Golden State Sports Medical – Intimidation to get rid of me – 7/22/2013

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today on the way to the office, I get a text about 8:40 am from else Sandoval to set up a new account for a new employee. Of course her password is to be “Fire” trying to keep me quiet about these world wide fires these people have started in my name and want to keep me quiet about their true crimes they are trying to cover up and put on me.

Once I park my car in the lot, a Fire Fighter helicopter fly’s over me, which has been done before several times with police helicopters to freak me out into some kind of false confession to remove me from society.


All if fairly quiet after that until I go get food after 3:00 pm, right after I go into the Subway, Police come in after me I’m guessing to intimidate me just like usual, and every single day we go out to lunch they park cars at the places I go to try to keep me quiet.

P1130378 P1130383

It is possible that they are trying to help but then again, being harassed by every officer for over 30 years and continual threats from the LAPD saying things like “We are watching you Perelman”  on multiple occasions to SCARE and BLACKMAIL me quiet about this 30 year murder campaign.

Not only this, but one of the Subway employees who works at the topanga and ventura location  who was targeting me is now working downstairs who tries to provoke me in front of the police for their elaborate endless 30 year setups to remove me from society.

Once I leave Subway, of course, a man is waiting for me in Solid black pants, and a solid yellow shirt which this tactic has been done to me continually since last thursday with hidden Ideas of references to try to create the effects of schizophrenia and remove me from society


Also, 98% of the lot i parked normal although their is one mercedes by the front door parked backwards, most likely hinting about the elaborate bullet in my fathers 300e setup to try to rid me of the world.


Once I get in the office, after they think they have SCARED and BLACKMAILED me quiet, once again, several of them start provoking me over and over in their systematic – Try to IMMOBILIZE, then TERRORIZE until dead, over and over and over until the end of time with clear INTENT to end my life with a systematic psychological warfare campaign.

They will say things like, I’ve done “Something” but won’t say what they horrible something is to create obsessional looping as they never stop. Lorena and Elsie will make up lies that they are either trying to “Protect the company” “Run the company” but of course these blackmail, murder tactics are only used on me as I’m told I’m imagining it.

Not only can these people come up with one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, but each one has to keep crying wolf and calling the police to try to overpower me and control me. If they can’t get the dirt to blackmail me into what they want, they will just try to make me sick and then try to get me to do what they want claiming I have some problem in vagueness to cover up the real crime.

Lorena of course decided to wear black and white, as well as some of the other people targeting me to keep me quiet trying to create mental illness with more hidden messages.  The one women at the Park was wearing black and white who normally wears red and black which was mad at me for taking pictures of dogs, tree’s rocks, etc, making claims I am taking pictures of everyone in the park and threatening me. After this having 1000’s per day come out because they doesn’t like people who own cameras, or realistically, she, working with a world wide crew just want to figure out ways to end my life and cover it up.


After I leave the office, when I get close to my house, of course, once again, their are two women with umbrellas

P1130404 P1130423

This is an all day and night event to create mental illness and end my life or rid me of the world. Not one person will address what their problem is. These people are not concerned with people like my brother who went out running cars off the road and baiting people into fights, they are only concerned with me, because I didn’t do what he was trying to BAIT me into doing which shows their true colors with  elaborate setups to end my life. And world wide rap sheet of LIES disseminated to the world in SECRET so I cannot address the issues, or even hold the people accountable for a world wide SMEAR campaign in SECRET while all the CRIMINALS stick togethor protecting themselves in SECRET.

Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Lorena Escobar, Eric Christianson, Tim Thompson, etc. with clear and obvious intent to MURDER protected by a mass group in secret working with the POLICE who have not been able to set me up once. Even having Rodie Morales try to sneak a trashbag of Marijuana in my house to get rid of me and he couldn’t. That is just one out of 1000’s of criminal activities working with the police to end my life.

I’m told not to talk about whats going on. And the situation is always reversed as I’m told or suggested it is my fault for this. With elaborate excuses that I’ve started fires be having friends, conversations, or even asking people out on dates. This is perfectly normal unless a funded operation to disseminate lies to the world. I do not see complaints about the porn star party girls who have sex with everyone in site, have millions of fans, and go to party after party being social. Just someone like me who is kind, polite, generous, and not a huge party person.

either way, I have done nothing, and these people know it.

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