Crimes commited against me for simply going to the beach each time with mass gangstalking groups

Posted: June 19, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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This is the type of thing that happens to me all day and night 24/7 while trying to live my life. These terror operations start at 9 years old. But with the internet and world wide support, now to completely end my existance. Started by my own family out of some kind of Jealous Rage they have against me at 9 years old. Bringing in World wide, Government, NSA resources. They somehow managed to use their psychology degrees to make up every lie known to man about me and disseminate these lies world wide. Kind of like a Hannibal Elector personality. In this case, I guess much worse. My family seem to be paranoid psychotics. But yet for some reason, People believe the endless lies they are spewing to the world on some kind of secret Internet based propaganda system used to EXTERMINATE.

while being that most people try to frame me trying to make me look crazy for going to the beach saying I am looking for a ghost, or a specific girl or something.  While a lot of women will play games with hidden or suggestive messages, and things like this, about the beach. Or some kind of illusion, I think I am going to meet some Pornstar or something from online. I joke around back a lot of times in regards to this. But the only problem is that I am the only one willing to admit to what is going on in my life. Showing that this world wide operation is all in secret, and I am the only honest one. Since everything the world had been told is lies.

I don’t mind little flirt games once in a while, but these tactics are usually to try to make me look crazy, and figure out ways to put me in mental institions. And the fact that there are world wide all day and night coordinated groups working on me to create mental illness. Really has nothing to do with flirting or jokes, or being social.

All is this is designed to endlessly terrorize and end my existance. Which is strange it is even going on. And since 9 years old.

But I decided to go non the less to see if the snakes poked their heads out of the hole so to speak. Which has happened every single time. With my neighbors and police like Officer Toro, who he called himself, which he is hinting about a person named Javiar in Southern Oregon State who always said “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns” as one of these police setup and frame job attempts back in like 1992.

So Officer Toro at Encino Starbucks  basically told me. “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in his own way” And from this blog, you will see why me having a camera is such a threat to the world.

Last month, the police actually achieved over a all day and night 35 year terror operation, an arrest from a cry wolf neighbor threatening me, and basically telling me I am not allowed to leave my house. As he kept trying to bait me into situations. Then started to play cop afterwards trying to arrest me. And he was working with a Police officer putting up information on a facebook account about me, and working with my neighbors to set me up. Which they managed to finally get an arrest.

LAPD setup with 35 years of endless attacks – For speaking out   –

So, also I should note. Since the arrest, my step father Arnold Silber in Canada instantly knew of the arrest and was hinting about my conversations in the Topanga Police Station, as I told my mother on the phone about this since I could tell they knew. But more importantly. Why are they working with the police to set me up and frame me for the last 35 years?

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up,

I should note that today I got a text from my mother, very manipulating to call my father on fathers day. And also, she has tried really hard to try to get me to contact him for moral support in this. But as you know. He and the rest of my family and his office have been trying to put me in jail, mental institions, some kind of cage since I was 9 years old. So I stopped contact with my mother, and him. But you can see how she is trying to manipulate me into situations to use against me to attack my credability.

My family is notorious for playing both sides of the fence, pretending they love me while trying to paint a false image of me to the world to figure out ways to exterminate me. Working with my older brother since 9 years old telling him to put me in a mental instition.

So, I decided to go to Leo Coreo around 6:00 pm to watch the sunset, and document what happens when I simply try to live my life with my family, neighbors, and world wide support to try to put me in the ground for simply trying to live my life. Hence my Neighbor Threatening me to go back in my house and do what he says. Hence this 35 year crime with the Police and Government.

This happens all day and night 24/7 and has been going on since 9 years old. Since my family got mad at me for some insignificant reason.

While going down to my Garage to my car. A black girl wearing Red and Black comes into the Garage.

Also, when driving onto the street, another black man comes out wearing red and black.

I get off at Kanon exit to go to the beach off the 101.

I stop off at the Gas Station to get some coffee, and water. Where I notice several people wearing Red/Black and Green/Black, and the Black/Blue pattern I told you about who always follow me to the beach.

I go to the Gas Station across the street, same things. Also, there are a lot of cars without plates. This is one of the tactics. I only got a few.


I then proceed through the canon, where I noticed several things directed at me I will no go into because they are harder to prove.

I then drove through the parking lot of the Malibu Starbucks on PCH, where I have been endlessly mentally battered as I told you the Starbucks Corp is heavily involved in this 35 year targeting. And with every location world wide.

You can see from the picture. The security guard is waiting for me. And, there is a Blue and White Pickup Truck parked backwards directed at me. Patterns of 2’s


On arriving to Leo Correo, there are several cars waiting for me. Some in 2’s, and some without plates.


