Lorena Escobar one psychotics who has been targeting me

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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While around 10 years ago, after finding out Mike Huntley was hunting me down. A person who asked me to start a company with him who I had known since maybe 14 years old and then I found out was hunting me my entire life with world wide smear operations, A while afterwards, I was approached by Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager.

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While not knowing that Lorena was working with Mike and my family to smear my name to try to dictate my life and tell me what I can or cannot do or she will make up lies about my character and broadcast them to the world depending on what she wants, she approached me and asked me to work at their company doing IT.

While me being hired on Salary for a 40 hour a week job, with a desk and computer Lorena Escobar immediately went around telling everyone that I was trying to take over the company and that she had to protect the company.

Even coming back from lunch one day as we get to the office door her saying “Welcome to the jungle” The seem to be mad at me, with the music I listen too, and working every angle known to man. While having the employees keep humming around me. And at certain times. For example, someone might ask me to fix their home computer then Val or Connie, both blondes, will hummmm, when asked this question of me.

Of course, Lorena would probably have the world believe this is because I supposedly stink and have nothing to do with their ACTIONS towards me and what is going on, trying to divert the facts into labels and character attacks.

At one point she had a family friend named Debbie Groveman call me up and ask me to do a job and fix her computer. After fixing the computer, afterwards, she strangely tried to tell me and manipulate me into learning the company and figuring out ways to get rid of Lorena. While I did not feed into her manipulation, I thought it was extremely strange that this would happen as why would she even care, yet alone the coincidences of Lorena saying these things about me.

And being that it’s been an office mobbing directed at me since I was hired, Welcome to the jungle seems to be very threatening BEHAVIOR.

But what was really going on is Lorena had Debbie Groveman call me and try to set me up, just like the other office manager Elsie Sandoval claims, and working with the police, that I had hit her. A common tactic done to me by a girl named Jen Hess years prior which their is no doubt is connected to Lorena sending her after me with these groups.

When I work in the office, which clearly territorial Lorena the dog does not like. My father goes out to lunch with her on mondays and thursdays and started inviting me. After all it is his office, and if he invites his son to go out to lunch, I would think that it is because he would want me to go with him. While, now knowing that their is motive behind a lot of what goes on, I am somehow the bad guy.

At this point people will start showing up at the restaurants for years and harassing me. Not only that but the employees are also notified to attack me as well with covert mental illness tactics. It is difficult to know what is exactly said but if your invited somewhere, you clearly have done nothing wrong. The point is that Lorena seems to not like it, and is doing what her angry psychotic personality does when she doesn’t get her way in her spoiled brat life of using men, and trying to manipulate or thug people into doing what she wants. She will collect my conversations at the lunch table as text them to the office to have them harass me when I get back and things like this.

Also, My fathers X-Limo driver Deon Bush overheard Lorena working on some of her usual lies telling the office employees that I am crazy and to do all these things to me. So the question of why did she hire me in the first place comes back into play? See that guy over there! he’s crazy, I want to hire him! oh poor me! you get the idea.

Lately, this last week, Lorena has started contacting restaurants again and telling them to do things like call me “Boss” then do things like putting metal objects in my food and such as well as the endless passive aggressive harassment’s.

Lorena is a very sick demented person who needs to be put in jail. She was hired around 25 years ago as an X-ray tech. and immediately started following me around from college to college working with women to try to set me up and smear my name world wide. Then, around 2002 hired me to get me close to her to keep working on me.

About 6 years before working there, she introduced me to a girl named Adriana Olivarez, an employee there who had befriended me running around the office saying “I am going to get the doctors son” at the time, I thought it was just a spoiled childish girl that wanted a trophy, little did I know Lorena was actually sending her after me to try to get dirt to smear my name world wide or just fabricate thing after thing with her. And while friends with Adriana for 6 years she concocted every lie imaginable and put it in their world wide “Laundry list” to rile the world against me.

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At one point, While being harassed by an employee named Victoria, I called her bluff. She broke from secrecy saying that “They are just trying to protect the company”  a couple of weeks after, she either quiet or was fired strangely enough.

The question is? what does protect the company mean? well it means this. Kevin will do whatever we say. He will date who we say. he will do the job we say. If he goes to a coffee shop, he can only be there for 10 minutes, if he goes to take walks, it can be only one lap. He will not speak about what is going on, he will have the hobbies we like, and things like playing pool is not acceptable. Etc.

So really, the question of who is telling her to do these things or why is a serious question as why would my fathers highest ranking employee be so interested in my private life she is violating.

Recently, she is back on her restaurant approach contacting restaurants world wide and having them attack me. She will make up any lies imaginable to justify her actions but it is really about hate, rage, or even possibly her job description.

It seems pretty clear to me that the reason she hired me in the first place was to get me close to her to keep tabs on me. And try to dictate my life.

At one point, when I was getting into photography and experimenting with studio photography, Lorena was the first to volunteer. Right after that, she would tell everyone how I wronged her by taking pictures of her and such and that I wasn’t an honest person and got into studio photography with ulterior motives. The same exact tactics with what she is doing with hiring me.

Ask me to work, then come after me. Ask me to do a photoshoot, then come after me. Basically working on her setups.

While Lorena’s hunt for me has been going on since my teen years, this is just a short taster of what she is doing and is involved in.

Read After Lorena was told to ask me to work for my fathers company doing their IT support

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For more details you can go to

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