The Perelman, Gov, Kevin can’t see himself, has rage and is a cutter tactic

Posted: June 15, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While growing up, and always being kind, generous, giving caring, friendly with everyone in my life. While being fairly shy, quiet, and intraverted somewhat.

I could never really have phatheomed my families hate, rage, jeoulosy towards me. That not only would they say whatever it took to remove me from society. But do whatever is possible with endless resources working with the police, government, and world wide populations to remove me from society, and at the same time, try to cover it up by trying to make me look like a horrible monster to make their extermination campaigns look justified,

While the one thing you need to realize about my mother, father, and Brother, is that they seen to be paranoid psychotics. You blind wrong they are in an Angry rage. Their is no communication in my family.

You are either a good or bad person. You are either a honest or a liar. You ether a crook or a good person.

Example, if at the age 10 I stole a 1 cent jolly ranger, I’d be labeled a thief for the rest of my life. Demanding perfect robotic perfection which is not remotly possible.

Also, they are beyond any level of controlling imagineable. Nothing is directly said, but from stranger thugging. My fathers employees told to follow me from place to place dictating my life. Who I take, what I can and can’t say,  if I am allowed to create art, what I can do for a living. You name it.

Will lead in people like Lorena Escobar paid to follow you from place to place poisening the well. Lets say I ask a girl out she does not aprove of. They will be told I am a sexual predator to sabotage the possibility of a relationship.

While doing things to me, working with the Police at 16 years old. My own father and family is actually responsible, for putting a bullet hole in his own Mercedes 300e, and telling the world with the police, I am crazy, tried to shoot and or scare him!

Image result for mercedes 300e blue

Not the actual car

So while not only this, while living in Colorado, and going to University of Colorado, my brother with the Police sent someone into my house to try to scare me into a Coerced false confession with the Police named Jason Baum. Now it is sick and demented enough to first, put the bullet hole in your own car. But then follow your son around trying to mentally batter him to death until his gives a false confession in severe tortured pain. Now you can understand who my family is.

Also several other setup attempts and frame jobs with my family a roomatte Matt, and Eric Feely trying to figure out how to remove me from society no matter what it takes.

The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society#cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

which people will do whatever it takes to try to silence me.

And while these tactics go from thing to thing like this. It is just about mentally battering someone until they die. Or they can rid them of the world.

Or around the age 12 years old, I kissed a black girl which led to world wide African Americans told I am racist and hate black people. Why? because in order to make Kevin Perelman date a nice jewish girl. Sabotaging the rest seems to be their motive.

Alhough I cannot tell you what thoughts are going through my families head when they snapped and went ballistic on me, I am no psychic, and all I know is what I see happening, which the majority of the world seems to want to be honest about.

So, while my brother was always listening to Roger Waters, Radio Chaos, and talking about the Chaos Effect, and things like this, little did I know that my families course of ridding me of the world in such a way to get away with it is creating unphatheomable Chaos around me to create un imagineable pain and anguish to try to put me in some kind of jail.

Weather it be a jail cell, weather it be a mental instition, or just me offing myself. I don’t think they care as long as my existance is gone.

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up,

Family, with Police, and Gov telling the world I am crazy with global Campaign to remove me from society  – Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking

Tactics #cnnireport #FoxNews –

So, while my family will jump from accusation to accusation with police and government support given to the world.

He is a cutter

Kevin is careless, out of control, danger to himself and others

Road rage lies

Car thief

Sex offender

I conform to movies and can’t seperate movies from reality


hacker trying to make people mentally ill

I am a manic depressive

he is a racist and a white surpremecist

fucking with people

is a paranoid schitzo

is acting out through his art with confessions

is threatening people with his art

is following people from place to place and stalking them

is mobbing people to death

is somehow committing crimes by every screen name, computer name, server name, CB name

is trying to make people sick and kill them

trying to explode women in anger

well, out of the LITERALLY 1000’s of these type of criminal ACCUSATIONS! given to the world with endless family, government, police resources, and in secret no less. This is an example of what they are giving to the world to rile up Billions, in secret, with no defense allowed and telling me I am imaging it on some kind of propaganda system built around me in secret with full government and NSA support.

