Restuarants working togethor to stalk me, and stop me from eating food with psychological terror and abuse

Posted: June 20, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While these Terror operations go from every food place world wide. Supermarkets, Restaurants, you name it. Here are a few I’ve wrote some reviews about. They are all connected on these 35 year terror systems built around me to remove me from society. Why me eating food is a threat to someone like Adolf Hitler. Well. You can only imagine.

My family, Police, Government started in on me around 9 years old. But I didn’t realize what was being done to me, starting around 29. t that point, things got a lot worse for me finding out my family, police, government launched a world wide campaign to remove me from  society. Why? who really knows. That’s like asking Adolf Hitler why you are in a concentration camp, and he wants you dead. Nothing he says will make sense. And it’s probably from something like my family is mad at me about. He blinked wrong or something.

Here’s a few reviews I made, which obviously reviewing every place you go world wide who never stop. Would consume your life of writing reviews. You get the idea.

Also, Yelp seems to be having a problem with these reviews. Which is strange to me that the reason behind reviews is to speak out about such things. Especially in this instance, where they are all coordinating attacks working with the police to kill someone or rid him of the world. This is pretty much the reason yelp exists. There really is no reason why reviews are only allowed to be good or something. Especially if it involves places like this getting together and trying to rid someone of the world. Who knows, Maybe I wrote a bad review at one time in my life and all these places said that is unacceptable and it’s my behavior. I am only allowed to write good reviews, especially while being mentally battered against them.

But my point, is that this is consistent with mass groups coming after me. Then getting mad when I say something in regards to it. Which is very strange. And if it was any other person in this world. Things would be the opposite. Which shows that something beyond any level of demented is going on.

Yelp should not have a problem with this, and this is the purpose of yelp.So not wanting reviews about businesses with psychotic behaviors spoken about means they are involved in something illegal.

An example of the operations they are trying to cover up which are all day and night world wide directed at me

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000’s

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used

Champagne French Bakery Cafe

180 Promenade Way, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362(805) 379-5911

While this place has a nice atmosphere, coffee and food. Each and every time I went in, I had problems.

While going there the first time, they had several people they knew, come in and endlessly provoke. Me. They told the security to follow me and wait for me at the movies in the shopping center and such thugging me.

The next time I went there. I like usual, was nice, and police. But this time after buying some food. Simply handed one of the employees a card with the lies about my life. Was polite and said this is the truth about the lies about my life.

Well, apparently the racists there didn’t like things like freedom of speech or peopel talking about things done to them to others, or even talking to people at all who they don’t like. So at this point, they tell the security guard, who is actually involved in something much larger to try to thug me.

Between him telling me weird things that their is a sign that says “No propaganda” in their shopping center. Which obviosly handing a card to someone isn’t propoganda anyways. And him trying to lure me into like some ally or somethign to show me to probably beat me up. We all know there is no sign in any shopping center that says no propoganda.

They also told me that I was not allowed to talk to people, ask them out, or whatever. Point being. This all seems to stem from unphatheomable things like kissing a black girl at 12 years old which they seem to be irate about which is very odd. So I am assuming this is a racist establishment.

Although, while this goes a lot deeper, and these people are actually involved in something highly illegal. Which gets pretty obvious when me simply handing an employee a card saying this is the truth, puts them on edge and wants me dead and gone. I have a blog about what these people are involved in.

Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village #cnnireport #FoxNews

I would not give these people your money. They seem to be racist, bigots, who follow people around making up reasons to go after them.

And in the blog you will read about me trying to explain to one of the employees, that I don’t care about her customers, and am just trying to drink coffe and get some work done. And her PRETENDING their are miscommunications, to justify what she is involved in.

Instead of minding their own business, and not having their friends come in and harass me. Also, they will say whatever they need to say to make it look justified.

But I can assure you the source of this all seems to stem from things like me kissing a black girl. And doing whatever it takes to get rid of me. For simply entering their facility, then smearing my name to cover up what they are doing isn’t the type of place that should make money or be supported.

Do not go here, and I’d urge you to spread the word about these people and what they are involved in. The depth of the blog goes much deeper into all sorts of shady operations they are involved in with Rick Caruso, and Brian Longbotham, but, like I said, it all seems to stem from childhood events they don’t like, like kissing a black girl.

For more details on the people and other targeting events against me that they are connected with. Hence why they get so DEFENSIVE, and call it propoganda.


Hi-Time Liquor

140 W Hillcrest Dr Ste 129, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360(805) 494-5113

They are Bigoted, Racists, you name it! I walked in. Simply handed him a card about what is being done to my life which most of the world knows.

He then showed his guilt going ballistic, while wearing his fake Poloce and Fireman shirt. Saying he is the polie. And then started claiming I had threatened him. Will then coming up to me with endless racial threats, and racial slurres.

While this went on for several minutes while me trying to buy a water and cigar. He said the lady was his mother, and I proceeded to tell her to send him to his room.

Because it is rare you see someone so defensive over a card that simply states what has been done to someone life as if handing a card to him was a crime. But of course, the card itself was not what he got so mad about. It was most likely something highly ILLEGAL he was involved in. Because if he truly believed I was crazy. He’d just laugh at me or something.

He then proceeded to say it was propaganda, and a threat to him or something. By me letting him know what was said about me wasn’t true. Of course,

There is no doubt in my mind, that you are black, or any other race, he will probably go ballistic on them as well. I would be very weary about walking in this place.

Also, ironically, an iccident, I had at a Caruso Property, a month before

Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village #cnnireport #FoxNews

He seemed to be also supporting these people. Who did the same exact thing. I went in, bought coffee and food, handed the girl a card. And they had the security guards go ballistic on me saying my card was propaganda, and doing things like talking to people about my life was not allowed on their shopping center property.

Do not give these people your money. They are not good people. Should not be in business. And verbally mentally battering customers for being nice, police, kind, honest, and simply handing someone a card saying. what you have been told isn’t the truth. Should not get you mentally battered, threatened over and over, and thrown out.

Showing they are criminals.

If you want to know what they are actually involved in. Showing the type of people they are


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

18657 Devonshire St
Northridge, CA 91324

Was nice and polite like I am to everyone. Gave the employee a card letting her know that everything she and the worldhad been told is lies.Of course, she played stupid, pretending she does not know who I am. After I sat down, she started whistling at me. Hinting I am a whistle blower, which is done to me world wide whenever I tell someone what is going on.

After this, people started coming in, provoking and harassing me. Several people instantly came in whistling at me. As well as other terror tactics, like the same clothing patterns.

After this, I noticed she had not given me the Salad dressing so I went up to get it, and she was spinning it. Which is one of their mental illness tactics or threats in mass groups to send me suggestive paranoid schitzofrenia messages or threats which they are involved in since I was 9 years old with world wide support.

After this, going to

20042 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Milanos Flame Pizza
6118 Reseda Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91335

They also, after ordering food did not give me the Salad dressing. Which these types of things are done to me all day and night over and over until it is no longer coincidence. Do not give these people your money. They are not honest, decent people and Discriminate.


My World Wide Targeting info

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