Community Mobbing – 7/29/2015 – Metro Neighbors trying to keep me quiet by taking signs off my car, parked 2 lexus’s, 2 volkswagons, and egging my car

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Last week when leaving my house, I noticed that someone had taken the signs off my car that said “Kevin Perelman Target” and links to my website exposing this 30 year campaign to smear my name, try to set me up, and remove me from society.

This has been done several times t o try to threaten me quiet about the crimes being committed against me and a mass conspiracy to remove me from society by smearing my name world wide and trying to terrorize me to death literally with clear obvious motive and hidden agendas.

This is a world wide operation with police, social workers, education system, government and mass community support with world wide terror networks. The motive is clear. Either try to isolate, smear, destroy, terrorize, and try to push me to suicide, or push me out of control working with the police to remove me from society.

They do not want me talking out about what they are doing and want to try to scare me quiet about their endless mobbings since 10 years old. And will say and do anything possible to make it look justified.

After I put the signs back on my car, as the truth they don’t want coming out, will come out no matter what. And their 30 year thuggings do not phase me. They started back up with their parking cars in two’s

Today when leaving my house, I noticed two Lexus’s parked togethor in front of my car.

And when I got home, their were two volkswagons parked behind my car.

Not only this, but someone had egged my car, and threw things all over it as well.IMAG0656 IMAG0658

These are the all day and night type of thugging tactics going on since I found out 14 years ago what was being done.

A combination of trying to terrorize me into submission, and then provoke me to death to get what they want. Because they know what they are doing is highly illegal. So they want to figure out how to get away with this horrendous 30 year campaign to rid me of the world.

For more details on this 30 year targeting since 10 years old to remove me from society, you can go to

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