This starts around 9 year old, and around 1994 when the internet came around, the Government and myfamily, saw an operatunity to turn the world against me.

Now my family with Lorena Escobar will try to give me dissinformation that I am too sensative, saying that this is all normal gossip and drama. And I can guruntee you that if just one of these criminal accusations are told to the world, it is defamation and a civil crime.

In this case, it is CRIMINAL DEFAMATION intention a pre meditated act to rile up the masses to end someone life. Along with endless civil crimes.

But not only this, people wouldn’t all side with each other normally saying, notjing is said while mentally battering you to death, trying to make you look crazy allowing no defense. Even the police, Lawyers, Psychiatrists, don’t want me talking or to be honest.

While I can go into all day and night frame job, setup attempt, lies smears to the world since 9 years old. This all seems to stem from a family who hates and despises their child. The unphathomeable rage in them is unpresidented and the fact that it is all turned around on me is srtange to cover up what they are doing.

Now to understand the Dynamics of my family. My mother is an art therapist, and analyzes art, my father is an Orthopedic surgeon with  Psychology Minor, and my brother is a Urologist with a minor in psychology.

And when they don’t like you. There rage and obsession is endless. No matter how far you go, the more you walk away, the more they come after you.

They use their degree’s to hurt, harm, mame, control, torture and kill. In an untraditional sense. While most will tell you that is someone comes in your life, and  they are abuse, you can just walk away. This is true. But what if psychological warfare tactics were packaged, given to people to do to you your entire life to try to get reactions to use against you. And no matter how many people you walked away from. They just kept coming after you.

Well, this is the case in my life which is beyond any level of disturbing and as of the age 29, I noticed over 100,00 world wide attacks per day directed at me which have not stopped.

Now, why would this be done?

First off, it’s clear to say that a family, or people around you, just making up lie after lie, showing that they are completly inconsistant. And one this lie doesn’t work, they just keep making up new ones. Putting it in what they call their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up while I have to give false confessions to shrinks as my mother basically demanded of me.

Well, at one point out of my fmailies jealousy, hate rage, they decided they were going to put me in a mental instition around 9 years old. Or try. Why? who knows. Because someone walking around saying my son is crazy and we are going to rid him of the world is not enough. And if I am out living my life and trying to have friends, family, career, make money.

And they are saying I am crazy, have done nothing wrong ILLEGALLY, and they are going to rid me of the world. That is like being a racist. There is no gorunds for anything but them not liking me. Becauses I’ve seen tons of people walking around on the streets and such talking to themselves and I don’t see world wide extermination groups around them.

Now a lot of people probably want some kind of rational explanation for their behaviors. But I can tell you. These are Psychotics. There is no rational explanation. Maybe I blinked wrong. Maybe I didn’t piss right, maybe I didn’t sit perfectly straight.

Maybe it was around 9 years old when My father told me. If I did not eat the Liver at the dinner table I was not allowed to leave the table and sat around for like an hour until he gave up.

Maybe it was when my brother went after Greg Waugh with a crow bar to bash his head in when Jen Yang broke up with my brother and started dating Greg, and I stopped him by jumping in the way. And him telling me things like blood is thicker then water, and I have to support him and spy on Greg, and me wanting no part of it.

Maybe it was because in college I told a friend about my father putting a shock collar on his dog in a private convo, and somehow his privacy violations he knew of my private convos, and called me a rat, and didn’t want me allowed to talk to my friends about my life. I cannot answer these questions. Because I am not like them, nor could I without someone telling me what was said.

I can however pick up on the way people are mad at me trying to guilt me, get confessions, inuendos, their setup atttempts, and frame jobs and pickup their endless lies. But I could never tell you at what point they snapped Got togethor and came after me.

