12/4/2015 – Metro Neighbors increase mental illness tactics by parking cars in patterns of 2’s. 2 Elances, 2 Prius’s, 2 pairs of Lexus’s

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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For a good amount of time, maybe 4 months, this tactic of parking 2 of the same cars seemed to have stopped. Something that was being done almost daily for about 15 years on and off stright.

The pattern of parking cars in 2’s is a way for them to send hidden suggestive messages directed at me to try to create mental illness.

While this one tactic stopped, using cars with their names did not to send hidden messages all this time. For example, after going down to Malibu beach, Malibu’s were parked next to the gate where I walk out of to try to create paranoid schizophrenia, obsessional looping or whatever other tactics to end my life or remove me from society.

These are just a couple of mental illness tactics out of 1000’s to rid me of the world starting around the age 10.

Tonight when leaving to go out and get some coffee, when I got home on my small street,  I noticed first 2 white Elances parked togethor.



DSC02997 DSC02998

On the way home several hours later I noticed that one of the Elances was moved, and a Prius pulled up behind the other Prius which was already there.  a few cars away from a blue Prius

DSC03001 DSC03003 DSC03004

A little ways up closer to my house, 2 Lexus’s parked togethor about 500 feet

DSC03007 DSC03008 DSC03009 

and a few hours after this, behind where the 2 Elances were, and then 2 Prius’s parked after, 2 more Lexus’s parked togethor. And he wanted to park their so bad, he is even in the red zone.


DSC03011 DSC03012 DSC03013

While this is just the cars parked in 2’s tactic it doesn’t account for all the other things done today at public places, or world wide done to try to end my life.

These mental illness tactics are in the 1000’s with the masses networks across the internet world wide to remove me from society.

The Metro neighbors seem to have some type of desperation lately of the truth coming out and will do anything to stop that from happening or try to make me look crazy.

This is an ongoing world wide campaign which seemed to be started by my family, the police, government working with social workers targeting me my entire life.

For more information of the bigger details of everything going on you can go to


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