Example of how these information murder tactics are being INFLICTED on me since 10 years old.

Posted: January 2, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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This happened yesterday actually. Persian man with a walker comes in to coffeebean and I give him a card. He lies to me and asks “What is this about” I tell him.

He then goes into interrogation mode, and asks me a question. “Have you ever been arrested” yet their is no right answer here but no when you are being hunted by a person, because

Even if you were pulled over and given a speeding ticket, you were under arrest technically. Or maybe you forgot to pay a speeding ticket and were arrested, then paid it showing that you are still a good person.

Another example would be, maybe someone asks you if you ever lied. But we all have lied in our lifetime. So if you spend 40 yrs and 99% honesty, yet 1 lie, then these types of PREDATORS will label you a LIAR, or a CRIMINAL.

immediatly after this a cop walks into Coffeebean and says when he leaves “Take it easy” to them sending me some kind of hidden message.

Of course going to Starbucks in a different city tonight, there is PSYCHOLOGICAL warfware, mental bettering, and retailiation for PUNISHMENT, or to inflict PAIN, to hurt, harm, mame, kill.

With elaborate datamining and having random strangers endlessly come into the location, mimicking things you said, going back even 16 years. so for example tonight, I thing about 10 people mimicked my sentences and maybe another 5 behavioral gestures. collected throughout my life. None of them wrong of course. Just used in such a way to torture and kill.

Especially me watching this happen all day and night from every person I have been in contact with for 16 years world wide, as well as all the things I didn’t realize going on since 10 year old to 29.

Because they are prolly saying “Well now he is a liar” and they need to SYSTEMATICALLY use this new LABEL of the day on me.

Now these types of Street Theater as it is called in the Gang Stalking world once targets research what is happening to them has been inflicted on me all day and night for over 35 years with clear and obvious intent for EXTERMINATION.

Not only do we all know that NORMALLY, people don’t follow you around with the police and world wide groups trying to profile you based on insignifican’t things, but people also NORMALLY don’t follow you with covert psycholigical warfare and mental illness endless battering tactics as punishment.

We all know, UNLESS PLAYING STUPID, that we have a criminal Justice system, and once someone is ARRESTED, the state PROVES by a jury of ones peers that they are guilty, that then they are labeled a criminal.

if someone hunts someone down for simply surfing the internet, then they are the CRIMINALS. especially, knowing where they are surfing to by illegal privacy violations.

NONE of these situation NORMALLY occur while my family and these world wide groups try to make me think that these are somehow NORMAL situations to immobilize me so they can end my life and make me think it is my fault.

More at http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com

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