5/2/2022 – Chrysler 300 Group – with HOA – Frame Job – Setup Attempt – Try Make me look Crazy

Posted: June 24, 2022 in Community Mobbing

These are the common types of things I deal with daily for 45 years however this one is more aggressive and in black and white. In otherwords, what yuo are seeing here, since 5 years old from stranger to stranger are people who invade your space, then say something like. Your weird, and you can’t be at your house. Or take walks, or go ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD.

Example 1991 – Southern Oregon State College. Eric Christianson doesn’t like my T-Shirt so he HUNTS me with Sandiego PD. At the same Time Kelly Hatch told to follow me up to Southern Oregon State College from Calabasas High. Someone who I didn’t know was not in the same social circles. But recognized and we became friends. However the reason she wants me dead is because she was INVOLVED in the same types of endless CONSPIRING situations. To try to REMOVE a 5 year old from SOCIETY. NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! With the CRY WOLF tactics.

Making this a Government and Psychology Community ERADICATION operation bypassing all Constitutional rights and protections based on EMPTY LABELS.

“We think they might be they Uni Bomber”, “They are a VIolent Paranoid Schizo” But no actual CRIME COMMITTED!

Is it any different to say? Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Weirdos, are CRAZY, and their is no place on the planet earth for them?

These events are also linked to my HOA. An hour before Delivering Threat Letters to sue me because they don’t like my website, the information in my brain, and the PROOF of their 24 year stalkings, Especially with Baily Bernard, Terrance Scroggins, and Countless others to ERADICATE my very existence for the crime of being born.

Threatening me. Like my own father, and Mike Huntley “You are not allowed to Defend Yourself” Even verbally telling someone what is going on. In otherwords, you are told you have to except mass mobbings to execute you. And your not allowed to ask for help. By the Police, Or anyone else. Or you life gets a lot worse, and turns into this every day.

But the scariest of the entire situation is that when watching a planet of bully’s attacking you minute by minute since 5 years old. It’s baffling to try to comprehend that an entire planet can be used as Government Puppets to ERADICATE for them. And is no Different the Adolf Hitlers Nazi Regime.

And what’s even scarier, is that Gas Lighting, and Gang Stalking tactics actually originate from Adolf Hitler Himself.

And while on the surface, while this looks like some random hoodlums loitering my street trying to take it over. They are actually being paid off by people in my HOA, and Probably linking to the endless Political Events with Jennifer Pilchick Perelman and the Psychology Community going up the Government tree. RIGHT TO THE TOP!

Of these NSA level Executions or Eradications. And even to 5 year olds.


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