Also 2 Bmw’s and one with no plates

Also 2 Bmw’s and one with no plates


At this point I go to the beach which Usually people wearing black and blue, are waiting, and usually larger groups come afterwards. Today, was a lot more covert. A lot less of them. Today looked a little more coincidental, but I can spot it instantly. And we all know I am not too sensitive. Keep in mind. I was not waiting all day for these pictures. I was at the beach for about 1 hour.

Todays Lorena Escobar and Aubrey Fisher terror Patterns tactics who were sent after me by my family and police to stop me from having any life starting around the age 9 for some reason, Patterns tactic on the beach seem to be Green/Black and Black/Blue

Beach PatternsBeach Patterns2



When going back to my car. Someone was waiting across from my car on the other side of the road for me to leave to intimidate me. As soon as I took his picture. He made a U-turn and left.


When going back to my car. Someone was waiting across from my car on the other side of the road for me to leave to intimidate me. As soon as I took his picture. He made a U-turn and left.DSC06326DSC06325

I then decided to stop by the Malibu Starbucks on the way home and see who was waiting for me.

As I entered the Starbucks Shopping center I noticed the U-haul truck which may or may not be. But in the past, they have used U-Haul trucks to sent hidden messages to create paranoid schizophrenia and things like this which we all know is going on.


As I proceeded into the Lot, there was a Black and Blue Prius waiting for me and sitting around with his lights on which is one of the tactics.


As I park, Instantly, another person in a white Prius pulls up and parks next to me. While the Prius just looks like someone waiting in a car. Not only are there about 5 people doing this in this lot. But also, Last night in Hollywood. People were told to all pull Prius’s on the side of Hollywood Blvd, leaving there blinkers on in unusual numbers. I managed to get a few of them.

Hollywood Prius

When pulling up to the spot, also another person wearing Black and Blue leaving Starbucks


Also, in this fairly empty lot, there are several things going on.




And Also 2 Vans

A Blue one, and a White one, Just like the the Blue and White Pickup Trucks on the way to the beach and driving through the parking lot.


Also, I find this very interesting. There is a Person sitting in his car waiting for me. A mongoloid looking person who frequents the Coffee Bean and Starbucks at.

He is sitting in his car, waiting for me or keeping tabs on me with this mass operation. I can recall being nice to him once, and him then following me wearing the same color clothing.


And while I didn’t go in to Starbucks on the way there. It looks like he was waiting for me.


After going back through Kanon canyon to the 101 and the same gas stations. I noticed several people at the Gas Station sitting in cars waiting for me. And several Cars without plates coordinated to create mental illness, like usual.

In this one Gas Station where a Cop was waiting by. There were 3 black cars waiting for me. And several cars without plates.

3 cars waiting for me in the corner.


DSC06405.jpgOther cars in same Gas Station without plates


After this, I stopped in the next shopping center and went to the IHOP to get food. Several people were waiting for me in the lots with the lights on just sitting in their cars. One of the tactics directed at me.


While in IHOP, I noticed, most of the people were wearing Blue and White. I think about 6 – 8. And there was probably about 10 parties.

Also, a man and women came and sat at the bench by the door as I was about to leave wearing almost identical shirts.

I then proceeded to the Valley. And got off at Fallbrook exit. And noticed by The Habit. 2 cars waiting for me on the side of the road. One on each side just sitting with lights on across from each other to create mental illness.

This tactic is done a lot to me.


I should also note, that there were several incidents with Mustang tonight, that I didn’t put in here which were less obvious, and harder to prove.

Example, in the Habit Parking lot is another Red Mustang


or this person waiting for me in a completely seperate lot on Ventura Blvd, where they parked both cars backwards. And he is just waiting for me in hopes he can get a reaction to set me up and remove me from society saying I am crazy and attacked him. Which seems to be my family and police’s motive since 9 years old with world wide support.



Also, another person in the Starbucks Topanga Shopping center just sitting and waiting for me like in the Malibu Starbucks Shopping center

Gateway Plaza, 21929 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91364


There was and always is a lot more going on. I’d guess without the cars parked backwards. I saw about 500 – 1000 people using cars, no plates, waiting with lights on in cars for me. And having people follow me. But most of the things are more difficult to document and show what is and has been going on since 9 years old progressing into newer and newer terror operations each time I let someone into my life.

So, I think it is very important you take a look at this and understand. Because if this case is filed. This is the type of things that my neighbors are doing and telling me I am not allowed to go places.

Hence my neighbor getting in my face THREATENING me, telling me to not leave my house, while working with these mass mental batterings, and the Police. You can also see how Starbucks involved.

LAPD setup – For speaking out   –

My World Wide Targeting info

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