5/2/2022 and 6/20/2022 – Green Chrysler 300 group trying to slice me and my car up with my HOA for taking walks – Connected to Lead officer Sean Dinse, Officer Jensen, and Many others paid off to have me killed or eradicated since a young child for no reason other then HATE! Having WORLDWIDE groups help minute by minute

Posted: June 24, 2022 in Community Mobbing

Has Audio

Endless events with the HOA for 24 years to EXTERMINATE ME, linking to Alexis Amores Statements “I Spoke with your brother and you are CRAZY” showing where these WORLDWIDE MURDER Operations Start with my father and my Brother when I was 5 years old with their endless WORLDWIDE, Lies, Smears, Defamation, Slander, Setup Attempts, AND WORLDWIDE Mental Batterings to EXECUTE ME! Say I’m crazy and suffer from Mental Ilness at – http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com

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