Golden State Medical Mobbing – People with umbrellas come out 7/23/13

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today after seeing my therapist, I was notified to come in and fix a printer by Gwen Sauzo who keeps singing when I’m in the office. Not because she likes music, but because she’s told with the rest of this mass group to figure out ways to repeatedly provoke me until I’m dead.

After leaving, by my house a women comes out with an umbrella.


on my way to the office, 5 people come out

P1130470 P1130477 P1130482 P1130465

and as I get to the office, right in front a women is waiting by the entrance


This is an all day and night attempt to make me mentally ill and end my life in the masses all around the world in secret.

details at:

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