Neighbors taking the cards I pass out and writing obscene messages on them in hopes to rile more people to go after me

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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While most of the endless terror tactics since around 10 years old have been very covert, passive aggressive, and stealth to create mental illness and try to make it look like I am crazy and try to remove me from society, this is one of the rare few occasions that someone has broke from their stealth covert demeanor and did something direct.While, they have a problem with me speaking out and want to do everything possible to silence me so that they can get away with the horrendous lifetime of a crime with clear and obvious motive to end my life, this is one of my few haters which at least is direct and obvious about his uncontrollable hate issues.

While I have to commend this person, on the fact that, despite he is the type of person who obsesses on others and things that don’t matter, then goes after them. At least he has a sense of humor. Most of the people I have encountered in my life are the type of people who hunt you down because you didn’t sit perfectly straight. And that is pretty much what I have been dealing with all day and night since 10 years old.

You know, the Adolf Hitlers who think they are open minded and normal.

This particular person will take the cards that I have been forced to pass out to everyone, in self defense because they have world wide terror operations and refuse to do the obvious, which is leave me alone and not hunt me in mass world wide groups all day and night working with the police, and government resources to end my life., and write notes on them, then disperse them amongst the local area while writing obscene notes on them. Mostly my street where they have identical cars parked in 2’s, 4’s in patterns, and using them to send hidden messages with the names of cars to create a type of schizophrenia known as Ideas of References.

He of course will also writes on them my apartment number on them, in hopes he can get more people to go after me, or do more things to me. While reading the cards, I laughed because this is clearly a very pathetic person who has to obsess on others and try to terrorize them to keep them quiet or so he can feel better about himself, but also because they come off as funny. Most of the people targeting me are the types that you cannot tell a joke to, or they think you have committed a crime. So this was a change.

But not only that, from all the, we are pretending you are imagining it, and everyone is going to work togethor to ignore what is going on, this is pretty black and white and nobuddy can say this isn’t being done. I am sure he will try to justify his actions saying. Well, I don’t like him passing out cards and soliciting. But that would just be a fabrication, because if I wasn’t forced to defend myself in any way shape or from, and tell as many people as possible the truth to their world wide smears and all day and night attacks since 10 years old to try to end my life and working with the police to remove me from society. This would never be a problem and their would be no cards.

But that is how criminals work. they do not care about right or wrong. They will say and do whatever it takes to get what they want. Even murder.

Here are some of the cards and what has been written on them.

card07 card08 card01 card02 card03 card04 card05 card06

For more information on everything that is going on in this all day and night world wide networked operation to end my life and remove me from society with police, government, social workers, and world wide organized terror operations, you can go to

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