So, whenever my family snapped on me, had to be around 9 years old or before. But for all I know, my mother is jealous that my art is better then hers and so she goes through every work of art I ever do telling the world lies with psychological evaluaitons.

Out of this world wide extermination campaign, I can only tell you have one thing. This isn’t about any of that. It is simply about HATE! towards me, and that is it.

The more I try to move forward, the more people are sent after me in angry rage. Notified with newer and newer lies.

So, at one point. Who knows when. My family worked the Cutter angle and trying to say that I cannot feel pain and or have a high tolerance to pain. Well, like the 1000’s of other lies to the world. This is just another one to remove me from society.

They data mined every aspect of my life collecting each and every fragment and trying to apply it to a fictional story to use against me. For example, at 13, I bought a Powell Paralta skateboard, and then a Santa Cruise Slasher skateboard. As they conveniently collecting things like. Well the Powell Paralta has a skull, and the slasher they could use the name,

(Skateboard pictues)

Like they collect screen names, art, Computer names to try to apply to my psychological sanity. While walking into a skateboard shop and selecting a board off the wall is perfectly normal. Then they will go as far as trying to apply music and songs to it. Now these aren’t sane people. They are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to turn the world against me in my extermination.

Now, you can imagine, a family, police, government, cherry picking every aspect of your life for 35 years, taking it out of context, writing up fiction that involves endless criminal accusations, and turning the world against you in an angry secret rage on a propaganda based system which you are all alone to the world and not allowed to speak out that non of it is remotly true. While people sit there in silance refusing to address what is going on.

When finding out at 29 with Mike Huntley, originally my brothers friend changing from. I am your friend and business partner from 25 years to

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth “We are using the system against you”, “Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”

But not only this. At the age 14, my brother started to show his true colors, saying things to me that He and his friends made a teacher mentally ill, and put them in a mental instition, and they have a bug in my room and are listening to me on the radio, starting his paranoid schitzofrenia campaign. He shifted from the physical abuse to mental abuse when he got older and realized that the physical abuse would put him in jail.

But not only this, in order to coverup his younger physical abuse, he has been spewing to the world, that I am somehow super passive aggressive, and somehow pushed him into exploding in anger. With blatant lies that someone I was so mantally abusive to him he couldn’t take it anymore and things like this.

Then telling the world that I hate women and am trying to explode them in anger. Which seems to stem after he broke up with Jen Yang, and blames me for not getting involved in spying on Greg or stopping him from Bashing his head in with a crow bar.

Now, if this isn’t strange to anyone, it gets weirder. While not really understanding what was going on because I was out trying to live my life, and 15 years later not even thinking anyone could remotly care about their childhood. Apparently my family was afraid I might say something. And that is enough for my demise, even though I had no clue that they have mobster personalities, from a white collar, doctor psychologist family.

So in telling my family, things just got worse and worse. They do not think my brothers actions are wrong. And people follow me around whenever I talk about things whistling at me, hinting I am a whistle blower. Keep in mind, this is world wide. Not allowing me to move away. As I was hunted in Oregon, Colorado, moving off to college as well, with my family thinking I knew what was going on. By people like Kelly Hatch sent after me with my family and the police.

So, while me not knowing what was going on, my family kept reeling me in closer and closer. Probably saying things like I know what is going on, and now I am coming after them or something. While in Colorado, and about to graduate, my father calling me saying If I move back, I can move in with him for a year. Right around when Marrying Janet Nordet which suffered the same demise as what they are trying to do to me.

He put her in jail supposedly for her trying to hire one of her sons friends to kill him. Maybe even trying to make me look like the person doing things to her, instead of him paying Lorena Escobar too.

Lorena Escobar Paid to hunt down Janet Nordet still stalking me and contacting my attorney’s with the police trying to remove me from society –

Then he had Lorena Escobar approach me asking me to work for their company while they hunted me with ruthless all day and night attacks to try to get me to snap and go after him which they could not accomplish

Family, with Police, and Gov telling the world I am crazy with global Campaign to remove me from society  –

These operations go on all day and night world wide esculating since 9 years old.

