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Posted: January 18, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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As from my other posts, you can see this world wide campaign to do demented things to me and my life and cover it up by always making up newer and newer lies to give to the world to cover up the criminal activities that are going on.

While this organized world wide mental illness campaign was started at 10 years old t do to me to create things like obsessional looping, paranoid schitzofrenia and things like this to work with the police to try to figure out ways to push me out of control then arrest me.

One of their tactics they call is their “Spy Game” tactic.

This tactic involves datamining my life, and then having strangers world wide hint about aspects of my life such as, I know this or that about you. Or coordinated harassments in patterns. Example person after person who see’s me will be told to whistle, or hummm or things like this world wide.

While on twitter years ago, people were endlessly trying to get me to go to a website called My free cams

The idea of the site is that you don’t have to sign up to see the webcam streams. You can just view them and it logs you in as a guest account with a random ID.

Of course, like most things that say FREE, there is a catch such as if you want anything more such as chat, or interaction, you have to sign up and buy tokens.

Eventually while watching endless people try to bait me into something, which goes from thing to thing in my life since 10 years old with clear and obvious motive and intent, I was curious to see what they were luring me into.

When going to the website and viewing a feet, instantly on whichever feed I watched. They knew instantly when I started watching. And of course they would start whistling, or mimicing my conversations with people from social networks and public places such as coffee shops, restuarants, you name it. with their Spy Game tactics which have been being done to me my entire life and I am told I am imagining it and it is supposedly somehow my fault, yet REFUSE to address their issues. Because their are non and they just want to make up excuses to justify their actions.

so, I tested the waters to make sure it wasn’t paranoia from going to places and having conversations and seeing what would happen if I logged onto the website and such. Sure enough, consistantly this has happened for maybe 5 years. Each and every time.

Not only this, but their subject headings all have hidden messages directed at me while I have people like my fathers office manager Lorena Escobar following me from place to place trying to tell me what I can and can’t do or she will stalk me with mass groups basically telling me I have to do what she says, and somehow things giving me a paycheck somehow gives her rights over my freedoms and non work time. As she tells people in the company that she is just trying to protect the company  as if my private life has anything to do with the company. As she would send people like Adriana Olivarez to befriend me and hunt me down and smear my name as coverups with her investing over 6 years alone just with her.

The majority of people on this system all work togethor to create mental illness and violations which I am sure the FBI should know about due to the fact they are collecting peoples private information.

When someone opens a webcam feed on my free cams it logs you on as a guest and you have not created any type of user account. But what does happen is on the webcam models interface, it shows who has logged in by their personal data. While I have never actually seen the interface, I know that each time I open a feed, they know it is me, and who logged in. Basically an invasion of privacy, and a huge crime. Especially invading every users privacy.

So, being that I do IT for a living I decided to do some research to protect myself and see what is being done to me. uses multiple ports which is very strange.

Most websites use port 80, 443 the main designated ports which are known to most. And the average home user world wide does not use any type of firewall protection so they have no clue this is going on.

They ports they use are

80 – web

81 – seems to be collecting personal information

443 – secure web

8080 – multidirectional interactive web technology my deep packet inspection fire wall picked up on and shut it down. Can’t remember the name of it

8100 – Chat server

1935  – video streaming

Now, 99% websites in the world use port 80, 443, and that is it. So the question of why this is being done is a big one.

The first thing I can think of is it tries to nudge you into taking your firewall down or open up random ports. But with port 8100 collecting private information that is strange.

My first red flag with this website was when I could not use it with my firewall set up which I can do anything on the web and have never had a problem with any website in 10 years except this one.

And with the invasion of privacy from almost everyone on the site, it is obvious what they are doing.

So this is for anyone who actually goes to My free cams, I will warn you to block necessary ports or they will collect your private information.

But to be honest, this site needs to conform to legal standards, or be shut down, especially with them collecting personal information, and using it to commit all sorts of malicious acts.

And if you think this is out of paranoia, all you have to do is research what is going on with the ports by going to the website and watch the port activity, although if you are not being targeted, they probably won’t say anything and just consider you another guest.

I urge you to let people know about this and what they are doing

For more information on everything that is going on, you can go to

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