World Wide Mobbing with Intent to kill – Cry Wolf Tactic

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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At the age of 30 finding out that I was being hunted by a world wide army of psychological warfare sickos my entire life I started documenting the things being done to me to end my life or remove me from society.

Esecially with my Brother friend for over 20 years Michael Huntley, when finding out what was wrong and him saying “We are using the system against you, you had better live a careful life”

Really meaning, you better do what I say or we will kill you

The Cry Wolf Tactic is one of the largest used on me although there are 1000’s of these tactics used to end my existence by the world in SECRET.

All tactics

This tactic was engineered to use against me at a very young age. This is basically how it works.

First, Someone will make up an ELABORATE claim I’ve done this to them or I am doing something illegal or creating problems. It varies from each person I meet or is in my life. if they are in my life as a friend or family member, they will just jump from claim to claim giving it to the world.

These claims will be based on absolutely nothing. For example, at one point a girl made up claims I had hit her, after this people were told to hunt me down and attack me in retaliation which they tried to call Karma. This never ends, and if at any point I defend myself, they will tell the world, See, I told you so. Creating a problem that isn’t there, then provoking me until the end of time to get a reaction to use against me.

At one point when I went to collages or traveling, Cities would be notified that I am somehow creating chaos while millions attack me until the end of time. If I react in any way to mass murdering armies, they will say “See, I told you so”

When going to coffee shops for example I was followed by countless women then making up claims that I was following them. I cannot count how many. Each one was actually following me. Then these groups working with them would try to find ways to either manipulate or make it look like I was following them to say, “see, I told you so”

At one point, they got so desperate to make it look like I was following people, my so called friend Paul Humphrey would move by their houses and keep inviting me over to make it look like I was going in their area. Even though that’s not a crime anyways, their tactic is to tell the world and let the public hold me accountable in the grey areas of the law because not only did I not commit crimes, but they needed a way to rid me of the world in the grey areas of the law, and cover it up.

Now this cry wolf tactic will be used for everything. For example, I am a pool player, and I’ve only played for money a couple of times because I love pool, and it’s not about the money, but perfection of a skill for self fulfillment. But on that one occasion that my so called Murdering friend Brian Longbotham wanted to see me play someone for money, he then goes around telling the world that I’m sharking this person, and playing games with peoples lives.

Well actually it was more like the usual, he was telling these lies to the world beforehand, then setting me up and taking this 1 money game of pool and associating it to 15 years of my life where I played for the passion of the sport sending even more people after me telling them I can’t separating games from reality. Claiming I am somehow playing games with people lives if I brake up with a women or something like this.

The camera one is the same example, At the point I purchased a camera, not using it, but the point, people were told I was somehow wronging people with my camera. And going out to use my camera taking pictures of various objects, trees animals, I watched people come out wherever I was and baiting me to try to set me up. From color patterns to people provoking me, or even following me in cars and such. To make the same types of claims, I am somehow doing something to these people by CRYING WOLF. After getting to the point where this needed to be documented. They then then work the same ANGLES. SEE, I TOLD YOU SO, he has a problem.

These tactics are for one reason, and one reason alone. To make me mentally ill to get rid of me. Remove me from society or keep working on me until my nervous system gives out. Nothing more. This is not about anything I’ve ever done. Just pure uncontrollable ANGER and RAGE by the people targeting me.

They cannot come up with any reasons they are doing this except things that don’t make sense. For example, We are going to kill you in the grey areas of the law because you are single, or because you like photography, or because your head over heels about a girl.

When they get really desperate, women will come in my life so they can get more information to CRY WOLF.

I’ve had women make up every lie imaginable and I’ve had world wide armies support these blatant lies in SECRET.

Example, he’s a hacker, so we will hack him and expose every out of context lie to the world. One girl claimed I send her a virus after asking for my picture to be retaliated by teams of people trying to get viruses on my computer.

These tactics go all day and night for my entire life. I’m stealing girlfriends, I stealing wives, you name it. But the very TRUTH behind these lies is their Alibies for their crimes.

