Elsie Sandoval Office Manager at Golden State Sports Medical targeting me and contacting everyone I work with and sabotaging my relationships

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Also working with Lorena escobar and mass wotld wide groups as you can see here

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics- https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/lorena-escobar-gwen-suazo-patti-googin-shanna-briantseva-some-of-the-people-that-have-been-hunting-me-in-this-30-year-campaign/

While as we know, this is a 30 year campaign started around the age 10 years old to remove me from society which goes from each person coming in my life and befriending me or trying to set me up, one of the recent key players in this attempt on my life and ridding me of the world is a person named Elsie Sandoval.

Elsie Sandoval was hired as an office manager in my fathers office who basically took over Lorena Esocabars first 25 years of following me around the world and sending every person imaginable after me in whatever state I lived in.

While Elsie is supposed to be an office manager at my fathers office to run a company, her job description is a little more covert then this. Her job description is to try to follow me from place to place, have people thug me to death in whatever I do. especially outside of work ours at public places. and then tell everyone she is trying to protect a company with Lorena Escobar.

But her lies, smears, accusations, and thugging always change into new stories trying to figure out ways to rile the masses world wide against me and mentally batter me to death. While in the office on several occasions I have watched her make up such lies as I have hit her. to find out she was working with the police and trying to have them set me up, to going off about her boyfriend or husband in friendly conversations based on thin air. For example, we were in the middle of a conversation, and it brought up the topic of her boyfriend or husband, so I mentioned it, and instantly she says “if you even try to fuck with my husband” but of course based on a friendly conversation which one might think she suffers from schitzofrenia, but with what is going on. Clearly she does not as world wide masses don’t all become schizophrenic and hunt one man down for over 30 years.

For years, after I found out I was being hunted by my brothers friend Mike Huntley, who started a company with me for 6 years for the sole purpose to create mental illness and end my life working with the rest of my family, social workers, and the police, I was approached by Lorena Escobar, my fathers main office manager who knew I could not survive with what was going on and offered me a job, only to find out she was continuing what my family and Mike Huntley were doing.

Now, since I was Hired at Golden State Sports medical about 8 years ago, I have been battered all day and night as well in that office environment as well. Now, they will make up every excuse tojustify their criminal activities imagineable, but where their lies fall short is when I leave the office and they contact mass groups to try to batter me to death as well. Ranging from, I had better keep moving into new houses, I had better keep getting new jobs, you name it, I had better not go to liquir stores or ask black women out. You name it.

Finally, you realize with what is going on that, it is not about me or anything I have ever done, but battering me into doing what I am told. Who to date, what to do for a living, what I can eat, you name it.

Lorena escobar would run around saying things like I am out of control and with moderation, and that I need to be watched. Of course then changing it to, we are trying to protect the company.

Now you would think that these people like Lorena Escobar, and Elsie Sandoval would want me away from them if this is the case right? well where it gets strange is this. When I go to coffeeshops to either be social, get work done, relax. Elsie and the office employees have people follow me to the coffee shops and mentally batter me.

Not only this, but since I was hired at Golden State Sports medical about 8 years ago, I have tried to tackle several projects to be independent and get away, and they have sabotaged each and every one. I’d say I’ve  hired around 600 programmers all around the world. China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Phileapeans, etc and almost every single one has not only been involved in this endless battering to stop me from succeeding, but also have communication lines back to my fathers office with Elsie and Lorena.

Now you think they would say? we don’t like or trust Kevin, so if he becomes successful he will leave and that is good? why sabotage something that makes me independent, and furthers me from them? afterall, they say I am a monster and out of control, even though we are not friends nor do they know one true thing about me except the lies they invent every day and give to the world on their heavily funded smear operations.

So the question of, why don’t we want him successful and gone should raise a true flag as far as their intent, and motive. The reason is similar to hobbling. They don’t want me leaving the nest, so they will break my leg over and over. They don’t want me independent because I will be out living my life, meeting people, telling them my life, etc.

So Elsie will approach every programmer I work in the world and tell them what a horrible person I am, and that they need to take revenge on me. Basically using these people as tools. They don’t know any better because they are acting out of anger. The next question is how some 50K a year office manager has the resources to do this, and how it goes from person to person in my life that can get close enough to me.

I believe it is a combination of my family funding the smear operations and working with the police and social workers to do this. If I trace back the lies, they start around 10 years old as every tool possible was used as technology grew to smear my name to the mass populations. So, around the age 12 or so, I can recall kissing a black girl and at the point the masses were told that I hate black people. The question of why this would be said while my brother and friends spent 30 years trying to make it look true is an interesting one. Why would black communities world wide be told someone hates black people who kissed a black girl?

Once you step back, the answer is simple. My family doesn’t like black people and don’t want me associating with them, so they have to smear my name. Now this will go from thing to thing that they do not like. From people in the adult industry, to people with tattoos, latins, blacks, persians, liquir stores. You name it.

Now each day I go to the office, Elsie Sandoval uses the office employees to try to batter me to death, and when I leave and go to public places, same thing. And when I get home from work neighbors will be waiting for me working with her.

This is beyond any level of stalking imaginable, but she is clearly involved in attempted murder. At one point, Lorena Escobar tried to tell me that what is going on is completely normal, I should ignore it and put up with it, and I have a problem. the motive for this is simple. Try to put me in a isolated state of torture will mass groups work togethor world wide mentally battering me to death. Also, I am told I am imagining it which is inconsistent with, I am too sensitive.

I don’t know anyone in history this has ever happened too, and usually people come forward. But since my family all have psychology degrees they somehow knew how to manipulate the right people.

This last week I have had to fire about 5 programmers working for me which seemed to escalate right after me telling my father he was a psychotic after what he has been involved in doing to me and my life on one of his pathetic scams to make me think his health was at stake to try to trick me into liking him. He tried to tell me he loved me and when I said he was a psychotic, he just said so what and love me anyways. Of course him not being on my side, or even acknowledging the truth of what was going on showing he really has no concept of love or even caring and just wants to control and dictate my life, really makes me not care about him in any way shape or form after what he is involved in doing. Also, after me telling him about the things my brother is involved in doing to end my life and remove me from society, which I am sure he told him to do, he just says, like always, that I need to make up with him.

it seems right after that, he and Elsie sandoval his office manager started contacting my programmers and sabotaging the relationships even more then they had.

I can only imagine their criminal justifications why I am a bad person, just as the rapist thinks the girl they raped is a bad person for not liking the rapist. But one thing is certain. The more I try to get away from them, the more they come after me. Which explains why I was hunted for bad once I left California went off to Oregon, the colorado to go to school.

And the more independent I got, they more they came after me with elaborate setup attemps, smears, then the mass mental illness campaign to try to keep me quiet.

But Elsie Sandoval is involved in attempted murder and criminal defamation and it is clear, she is not going to stop until she kills me which is clearly her motive. And the sicker they make me, the more they try to work on me which shows her intent.

Everything Elsie Sandoval and these mass groups have told the world are lies. They are lies made up to rile the masses to end my life out of hate, rage, jealousy, from my family, and her that have been going on since 10 years old.

For specifics on what is being done, and what she is involved in you can go to. Remember something like 600 programmers have been approached. Not some idol conversation that got out to a few people. This involves, time, energy, funding, and clear motive to stop me from making money and becoming independent.


  1. Boo says:

    Sounds like libel.


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