, internet, strangers in public or lines, according to the people who claim they like or care for me will do everything to stop me from being social, and then CLAIM I have a problem.

Am I jaded or broken now? well, I can’t answer that but to say, every time I try to be kind, generous, social caring, let someone in my life, they are given tactics to sabotage it knowing that I am not the problem, but they are CLEARLY and INTENTIONAL creating an EXTERNAL problem with clear intent to make me look crazy or a recluse.

Why would these people be mad at me for going out to pool halls, not wanting to play for money, being social, and not into any type of sharking or pissing contests? then claim, I have a problem, and I’m not allowed to play pool.

These are the same IMPOSSIBLE people that claim, I work too much and they will stop me, then after making me sick, claim I’m a bum for not working enough, even though I try to get into the office for 40 hrs a week where they whole office is told to make me mentally ill any way possible and never stop.

These are all thought out lies to create mental illness and terror. Without these terror and torcher tactics, they would have no arguments.

They were mad at me for going to the gym 4 days a week and being healthy. And their elaborate tactics were, he’s obsessed with the gym and trying to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Explain why someone would or could be mad at someone who is active, healthy making lie after lie to sabotage each aspect of his life then claiming he is broken or jaded. Without the world wide man hunt which we all know is going on and everyone trying to cover up their would be no argument.

I remember being at the gym and asking out a trainer. Then to find out she was working with rodie Morales to get dirt on me. Wait, I thought I was broken and jaded, so why do you want the dirt, because if you claim I have a problem dating, why are they mad at me for trying to date.

Amongst the other people I tried to talk too, flirt with, or whatever else.

So that argument doesn’t work when trying to meet women, or even male friends when they are trying to STOP you from having any type of social life. Then when you need to make money to eat, they stop you from that as well.

In the end, it all says the same thing to me. Destroy Kevin Perelman at all costs. So really any therapist I see isn’t going to be about me anyways. It’s going to be about the EXTERNAL THINGS being done to me to stop me from having a NORMAL life and Ridding me from the world from someones HATE and RAGE which I already do know as if they think theirs going to be a breakthrough but we all know it’s not about me but what’s being done to me and the damages from that.

Now, this is what I find interesting, once I find out what is  going on, obviously not knowing exactly but knowing something criminal is going on, then it goes from broken and jaded to to “he suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia”

wait, didn’t these people just claim they are CONCERNED? so why keep trying to make me sicker and sicker with a world wide funded operation using every news, media, and industry outlet to work every ANGLE possible to end my life.

Yes, it does not add up any way shape or form. I have a cat, every time I see it in a bad mood I don’t run around shouting your jaded and broken and start kicking it.

It’s all a coverup. At one point the Business employees would have every person possible attack me and then make claims that I am somehow riling up businesses all over and doing things doing everything possible after their mass attacks to cover up their crimes and torment me quiet. Especially every time trying to start over and they would not let me.

And being they are all NETWORKED together on the INTERNET, which we all KNOW, they all use the same ELABORATE lies to work on their brain washing tactics to reel more people into the mass mobbing and murder campaign.

Once again, let’s say I was jaded and broken, it’s still not a crime to be kind, generous, polite and jaded and broken. But it is a crime to hunt down and kill someone for whatever reasons you might think.

In the end, these are merely just TACTICS used out of hate and rage.

I mean ok, let’s say I’m somehow doing something to the WORLD. Well, that would mean I make shitloads of money and am funding huge operations. So when I pick a random state or country and go to places I’ve been or speak to stranger after stranger, I did this? With my billions and spy satellites because I own and funded the FBI, lol. The bullshit itself is obsurd and by a bunch of desperate clowns.

ok, give me proof, details of how one man who makes under 40K a yr did this? it’s not even a rational CLAIM.

Every place I’ve gone in life, I’ve been kind, generous, and if I know it’s going on, I say as little as possible to be attacked by 1000’s per day.

There is not one thing I’ve ever done to anyone and I can tell you the TACTICS being used and the way the INFORMATION is flowing is clearly not anything I’ve ever done. Maybe theirs a crew trying to make it look that way, but most of the people I meet, attack me for no reason, then file complaints to cover up their lies, then have the next one do it and the next one until the end of time to wipe me off the planet.

Example, I have something like 500 follows on twitter, and maybe 100 are legit accounts. So a man who posts a tweet to 100 people and it goes WORLD WIDE, how would that be my fault?

Someone would have to collect my conversations and COVERTLY give them to the world. That would be what we call a SETUP, or SMEAR campaign. Not only this, when I walk around the world and almost every person I see or talk too knows me, but then plays games I’m imagining it. Well, why would it have to be a SECRET.

