Gang Stalking – My Brothers BBQ restaurant continual harassment, and then banning me

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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My brothers BBQ is just one of many restaurants in the city told to do everything possible to make me mentally ill to remove me from society or end my existence  In fact, most places where I get food have been told to make it impossible to get food without being mobbed to death.

Now one might say, well go somewhere else, and sure, provided almost every place in the U.S. have not worked on you using the same terror and mental illness tactics.

And I don’t think it takes a genus o understand if every time you try to get food, and people are trying to make you mentally ill for buying food, weather restaurants or supermarkets,  then the intent is to stop you from eating.And if someone doesn’t eat, they die.

Since I started going to this restaurant, I have literally been harassed and targeted by there people.

At first, every time I went there, the chef’s would whistle over and over until I left. Then telling all the other restaurant the city to do the same thing to stop me from going places to get food.

After this, it would escalate by employees suggesting to me that I suffer from paranoia, and telling me I just didn’t get better in suggestive messages.

After this, they would take me conversations from off the internet, like facebook, and twitter to try to provoke me into fights over and over until the end of time trying to push me into a reaction so they could say I have a problem.

Finally, their friends all started coming in trying to get confessions of things they believe I’ve done.

The wife of the Owner, Kevin, then started digging for information about what my thoughts were about posting complaints on yelp. When she found out I believed in the first amendment, and when someone has been wronged, she started following me collecting more information. The next time I went there, they had information of me going to another bbq restaurant which they were mad at me about and trying to guilt me.

Tonight I went there, several months later, While the hostess said I could sit anywhere, then walks up stating I left the last time not paying for food as I’ve always paid trying to say things like I have to pay first. Then, after this, their story changed and they said I walked out two times.

After the first claim, I said well if I didn’t pay a bill, what is it, and I will pay it. She refused to give me it saying they didn’t have a copy of it.

Finally, I told them they were liars as they know it, and said they can ask me to leave, but I will not put up with their controlling terror tactics as they told me I was not allowed there as they are working with all other food services in the city to do the same thing to make it difficult for me to eat.

Finally, I went out and decided to do some more Time Lapse, with a sign stating what is going on so people know as they called the police to try to get rid of me. Although at this point I was on public property with a camera as they cannot violate that law.

Of course they had some community members come out trying to covertly make me sick to stop me, but it did not work as I know, and have their terror tactics documented and given to the world.

And to cover their asses and make it look like I’m the one with the problem they will say things to the police like. “Well if he’s uncomfortable here, or  does not like it here, he can go somewhere else” as when I go to the next place, the same thing happens.



Because I know these people are liars, criminals, and stalkers in a 30 year campaign to end my existance and cover it up, I decided to do a time lapse. Partly to give them a taste of their own medicine as they have been doing these things to me for 30 years all day and night with a world wide crew, but also I wanted to see what they would do, and the lies to try to cover up their own criminal actions.

Aside from coming outside telling me to leave while I was in public and not inside, also calling the police and who knows what else they were saying as we all know what’s really going on and most in the world want it swept under the rug.

These people need to be held accountable. They should not have the right to be in business since they use it to try to hunt down, terrorize, and kill others. They cannot come up with a legit complaint in regards to their actions, and they keep their reasons SECRET trying to get any dirt possible to make it look like they are committing crimes for a valid reason.

A complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau for criminal activities, mobbing, mental illness tactics, etc



21150 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone: 747-444-1480
 Detailed information on everything that’s being done to my life at
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