Togos woodland hills puts dime in my sandwich

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight, 1/17/2016 I went to Togos to get some food while at a Starbucks next door

While endlessly harassed with innuendos and rude comments every time I’ve ever been at

Togos in Woodland hills at.
21506 Victory Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367, US

This time, he kept calling me Boss, with several other people because he seems to have a problem with me going to the place that hired me and getting work done. He then started making innuendos about someone who is trying to manipulate me into situations to take my money and seems to be mad at me for not giving in and then attacking me for it. Of course that is just the next bullshit excuse to justify these peoples actions with a much larger agenda. The question of how he is getting all this private information about my life is another matter, and in contact with people in my office which I highly doubt he is friends with.

Not only is he getting information from people at my office, but the Starbucks next door is getting information from a girl Named Loydi Martinez in the office. And one of their paranoid schitzofrenic tactics is to use peoples names to do things to me, and also send me hidden messages. For example, Aubry Fisher was fishing for information to give to the world, and Mike Huntley was hunting me down for 25 years. In this case, Loydi has been working on me for years at coffee shops with the “Loitering” hidden message.  Because how dare you sit in a coffee shop and get work done, you have committed a crime or have some kind of problem. While these tactics have been used on me all day and night since 1o years old to create mental illness and try to make me look crazy. these things happen all day and night with world wide networks and have not stopped since 10 years old with an agenda to remove me from society any way possible. I usually have about 1000 people a day around the city working on me with these tactics and maybe 10,000 a day on the internet which fluctuate.
When going in tonight, to get a sandwich, after purchasing it and sitting down to eat it. After a few bites, I bit into a dime that one of your employees put in it.  After asking the girl who was there, what his name was, she said Aptar.  Aptar was the one who made it.

This is a picture of Aptar


While Aptar looks to be Persian, I have had trouble with Persian for the last 15 years. I don’t exactly know why, except that I am jewish. While their world wide smear and terror campaign are based on endless lies in the 1000’s. It almost appears has they are just looking for excuses to do what they always wanted to do. Because nothing has ever been done to them by me except speak out about what is being done.

To be fair, the other person working there briefly hovered over Apter while making the sandwich and had a nervous look on his face. This is his picture.


While I do not know Aptars motive of trying to put metal objects which people can choke on in my sandwich. I really don’t care what type of excuse he would make up to justify his actions. I am letting you know of what has been done. This was clearly the point where he went past his endless provoking, and finally decided to get more drastic from lack of any sort of self control.

And also, weather it was Aptar or the other employee, both knew exactly what was going on and were involved. So both are just as guilty.

While it seems Aptar is also possibly working with the police, we all know that the police are behind this campaign since day one at 10 years old with my family. And tonight, a police officer came in sending me hidden messages at the Starbucks I was at. Aside from them endlessly following me, harassing me, provoking me, and trying to set me up for 30 years, with the final world wide smears to cover up their crimes.

I also have picture of the sandwich he put the dime in, and the dime.


After Aptar found out from the female employee I was calling the corporation he approached me and told me that I had put my own dime in the sandwich. So maybe it was the other guy, but bottom line is. They are both involved. And I am sure something would seem wrong to Aptar by his fellow employee just jumping in front of what he was doing.
So this is the type of people we are dealing with.

I should also note that between Starbucks and Togos which are next door to each other, about 20 or so people came into those locations working on me with mental illness tactics, including a police officer. Mostly at Starbucks because that’s where I was at for most of the time.

But also, notice how each and every person since the age of 10 years old have worked the same angles. From my brothers endlessly childhood bullying that it was my fault that he was attacking me and I am a troll, to each and every person world wide who has been told to work the same angles on me to keep things covered it.

I am going to come after you, and it’s your fault. Always the same. Women trying to set me up endlessly, then it’s somehow my fault. My father having the office employees follow me to every location I try to get work done or contacting the people I hire all over the world. Then I’m told it’s my fault. Each and every time.

And the people involved in these world wide networks will always say the same thing. It’s ok to do these things to Kevin because he is a bad person. Yet, I am such a bad person, not one thing can be directly addressed, and has to be given to the world in funded smear operations. Also, if these hypocrites really think that I am a bad horrible person and have done horrible things? then why are they doing the things they say are horrible? So what they are really saying is: I don’t like Kevin, and I will do anything to end his existence. I really don’t care about right or wrong. Or weather any of it is true or not.

I have a world wide campaign hunting me down for over 30 years to end my life. Yet for some reason I have never been arrested, or on trial. That makes things even more obvious that their is nothing I have done to launch a world wide man hunt and try to make it look like I am too sensitive or crazy.

So what is obvious, is that these aren’t isolated incidents. These are psychological warfare and terror tactics and done over and over endlessly. Reason being? to torture and cause so much pain to try to get me to react in such a way they can work with the police and try to set me up to remove me from society. Or their alternative, to get me to commit suicide.

So what is this really about? A sick psychotic family who hated their child so much at the age 10 they just wanted to figure out how to rid him from the world I guess. Because decent people address issues and concerns. And to this day, 30 years later after 1000’s of smears on funded world wide operations. Working with the police, working with social workers world wide to try to stop me from talking or trying to make me look crazy. Working with teachers, professors to try to tell me to punch students and such then cover it up. You name it, with full government and world wide media support, their goal is extermination

Also, while leaving my house this evening, my car was egg’d. This was most likely done because of me speaking out about this as every time I speak out, they get extremely more aggressive to try to keep me silenced and try to make me think I’m a bad person and it’s my fault. But not only that. Due to them doing things in such was to try to create obsessional looping and paranoid schitzofrenia.

I’m pretty sure the reason they used eggs was because of my childhood when Tom Farley got a group of people to chase Eric Johnson Which he called (grunion ) and said he was going on grunion runs. He also hit Eric in the back of the head, before Brian Weavers punching setup and smears. Probably where they started calling me women beaters and such. Then pinning it out me in a mass world wide smear operation with the other 1000’s of lies he was involved in. Maybe that is why Tom called me “Pinned Pearl” and it wasn’t really about the wrestling team we were on.



Also, walking to my car to take a picture of the eggs, a man gets close up with his car, then pulls to the side and says “I almost hit you with my car” and I say “You shouldn’t hit people with your car” he then says “I should hit you with my car” showing their anger that I am exposing their endless lies and 30 year tieraid to remove me from society out of a simple. I don’t like you like Adolf Hitler doesn’t like jews.


For more details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to

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