Jut one of the endless tactics used on me is the JUDGEMENT label. While it is very rare that people walk around saying. Someone made a judgement we are going to

kill them is odd. These people try to actually use this as disinformation or a weapon. For example, despite the fact that I have always been open minded, friendly, non judgmental, and have accepted everyone. Maybe not liked, or related to some people and didn’t want to be part of their lives because it doesn’t feel right.

But the point I am getting at, which is COMMON SENSE, which we all know is that everyone in this makes judgements all day and night. For example, if I am driving and it’s a yellow light, I will make a judgement weather to go through it, or not.

Maybe  I go out on a date, and I don’t like the girl, so I just made a judgement, and I don’t call her again.

My point is, that everyone makes judgements over and over and it is not the judgement that can be a problem, but how ones ACTIONS are based on the judgement.

So, if you go out on a date with someone, and they say, you made a judgement, you don’t like me, you committed a crime and she is going to kill you or make you mentally ill. She not only just made her own Judgement, but she is now your judge, jury, sentence, and executioner. Which really has nothing to do with the judgement other then her justification to commit the crime.

Now, in my life, for the last 35 years oddly enough I have had endless people come in my life saying. You are a bad person, You made a JUDGEMENT, you need ave it done to you world wide until you change, and not make judgements.

While this is a strange BEHAVIOR, it is obvious that with all the other endless things like this being done to me, then telling me it’s my fault and I think differently. I have never seen what is being done to anyone else, even with those who do make nasty judgements, and actually do messed up things because of it.

But this TACTIC, LABEL, to Defame my reputation has been done to me my entire life since 10 years old. But one you see someone coming at you saying. You made a JUDGEMENT, will are going to rid you of the world.

It is obvious that it has nothing to do with JUDGEMENTS in any way shape or form, and it really has to do with just PACKAGING, and excuse to justify their ACTIONS, in getting what they want since targeting me since 10 years old to remove me from society.

I have never in my life seen any other person in this world be hunted by a world wide campaign saying “You made a judgement”

For more information on these endless other types of tactics, scams, Ulterior motives to remove me from society,

You can go to


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