Now while finally after watching 100,000 provoking passive aggressive terror attacks per day with world wide support from my families lies working with the police, government, NSA, since 9 years old. They finally put me to a defensive point where they got a bunk arrest. Which I will be fighting and showing what is really going on. Unless I have corrupt lawyers or something who refuse to show the evidence. But that will be illegal and a crime to not show the whole story in my defense.

LAPD setup – For speaking out  –

Now, the question of why people are trying to INTENTIONALLY INFLICT unpatheomable pain on someone, and my mothers own comment on the phone last week saying “You have a high tolerance for pain” does not make any sense other then someone who wants to torture and kill someone. Not only that, how does someone have a choice to stop world wide terror operations to execute you. As if we live in the movie the Matrix. Take the blue or red pill. The reality is, no matter what medication I was on. It did not matter, unless I was a non funcitoning drolling zombie. If you know people are doing demented things to you, what is the medication going to do? If your mother is hunting you down with a chainsaw all day and night since 9 years old. Do you take a pill to stop the chainsaw blades? while one might try to debate psychological vs physical pain. Either way, the act of murder is the same. And world wide groups never stopping. Well, no pill is going to do a damn thing. And everyone world wide knows this. Espwcially with the Psychiatrists and Pharmacists told to take turns on you. And if they are told to take part in a murder campaign since 9 years old. It isn’t about putting you on meds. It’s just about extermination from psychotics since you were 9 years old.

First off, people do not inflict pain on anyone. FOR ANY REASON. And then go around saying he is always angry and a Cutter basically says that someone, wants to make someone look angry and a cutter because they do not like them.

Second of all, if this isn’t discussed verbally on any level trying to get to the bottom of things, asking questions, then the INTENT is clearly to hurt someone. People don’t go around saying. You cannot see yourself, and I or we are going to do this and that to you, unless they are Murderers. Leaving no room for discussion. Just as a racist says nothing and kills someone. It’s the same thing.

Now, you can sort of understand why my family is telling the world after I kissed a black girl around 12 that I am a white surpremecist to turn things around on me. Then say it’s somehow my fault.

But you kind of get the idea from a family with psychology degrees using these degrees to torture and kill. Also, some of the things my brother was doing with his friends was moving on CHASE street, while floading their house, popping the water bed, actually calling me up for no reason with stupid questions like “I am at a movie, how long does it take to fill up a waterbed” popping the bed and flooding the house. Now me knowing he is a Urologist who wants to Pop my waterbed so to speak. Chop off my dick. if you want me to get more blunt about it.

So, while the guy who is nice as can be to everyone in his life is being accused of every cirme known to man, and being called an assasinating asshole and things like this is strange with world wide covert psychological passive aggressive and sublminal level tactics to covertly make me upset or aggrevated shows that the MOTIVE and INTENT, is a large scale campaign to rid me of the world with frame jobs like this. Leaving out the horrific endless things done to me. Which before 29, I had no clue was going on. And my life was opposite.

I was out being social, starting companies, working for companies, trying to make friends, money, all the things that are deemed NORMAL! But this is all left out why my fmaily says I SNAPPED trying to coverup these operations.

So, while my family, police, government are trying to make me look, angry, enraged, violent, like a cutter. NON OF IT IS TRUE! the only thing that is true is while I am not perfect, and have probelms from time to time.

Maybe I break up with a girl and am depressed for a month, or maybe I get in an argument and show anger, Maybe sometimes I drink too much beer. Their is no room for IMPERFECTION in my life. To give you an exmaple.

While on IRC when living in Colorado, I smoked some weed in college once in a while. But not much because I was driven in my 3D animation and such. And told a girl named Christina Stahlinsky on IRC who lived in Arizona. And me telling her I smoked weed once, instantly and illegally went to my family and Lorena Escobar telling the world I am a Marijuana Addict.

