from the age of 20 to 30 three people befriended me with the attempt to set me up, smear my name and rile people up to end my life covertly and in the grey areas of the law.

first when i moved to southern Oregon state college, a person named Eric Christianson befriending me, showig me music and books stating i was doing something wrong because of their titles. he then proceeded to take me to strip clubs blasting to the world i was hunting down strippers on porn stars after he i invited me to go along with him, Also, he was working with my brother to get this confession I had tried to kill him with a knife, covering up his continual attacks from behind, and ignoring the fact that not only was ne not stabbed, but the knife itself was never even thrown as it dropped to the ground intentionally as he claims it was to cover up his true continual provoking and attacks to continually try to put me into a situations he could then spew to the world out of his hate and rage to end my life and cover it up.

after moving to university of Colorado to go to a better school, a Russian exchange student named Val Morozav befriended me saying he wanted to start a web design company with me. he would say we should go to strip clubs and talk business which doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Val was using the same tactics to smear my name and destroy my life. at the point that actual work came in, Val was not interested in working and would try to get me to do everything.

when i noticed this seemed odd, he disappeared. notifying these mass worldwide networks again that i am following, harassing strippers and porn stars to help rile up these mass covert terror groups to end my life.

after moving back to California, this happened again with my friends and the police using a man named Rodie Morales. once again taking me from strip club to strip club. then having each and everyone do fake setups and cry wolf tactics to smear my name working with Mike Huntley, Tim  Thompson, Tom Farley, Paul Humphrey, Victoria Walker, etc

DSCN0003Mike HuntleyDSCN0021_Tim ThompsonDSCN0025Victoria Walker

Victoria walker is also responsible for asking me to build websites that are similar to other peoples names while she then goes and tells them I am crazy and doing something to them. Not sure specifically, but I’d assume she’d make claims I am copying them or trying to steal their identities which is one of their common SMEARS.

During the visits at the strip clubs there was one setup sequentially after the next.

One stripper named Stephenia hung out  around me, then at one point pretending that I had done something to her, when nothing at all was done, then getting mad at me and working with others to terrorize me. Later to find out, that Victoria walker was asking me to do submission posts for her on sites the Stephania was posting ads, etc for an elaborate setup trying to make it look like I was following people or digging for information.

At Bare elegance a girl named Lola was following me from place to place. At one point, she followed me to Coffeebean, and because I was shy, I didn’t talk to her, now realizing that it was a good thing, because she was not only following me, but then crying wolf that I was following her to cover it up.

One Asian girl CeCe was try trying to get confessions about IRC bots which they were doing to me, then trying to cover it up by telling everyone I was writing them or something, not that I would know how, even today.

One girl named Miley I wanted to do a website with and gave her a contract and she was not interested, which was no big deal. But later on after she quit a stripper named Tina was following me around digging for information kept asking about Miley, for years and years, trying to prove I was obsessed with her, when I never said one word about her.

At one point Chasey Lain did a feature dance at the Rhino while stripper after stripper came up to me trying to get dirt saying things like,” I don’t like her and her boobs are ugly” trying to make it look like I didn’t like her and was following her. Especially after the elaborate airplane setup which didn’t work that I didn’t know about until after 30.

At the Rhino, a stripper named Kat moved to Vegas, as Mike Huntley called me up trying to get a confession that it was my fault and telling the world. She was also involved in trying to get these knife confessions for my brother.

I ended up doing a website for a Porn Star named Emily Jewel, she then tried to get me to get information from her boyfriend. When I said I wasn’t getting involved in their relationship, she then sent her boyfriend after me in this mass mental illness campaign.


Another Model was Traci Anna, who I built a web site for who would want to sit on my lap when working, but since I was professional, I said no. She then proceeds to try to reel me into her scam of something with hidden camera’s in Gene Simmons place, but I say no, so she and this group pin it on me.


Another girl named Venice was dangle carrots about a website until the end of time. Finally, I realized that Mike Huntley who I had look over the contract slipped in a clause stating if things didn’t work out, we could sue her. Then pinning what he was doing on me. This is obviously one out of thousands of Mike Huntley’s setups. Venice also was working with this group telling me she worked at Bare Elegance, then telling everyone I am going after people.


At one point Rodie Morales introduced me to Aubrey Fisher, who was working on me with this mass paranoid schizophrenia campaign, as she worked with Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Rodie Morales, Tim Thompson. Trying to get any confession possible. From stalking, to pedaphila, you name it, and using the common tactic like her name to send mental illness messages to make me sick. At one point because I tapped my foot in my car, she told millions all around the world to do this to me to make me mentally ill and end my life.


FInally there wa sa girl at Bare Elegance named Mila who was spending every waking minute with me trying to set me up and smear my name. Making up lie after lie. I’m too sensitive, I’m mad at her. Eventually making up lies that I think she is Julia Sophia, even though she is Italian and it doesn’t even rationally make sense, finally making claims that I am trying to kill her while collecting and making up every lie imaginable with this group


during this period one of my pool playing friends steve mcpuke covertly introduced me to a pool player named tim thompson. tim and i were both web designers and had done some adult work.

DSCN0021_Tim Thompson


Steve Mcpike

at this point, like val morozav time wanted me to do all the work then go around telling everyone i was up to something.

at one point Tim claimed his girlfriend had cancer. when he said she had died and pretended he was depressed for a long time, i took him to strip clubs bought him lap dances to try to cheer him up and get his mind off things. he then went around making up lies that i was using him to try to get to the strippers.

At one point Tim Thompson got us a contract with Hotbody international, he claims was a client of his. When we were their for meetings, he would constantly hint about the one secretary girl to try to bait me into pursuing her.

As I was being tracked on my computer and did a flow chart of their website redesign, right after sending the email, Tim has them cancel, trying to make it look like I’m rubbing it in their faces.

When I noticed something was wrong, I noticed that every angle possible was being used to end my life, I noticed Tim Thompson had spyware on my computer as when I found out that they were taking my data off my computer and putting in on Aol accounts with similar screen names to smear my name as my computer shut down to stop me from finding out what they were doing.

These people have worked every angle to end my life. Even cowardly Greg Gutfeld was hinting how I lived a shady life and it was my fault. Not only have I lived an UNIMAGINABLY clean life, I may have associated with some shady people, but not one was doing anything illegal. Not only this, nobuddy seems to care about their unperfect life, just that I have to be PERFECT and I have to do what I’m told. But in the end, it’s all a coverup for a MURDER campaign.

Not only have I not done one thing wrong to anyone, I’ve been open, warm, kind generous to everyone in my path. And this is a SMEAR and MURDER campaign plain and simple. Not one person can come up to me directly and accuse me of anything because these people know everything they are saying is LIES and have to try to COVER it up.


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