does not respond to the Better Business Bureau after shutting down my account for no reason

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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After Model Mayhem eventually shut down my account years later after having a large chunk of their 750,000 sign ups working on me all day and night, and I refused to give up my pursuit of photography, Model Mayhem eventually got frustrated, and shut down my account for no reason.

Original Post:

After filing many complaints with organizations with their criminal practices after this event of the refusing to reopen my account or even giving me an explanation as to why.

They refused to respond to the Better Business Bureau’s contact in regards to the situation. If they had a legitimate complaint, they would have responded.


So anyone who is a legit model, photographer, makeup artist, and anyone related in this industry, make sure you report Model Mayhems criminal Activities to every organization, for discrimination, harassment, mental illness tactics, which they are clearly not about furthering this industry and are a scam.

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