Community Mobbing – 6/27/2015 – Metro Neighbors pulling out 3white Lexus’s and trying to blackmail me quiet about their endless 30 year crimes

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight when walking out of my house, I noticed the Metro Neighbors pulled out 3 white Lexus’s and parked them togethor where I walk out to create mental illness. These tactics have been  going on my entire life to try to create things like paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping and such to try to figure out

ways to create mental illness and end my life. There motive is to try to inflict enough pain to push me to suicide or push me out of control working with the police and government to they can put me in jail.

They lies are endless and have world wide all day and night mental illness tactics to accomplish this. They always have some elaborate excuse to try to justify their actions. But an excuse is irrelevant to their actions unless it is in self defense, and it clearly is not. Especially if it goes to strangers world wide that I do not know in any way shape and form.

This campaign starts at 10 years old when my family decided they did not like me and were going to rile the masses working with the police to accomplish this endless 30 year hate obsession they have against me.

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After parking the 3 white Lexus’s in front of my gate, they then proceeded to pull the magnets off my car which give the website to what they are doing and is going on, and put them on my windows. Clearly a threat saying. I had better shut up about their crimes. The same types of things they have been doing since I found out at 29 and they hinted I had better pretend it wasn’t happening. Other things they have done is tire slashings, convertible top slashing, and car ramming to try to intimidate me quiet on some of my other cars I had.


For more details and specifics on this 30 year torture campaign to end my life you can go to

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