Community Mobbing – Woodland Hills – Metro Complexes – Continue to try to create mental illness to end my life

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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When I first moved in here about 11 years ago, little did I know that not only did I have a world wide campaign to end my life for some unkown reason, but since that day, this complex has had a full scale attaack on killing me since I moved in.Tonight, I went out for a cigarette, and of course, since I have a world wide campaign to end my life, tell me I’m imagining it, and that I’m crazy due to a psychotic family and friends growing up,  As I walked outside around my complex I noticed that

on both sides, continuing to do things in patterns of two’s  They have Mopeds on both sides parked outside on each side of my complex like they were doing with the VW’s to try to get some kind of confession. Assuming it was when my brother ran a VW off the road and pinned it on me like everything else he and his friends did with clear intent to rid me of the world with this group.

As I walked out, the man with the black charger came out and got in his car to pull it back in the complex. He went around the block and pulled it in around 3:50 am. Odd time to just randomly pull a car back into the parking lot which is in this huge complex which surrounds my entire place.

Not only is it strange that someone or multiple people would park mopeds on a public street, but it’s even stranger when they have a gated complex with spots by their places.

P1130249 P1130270

At 3:50 am, either someone would be leaving for work extremely early, or arriving, but I cannot imagine why someone would randomly come out and pull their car in especially with me knowing what they are doing and coming out with a camera.

P1130242 P1130254 P1130247

This moped tactic has been heavily used with Lorena Escobar, and George Escobar. two of my office employees, and strangely, that’s another pattern of two’s being that Lorena and George both have the same name and have been heavily targeting me as well with the intent to kill.

Both following all around the world. George has been going through all my social networks using the information for mental illness tactics and Lorena works on her elaborate setups with women to try to make me look crazy or bait me into situations while using music as suggestive messages to threaten me, then making up random claims that it’s because I’m doing it, as she jumps from newer and newer SMEARS, and then does those to cover up her true crimes.

Once I get back to my street,  I notice also, once again, their are Two  VW  golf’s parked on the street from the Metro people who have to walk a good amount to get to their cars rather then park it in their protected gated complex where the spots are next to their place. Also, I should add, they started going ballistic with the VW’s when I first went to my first appointment with the therapist. I’m guess this is a blackmail tactic. For example, we know you did this, and if you talk, we will kill you with hidden messages about it. Even though they clearly know this was not only my brothers crime, but he was premeditatedly doing it to pin it on me with all his other crimes.


P1130279P1130286 P1130280

This is an all day and night tactic going on for over 30 years to end my life with things in patterns of two’s. For example, the people who were send in my life or targeting me.

Lorena Escobar, George Escobar

Victoria Wakler, Dr Walker

Eric Christianson, Sherri Christianson

Brian Weaver, Brian (Buky) Smith

Also, Yesterday, a Blue car, the one here was parked leaving his inside lights on, and a man from the Metro an hour later pulls a red pickup out on the street, and leaves his inside lights on as well across from it.


Moved and light is still on tonight


and the day before this, they had two cars, on my street across from each other both with factory “Keyes” Plates they put on which is a common tactic and you can see in other posts. This is a tactic I noticed started 12 years ago where people would walk by shaking keys at me over and over. It then progressed to license plates.

P1130155 P1130156

There have also been other people parking cars with “Keyes” plates this week on my street as well as the places I go, but it is harder to prove what they are doing with only one car. But her is one pick I have from yesterday as well

P1130176 P1130177

And it is a Honda Accord which just happens to be the car Mike Huntley drove who was Targeting me for over 20 years, then started business with me to get the confession that I tried to kill my father when he working with whoever did it to set me up and pin it on me.

Also, this is the honda accord this morning waiting for me and as I walked out my house left, which was parked right across on the other side like all the other cars working with their patterns of two’s tactics.

P1130167 P1130169

This group has literally be following me across the world trying to end my life. won’t tell me what they think I’ve done, and just say that I’ve “DONE SOMETHING” with the sole intent to create obsessional looping to make me wonder why I’m being hunted by millions all across the world with covert mental illness tactics to end my life. Continually making up new lie after lie and giving them out to the world to hunt me down riling up people to kill in their names claiming I have some kind of problem and it’s somehow my fault they are doing these things.

The police have done everything to NOT help, and have at every point stopped me from getting them all the information I have on this. Not only that, they seem to ignore the information they do have in attempts to put a stop to a world wide crime directed at one man, who has never done one thing to anyone but be kind, generous, giving and helpful to everyone in his path looking for imperfection to give to the world to use against me.

One person after the next has come in my life since about 10 yrs old giving out lie after lie to the entire world for over 30 years with one intent. To end my life.

This will go on forever until I’m dead claiming I am responsible for their 30 year murder campaign against me.

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  1. David says:

    Men and her I was thinking. I was going crazy do to much work bull. Am having the same problem. Mob of car. All over the place and Is starting to get scary. Any I have not Done nothing to no one all I do is work. And. I have to deal with this type of. People. Not cool what do you think I should do


    • First, make sure that you are 100% sure it is going on. If you are certain, it’s difficult to say who is involved. For me it’s world wide and the police are involved in smears to ruin my credibility. But the one thing you should do, is what is known as normalization. Let people know what is going on. The whole concept of, we want to make you look crazy, to off you, is usually their motive. And they usually count on their targets to be afraid to say anything, because speaking out, makes you look crazy. But once you get past all of that, then you can really see how people react when the bluff is called so to speak. The people involved will play stupid. if they look like they are lieing because they are dismissing the obvious. Especially with proof. They are usually involved. And if they try to thug you quiet, then they are definitely involved.

      It is hard to say what to do, But I do everything to expose as much as I can so that the world knows my targeters are lieing thugs who are control freaks and have been working with the government since I was 10. But each situation, I am sure is different.

      But the motive is usually the same, off the target by trying to make them look crazy and set them up to rid them of the world. So, documenting, and normalization is what I would suggest.


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