Community Mobbing – Leaving golden state 7/23/13

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Leaving the office at about 4:45 pm, once again on my way home, several people come out with umbrellas

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Once I get home by The Metro complex which surrounds my complex, they start having people come out wearing green and black patterns to bait me into situations. If I react, they will do it more, sending me the same message they’ve sent me when I first noticed this murder campaign. Covertly saying “Leave, or we will kill you”

And very coincidental with the girl who was waiting outside my office building in green and black holding an umbrellas


Girl at office in green and black




when get home at my place,  people with the METRO complex

I go in the jacuzzi, where someone who claimed he is on the board is wearing solid black pants and solid blue shirt which is one of the terror patterns done in angry mobs with suggestive messages. He was said he was on the board, who knows, and was not happy with the glass bottle in the pool area as I kindly removed it which was a REASONABLE thing to ask of me as I’m sure it is valid. Not someone telling me I have to move, or kill myself.  Or do whatever they want of me and try to get me to commit crimes hinting to me that if I do not obey them, they will mob me to death. Especially for speaking out about this mass crime in secret in the gray areas of the law.

Even if it was possible that I could leave, it would just happen again and again like it has been since about 10 years old where I found out my own brother was working on these tactics to bait me into situations, then notify the masses of my so called crimes if he feels I defend myself.

Being that I have never done anything to my brother or anyone else for that matter, this is clearly a psychotic behavior. With calculated covert information gathering and dissemination to the world with clear criminal and harmful INTENT.

Weather it’s showing me movies and trying to figure out ways to make me look crazy by having friends act out the scenres in real life over and over, or these covert suggestive messages as they tell me I have to do what they say.

This is not about authority, this is not about anything I’ve ever done. It’s just about a bunch of sick demented thugging murderers who feel it’s more important to protect illegal activities, then doing what is right and wrong.

The term “Blood is thicker then water” only applies depending on the blood type.

Specific details on this 30 year all day and night campaign to end my life at:

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