Gang Stalking – 7/16/2013 On my way home from work more people come out with umbrellas

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Leaving the office at an unusual time today at around 3:15 pm, and due to this, people were notified to come out but couldn’t get out fast enough at the usual areas around winnetka and dosoto, but came out

closer to my house all up Canoga Blvd.  Literally over 14 people came out this time all up canoga. When I went back about 30 minutes later, I noticed there was nobuddy showing that they were all notified where I was going and were messaged and came out to create mental illness like usual. Lorena Escobar is heavily behind this Murder campaign with Paul Humphry and Mike Huntley. Their 30 year intent to kill is very clear and shown in this blog as well as all the others.

P1120904 P1120936 P1120937 P1120938 P1120945 P1120838 P1120829 P1120842 P1120443 P1120449 P1120448 P1120890 P1120898 P1120901

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