Yes, these things don’t add up. I’m creating problems? ya right. I walk into places I don’t know one person why they try to make me look crazy, then make elaborate claims I’m “FUCKING WITH THEM” yes, that says one thing. The people have clear CRIMINAL Intent to wipe me off the planet.

If your doing freaky things like this to someone then trying to cover their asses which is all day every day for me, then it means you have something your hiding. And then telling me I’m imagining it and suffer from paranoid schizophrenia means it’s a mass COVERUP.

The motive is clearly HATE and RAGE. with all the people in my life like Tom Farley telling me to say horrible things to women, then getting mad when I don’t shows it for what it is.

With Mike huntley telling me I live a careless life, and I better live a careful life, but can’t tell me one thing I’ve ever done, then get’s pissed because I don’t fall for his ELABORATE setup and setup is another thing.

Even Paul Humphry who literall moved by every women I talked to on the INTERNET then kept asking me to come over while telling me I’m hunting women down.

These are just the suger coated topping of setups as they work every angle and tactic to rid me of the world.

Now, they are MAD at me for being positive, they are MAD at me for overcoming my hurtles in life. They are MAD at me for running, weight lifting, flirting, being open minded, you name it.

Where theses lies come from where I’m doing something to businesses is the ULTIMATE coverup and SETUP to wipe me off the planet. I can assure you in 41 years of my life they may have been a couple of insignificant baits being an asshole or something. As I’m held to the level of PERFECTION by my family and friends claiming I’m being PUBLICLY SHAMED for things that or normal.

You went on a few dates and it didn’t work out. “You playing games” not, it just didn’t work out. Or He made a joke we didn’t like, he hates races and minorities, yet they say jokes all day. They date girl after girl, etc.

If I compare my life to anyone I’ve ever known, they are all lieing hypocrites telling me I have to be perfect. I treat and always have treated everyone with respect except a few hiccups. I do not start fights and I hate confrontation.

My own family has been MAD at me for honesty. Even if I get in arguments, they make claims of RAGE and ANGER where are we all know people have emotions, get in fights, arguments, etc. If I show emotion, expression, you name it, these people actually get MAD at me.

So who is backwards? because last I heard, being in arguments, discussing issues, breakups, business partners not agreeing and leaving, these are all NORMAL things.

But out of all these NORMAL things, my family, friends, and the strange world wide SECRET crew will turn each and every detail into lies.

Now, why are women following me from place to place, then making up coverup stories I am following them? I have no clue.

I can’t count them their are 100’s. We have Kelly Hatch following me from Calabasas High to oregan hunting me down, we have Heather from Yankee Doodles following me to coffee shops then telling everyone I won’t leave her alone. Even inviting me to her clothing store trying to get me to go their while telling everyone I’m following her.

We have Aubrey fisher doing the same types of things. I can’t tell you how many people have followed me, trying to get me to talk to them so they can tell everyone I’m stalking them.

Models, Porn Stars, Actors, You name it.  Then once again if I get past my shyness and talk to them, elaborate claims of criminal acts are given to the police or this mass world wide secret network to be PUNISHED for the mere attempt to be kind, generous, talkative, flirtatious, you name it.

Have you ever asked a girl out, and then she runs around CLAIMING you hate women for asking them out? these are the tactics. These people don’t care about right/wrong then care about what they want and will do anything to get it. The consensious is that what they want is me dead or in a cage.

I have no clue why. All I know is that I’m not the problem, and this mass campaign to rid me of the world is. So these lies like, I’m Jaded, I’m broken, I’m creating Chaos in businesses in the cities, we all know is a coverup.

And all I have to do is think about my brother going out doing the things he did premeditated and pinning it on his little brother and that tells me all I need to know about the templates given out to the world to do to me.

It’s all a lie, it’s all a pharse for CONTROL. You have been FLAGGED. You have no CIVIL rights, we found loopholes to kill, murder and mame, and we will cover it up.

Just remember, if this can be done to someone like me who fits the mold for an extremely good citizen, it can be done to any one of you as well. Most people won’t realize that until they are in that position, but it is clearly a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Think about that when you think about things like the Patriot Act where claims are made that it’s to PROTECT you. Because if the constitution does not apply to everyone, it’s good for no one.

While I will not make claims that I am PERFECT, I will say that I’ve been a very good person all my life, and for my MURDER crew to take a couple of insignificant meaningless IMPERFECTIONS that are NORMAL and use it as LEVERAGE to SMEAR my name, well. I can proudly say you put me up against anyone I know and I will come out way CLEANER. Weather my family, friends, or my accusers.

The act of having over 1000 attacks per day for over 30 years to kill someone then make claims it’s my fault or something I’ve done is a load of crap and we all know it. ESPECIALLY when no one can actually throw down, and come forward with the LIES stating, you done SOMETHING and will be held accountable.

Elaborate tactics used on me since childhood:

The whole tamoli

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