I did it because he did it and he can’t get away with that. Even though we all know 2 wrongs don’t make a right, even the people doing this to me know it. But they try to cover up their crimes by saying, well, he’s an asshole and he needed to be taught a lesson.

Except it’s done until the end of time. And not one thing, but 1000’s meaning behind or the bullshit is a MURDER attempt. Plain and simple.

Hence, the COVER UP of. I now suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia, and I’m crazy.

Probably from Murderers Handbook. Immobilize, Terrorize, Get rid of the body and evidence

These tactics were all PLANNED out from day one. On every single accusation given to the world. Every single one is a blatant lie.

And with the police telling me I had better be quiet about it. Then walking by me several times or driving my telling me they are watching me, with surveillance and world wide neighborhood watch groups, to Officer Toro breaking from covert activities following me to encino Starbucks threatening me telling me if I ever take a picture of a person he will “Exercise the law in his own way” And to tell you the TRUTH, it looks like officer Toro was more concerned about the TRUTH of their crimes coming to the surface behind this 30 year MURDER/SMEAR campaign.

Not toro, but just one of the many other tactics to threaten me quiet

There is no crime in playing pool, There is no crime in asking women out. Their is no crime in taking pictures outside. Their is certainly no crime in taking pictures if someone is attacking you, setting you up, or trying to kill you.

There isn’t even a crime in stealing girlfriends even though I never have. What gives these people away is the amount of SYSTEMATIC lies they do over and over. Every day is a new lie of cover up to hide their real AGENDA.

If 10k women try to get you to flirt with them, then covertly provoke you to anger you into a reaction and tell everyone you are crazy and went off on them. Well, that’s an agenda with unimaginable covert abuse. And that also means that their is information SYSTEMS being used one someone to rid them of the world.

Even one girl Aubrey Fisher Befriended me, Invited me to give her expertise on photoshoots, and had the world mob me to death for tapping my foot. If that is rational and not a murder attempt as if I’m somehow the bad guy by tapping my foot on accident. Or even if it was intentional which it wouldn’t matter. The act of HUNTING me down is the crime.

But you know, as they say, they just want me to have a normal life. Yes, ok sure 🙂

I have given you just a couple of these sickos tactics, for more

and everything else at:

  1. You know, they know they are lying and they have no one to tell that doesn’t know they are playing head games with you. The name of the game is to get you to believe they are trying to prove you are a danger; self-doubt is the weapon of choice.

    Exposing the original cause and focusing on all else as a lie designed to cripple your self-esteem in a constant destructive capacity. They also use your mind against you to expand their influence which means only a few people are actually screwing with you, and your mind fills in the blanks with suspicion of other people’s actions.

    Our brains are wonderful machines which only need a very little push of flash mobbing and we will ourselves connect a complex matrix pulling people who have no clue of what is going on into our world. This is intended to drive someone paranoid about ENVERYONE.

    The fact is with all the misinformation and claims of secret societies; this practice is mostly exclusive to Catholic Mentality which only proxies itself into our culture through “police science” and other actors which get involved. these “games” have been used for a 1000 years and were very known as Catholic persecution, shunning, culling, etc…

    Cell phones and internet, RFID chips, all sorts of ways to keep a few people in this game that seems outrageously large allows for this abuse to seem like everyone you know is involved. It puts anyone in a virtual and moving prison where screwing with someone is easy.

    If EVERYONE was involved and not special people, the cause would drift down to the emotionally unstable and emotionally unsound and you would have been assaulted and killed a long time ago, making you a martyr . The name of the game is containment and you are thoroughly contained.


    • In this case, being that I have over 1000 harassment per day, ongoing for 30 years, the motive is clearly to end my life. Provoke me enough until my nervous system gives out, or I kill myself. I can assure you, this is their motive.

      It is no game, it is attempted murder. That’s like watching someone disassembawl someone and call it a game. These people want me dead starting with my own mother and brother at a young age.

      The online numbers are a lot greater and for some strange reason people are all on their side and not someone like me trying to live my life, make some money, have friends and relationships.

      I can’t imagine walking up to someone and say, hey, let’s kill that guy. We will all get together and do it.


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