Community Mobbing – 7/17/2013 – My Brothers BBQ Court Date

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to court for My Brothers BBQ who has been targeting me with a mass group for 30 years.

After court, I had tons of notes as to passive aggressive paranoid schitzo thugging tactics that have been used on me my whole life used in that courtroom today as well as last time.

One of the courts concerns hinted from my lawyer as they did not state it is this blog and their court room. I can understand this As I didn’t like people following me for 30 years spewing out lies to the world in a highly funded operation to end my existence. I could have had a field day with today’s court room behavior I jotted down to scare me quiet.

SO COURT, I will tell you this. I will give you the RESPECT you want. As court should not be a circus. This is the same respect I have given almost every single person in my life for 41 years, even though you took 2 or 3 hiccups, turned my life into a highly funded operation to BLATANTLY SMEAR my name and then try to pin your lies on me world wide.

But remember one thing, RESPECT, is a two way street. And by you showing me not only what you’ve done for the last 30 years to my life, but from day one of me being in the court room and are now trying to cover it up by sending out world wide lies or hidden messages to bully me into false confessions or scare me out of talking about the truth.

If you want my RESPECT, you have it, but you need to act PROFESSIONAL without any COVERT THUGGING, to try to CONTROL, INTIMIDATE, or BLACKMAIL me quiet especially after your world wide lies this is my fault.

Now, you hint about FIRES, I’ve never started a fire literally or figuratively I’ve spend my life being kind, generous, giving, caring, open, and honest.

The first public blog or anything I have ever wrote about anyone at all was after the age 38, 8-9 yrs asking what’s going on, while accused of 1000’s of LIES, told I’m imagining it, to find out, their is a WORLD WIDE campaign to IMMOBILIZE me for doing absolutely nothing wrong. And REFUSED to help me or put a stop to it.

And watching people like Lorena Escobar follow me around making up lie and lie, then doing these lies to me. As well as collect every possible details and give it to the world out of context which is a CRIME of defamation, as well as pre-meditated mobbing with the INTENT to kill.

This being said. I build websites, databases, computer networks, computer security for a living as well as my artistic side, and truth be told, even if I had a blog before defending myself, it would take huge amounts of money to make it world wide. Meaning, the people who have been following me for 30 years, collecting every detail of my life, hacking into my computer, putting spyware on my computer documenting every out of context piece of information possible to the world in a well funded operation then claiming it’s because I’m doing it is ABSURD. first off, how did this college kid get all this millions to do it?

Plus being that when Lorena Escobar wanted me to put spyware on the company computers, then went ballistic for me not doing it shows this groups true colors.

NO. it is not me who have done this. It is my TARGETERS with their lies and criminal intentions. I have done nothing but be kind generous helpful, and positive to everyone in my life every while each and everyone was trying to bait me and set me up or smear my name and the fact that not one person can come to me and tell me DIRECTLY their problem shows me their true colors and this is not about right or wrong, but WHAT SOMEONE WANTS.

I will not claim I am perfect, I have had a few insignificant mistakes but if I compare my life to anyone elses, mine always comes out the cleanest.

You don’t like the type of women I like? well, that’s my FREEDOM and nobuddies business but mine and them.

This is unacceptable to me.  If this applies to me, then it has to apply to everyone else and put in the U.S. Constitution that organizations and governments can do this too people.

I have made this courtroom PROMISE provided it is met on both sides.

I will NOT write any information inside the courtroom, BUT

what I will not do is stop writing about the daily incidents being done to me in public. This is still a crime of the highest level and by telling me that I do not have the first amendment to defend myself against a world wide mobbing is UNACCEPTABLE, and if we want that type of communistic, or socialistic government then it will have to apply to everyone.

I will not stop documenting or talking about the daily crimes being inflicted on me. Nor will I stop talking about the psychical and emotional damage done to me which not one person can tell me why I have been targeted and this was clearly done with calculated and premeditated targeting then trying to SMEAR my name to cover it up while using every psychological warefare tactic to end my life for finding out.

And since the age of 30 while I tried to move on, I was and still am being hunted by millions for trying to move on while they say I have to confess to something. So since the TRUTH is demanded, I gave it and I will over and over because when I die, I will know I died knowing I did the right thing, as I can’t say for others.

If you don’t want crimes being written about, don’t have millions attack me all day and night trying to kill me. This is not my fault, and for you to tell me not to DEFEND myself against 30 years of world wide with suggestive messages of what could happen to me, well funded SMEARS in the 1000’s well, life does not work that way unless your a tyrant or a murderer picking on some kid being kind generous and helping everyone in his path.

So as I was leaving the court house with this message, I noticed, once again, tons of women with umbrellas doing everything possible to make me mentally ill.

This will be the first for today in mass attacks being posted to end my life. I was going to talk about the courtroom, and I have some good juicy dirt which I’d rather be doing more positive things, but we all know, this isn’t going to go away by itself.

And I will not rest until the WORLD knows the TRUTH and not 1000’s of SMEARS and LIES to end my life.

so, as leaving Van Nuys Court House,  as I’m pulling out of the parking lot, I see a lady entering the complex with an umbrella.


Once again, leaving all up van Nuys blvd, tons of these people with one single intent. To end my life with a paranoid schizophrenia campaign, obsessional looping, you name it. I 17 in 5 minutes leaving.

Here they are

P1130084 P1130096 P1130098 P1130099 P1130101 P1130104 P1130105 P1130108 P1130118 P1130119 P1130122 P1130127 P1130131 P1130132 P1130140 P1130146 P1130147

I will not tolerate being bullied and mobbed, thugged to death anymore, especially for no reason and when I could have had a good and prosperous life that was taken from me for no reasn.

Police, Court, whoever, You want to do the real RIGHT THING, then do it. Put a stop to your bullshit, but someone is still going to be held accountable for my damages in a court of law. This is YOUR doing, not mine. REMEMBER THAT so I suggest you find out who is responsible for this, and put them in jail especially with all the detailed information you have. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!

If this is about PROTECTING your friends or co-workers, well, that is not why I pay taxes for the police. I pay my taxes to stop criminals, ESPECIALLY ones coming after me. I don’t care who you know, who is your friend. I care about right and wrong. Especially me being wronged.

If the Police cannot exercise stopping crimes, and instead pin crap on people for knowing or finding out they are a victim, then I say, we junk and rebuild the system because it is pointless anyways at that point. And that would basically saying you have a bunch of thugging cops payed to kill people for no reason and then they get pensions for a reward. And I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s not the morals I was brought up on.


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