Metro Neighbors park cars in 2’s to create mental illness – 1/19/2016

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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Last night I noticed 2 Bmw’s parked togethor when coming home. While this is done every day and these types of things have been done to me all day and night since 10 years old I know what their motive is. Removing me from society any way possible.

This morning in the same spot the 2 Bmw’s parked togethor were, there is a black and blue trans-am. Similar to a car I drove at 16 years old. While the Bmw’s tactic has been used all day and night for the last 30 years to send me hidden messages about something, it’s really just about ending someones life with mental illness,


Not only was their a black and blue convertible trans am this morning, but also, behind it by the gate I walk out of were 2 honda civics parked togethor. of course, one black, and one blue

DSC03243 DSC03246

also, on the other end of this small street, were 2 black hybrid prius’s parked togethor.


They started using prius’s after I made a joke that I am artistic and logical and so I am a hybrid. So you can understand how they are using these cars and 1000’s of other tactics to try to create things like paranoia, schizophrenia, obsessional looping, and whatever they can do to end my life

While these tactics start at the age of 10 years old against me. world wide groups have hunted me all day and night since 10 years old with world wide support trying to figure out ways to accomplish their goals of ending my life.

it doesn’t really seem to be about anything but my family working with the police, social workers, and  government to remove me from society just like adolf hitler exterminated the jews because he did not like them.

For more information on this all day and night world wide campaign to end my life you can go to

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