Community Mobbing – Lunch with Lorena Escobar and father 7/15/2013

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today on my way to the office, since Lorena Escobar doesn’t want me working here, she has told all the businesses in the city to call me “Boss” as I  am leaving each business amongst other things.

As arriving to the office, each person was told to mimic each other saying “how are you” which is a common tactic in repetition to make me react to make me look crazy.

When invited to lunch today, as I arrive,

they do the same thing as last night at Lemon Grass Thai parking two identical cars in front of the restaurant. to create mental illness.

Cars today getting food

P1120873 P1120872

Also last night they parked a KIA backwards, today it was a BMW with no plates


Cars last night getting food

p1120777 p1120781 p1120782

Also, in the past 3 or 4 weeks, every time we go to business lunches, they have parked cop cars in the lot to try to scare me quiet will making me mentally ill. This is a common tactic the police have been using to not only terrorize me to death, but black mail me quiet about what they have been doing.

This is today at restaurant when arriving


Last week at restaurant when arriving


This tactic has been used again and again at the places I go, even waiting for me to leave my house.

This is  just one of many cop threats trying to force me quiet about their mass 30 year crime. This is not the only incident as every time I’m pulled over, or in the same area I am harassed and threatened by them to cover up their 30 years murder campaign.

Police threatening me by telling me they are watching me to stay quie

This is the another report and proof that the police with world wide communities are doing everything possible to end my life COVERTLY with they grey areas of the law.

Especially with officer TORO which probably isn’t his real name before walking up and telling me if I ever take a picture of a person he will “exercise the law in his own way”

which is just another 30 year attempt to keep me quiet as they try to rid me of the world.

Specifics at:

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