Gang Stalking – My Brothers BBQ – Continued

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Since the last post in regards to My Brothers I decided to do another Time Lapse in regards

to what they have been doing with this mass mob to try to end my life, or provoke me into a situation to use against me to rid me of the world and follow me to each place after I leave with this mass mob.

Today, After I set things up, One of the waitresses comes out saying something, I can’t remember what, then leave saying “You fucked with the wrong person”

She proceeds to walk across the street and to each place of business telling all of them to get together and call the police and make up lies.


The police come, and start making up weird laws such as, I’m blocking the sidewalk. The picture shows that I have a tripod, and maybe 30 feet away, a chair, all access is clearly open.

Also, the Officer, Officer Jensen, states that there are families in this establishment, and makes some comment the if the kids pictures are taken that’s pedophilia.

Once he starts saying these weird things I tell him no it’s not, so he tries to intimidate me by looking me up on his computer. Once I state that he’s making up random laws, and as he says there are no tripods allowed on the streets, I give him the section code.

Officer Jensen basically says he doesn’t care so I say I want hi badge ID but he get’s defensive and gives me a ticket, misdemeanor for loitering where I will be seeing him in court with my lawyers. But also, Officer Jensen, the CON ARTIST, says, “this is what’s called public arrest” or something like that, takes my picture with a cell phone and pulls out ink to get my finger prints and have me put finger prints on the ticket to try to scare me quiet about what they are involved in.

Officer Jensen states, you want my Badge number it will be on the ticket. He also proceeds to tell me 5 different people called complaining, which is obvious what this waitress was doing at My Brothers BBQ.

Ticket of Misdermeanor he wants fingerprints and photos for


I have a feeling he has a false ID on it, but I will be notifying Internal Affairs non the less.

She then approaches a black girl. Probably someone they know giving her information about me stating I did not pay my bills, which I said If I did not, give it to me, and I will pay it, and their response was. “We don’t have record of this so you can’t”


Basically meaning, they don’t want this imaginary unpaid bill payed. Of course it’s a cute black girl maybe hoping to get some information from my to use against me

As the Black Girl drives off, she asks me if it’s true I did not pay a bill, giving her my card and telling her what this coverup is really about.

This video clip shows after the officer left, her trying to intimidate me saying “Hey you have expired tags on your car, the police know it now,  Ha Ha Ha” because a couple weeks prior I was pulled over for expired tags and the police were giving her the information showing that she is a controlling douche bag trying to get what she wants, which is me dead with a large group of people and really does not show that she is concerned with what’s right and wrong. Also, as if the cops with half the entire world don’t know who I am, as if there isn’t a world wide neighborhood watch group on me collecting every detail and illegally giving it to the world.

It also shows sort of, her walking around notifying people of lies.

P1050799 P1050800

My Brothers
21150 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone: 747-444-1480

This is just one terror tactic, this type of thing is a daily event for me,  as well as over 1000 covert subliminal terror tactics to make me mentally ill and rid me of the world.

Details at:

  1. sharon says:

    This also happens to me all the time. I was one of those foolish targets that just kept my mouth shut and my head down.. however that doesn’t work it just encourages ths weak ass proxys to do more horrible things.


    • Yes, this I learned.
      I’ve always been nice, polite to everyone my whole life. And the first 7 years I tried to politically address issues and such. The one lesson I learned is that, when a person, or the masses put you in a life threatening situation where their motive is murder, trying to talk to someone or mass groups trying to kill you does not work.

      The more the targets get together, the more the truth comes out. At this is important to me, because I feel that not only are people working with the police allowed to take the law in their own hands and are empowered to do so, but they need to be held accountable. Especially the police, or we become a socialistic state where people can just kill people they just don’t like.

      10 yrs ago, there weren’t many coming forward, and they felt scared, which I did too. I’ve noticed a significant number of people coming forward on the internet. I think all the targets need to get together and expose these corrupt covert systems to the world.

      Let the police agencies explain their actions to the world who claim they are here to “Protect and serve” which is translated “to terrorize and control”

      Things I’ve started

      This is 80% done but it’s a lot of work, and I didn’t want to dedicate my life to this, but if completed, it’s a reporting system. Basically what they are doing to us with notification systems. Then only difference is, this system is to expose the criminals notifying people of the tactics they are being hunted with, and not used for demented purposes, like the police and these masses are doing


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