So you can get the idea that, that type of Parental/Police/Gov behavior, can push someone to actually becoming an addict. And of course, they always have some story to the world that it is because I am abusive so they are going to do it to me for the rest of my life as punishment. To try to DICTATE my life.

While I believe the Cutter Lies seemed to really have esculated when My Father and Lorena Escobar sent a girl named Adriana Olivarez after me. You have to understand. In my family, as hard to believe as it was for me. Does not allow you to pick and choose who you date, mary, you name it. They sabotage your life, then give you someone to control you.

And while Adriana Olivarez, was introduced to me and clearly Lorena and My father wanted me to date her. Adriana Olivarez immediatly went around my fathers office saying “I am going to get the doctors son”

While at the time, I just thought it was a spoiled bratt girl who wanted a trophy, little did I know she was sent after me. She would play mind games that her father was a drug dealer hinting about Lorena Escobar being part of Pable Escobar family. Little did I know until last week that psychological scare angle.

I did not want a relationship with her, but we did become friends for I guess 6 years while she was hunting me with Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Paul Humphry, Tim Thompson. In all sorts of ways to try to get me to say things they could use to attack my credibility to the world.

so “I am going to get the doctors son” actually meant, she was helping my family.

At one point, while introducing Adriana to my friends to meet people, I introduced her to Tom Farley, and oddly enough he says to me “But she is yours” while that sounded really strange to me. Now I know what he meant.

As well as my father telling me “I just want grand children” but of course not letting me meet people. Exceot Jen Hess who I met, she was trying to set me up, and frame me with my friends. Then ran around saying she was pregnant with my baby while telling the world I was stalking her, I hit her with a mask on. And things like this to sort of lock me in, and then say, leave me alone.

But of course, in my life, remember, there is no middle ground. their are no arguments, addressing issues. Getting upset about things. Or you will be HUNTED! those are supposedly crimes. Which don’t apply to anyone else world wide.

A simple, Your a bitch, in my life is turned into a death threat with world wide murder operations. Before any time of crime is ever committed. Which you would call Pre-Crime. There is no such thing.

People get angry, people get in arguments, and if you haven’t done anything to anyone. And have moved on. You are not the problem. Even if people named Rodie Morales, Aubrey Fisher, Mike Huntley, Venice, try to lure you to the same city at strip clubs. There is still no crime. In any way shape or form.

Not only this. There is no crime of moving in the same city of someone you broke up with, dated, or anything like that, showing what is really going on.

But, after introducing Adriana to Tom, they started working on the Cutter Tactic. Telling the world about my childhood skateboards, trying to apply pulling my eyebrows and crazy fiction only some obsessed enraged lunatic hunting you down would piece togethor. Telling the world every lie known to man.

But you have to understand the Dynamics of Tom Farley. He was sent after me around the age of 8 years old, and I’d known him my whole life. And my whole life he was in some kind of angry jealous rage about me. he started hunted me in middle school because I thought Christ Reynolds was attractive and could not keep my eyes off her. While I won’t deny it was kind of an OCD-ish look, and not a mean stare. My own mother calls it a death stare, and they sent Tom Farly after me with these terror operaitons to remove me from society. Where my family started using movies like Creep Show and such to try to make me look crazy and a paranoid schitzo. Working with Tom Farley.

So, the point I am getting at. Is the Tom Farley and Adriana are involved in huge crimes and have something to hide. Or more apropriatly. Need to coverup. And get me out of the picture so to speak.

And that basically relates to all my family, my fathers office, and you name it in those circles. Although this is now world wide lies smears, defamation slander against me. And there is no where to go, or walk away from. So you can understand why the Police, Government, My Family, will not say a word. And just keep making up lie after lie to rid me of the world.

I cannot go to deep on the whole cutter aspect, because to me, it is just one lies out of 1000’s and 1000’s of world wide lies. But I can tell you they have had black people following me to starbucks with Fake Samuri’s trying to scare me. or taking my sexual slay jokes and turning them into investigations. But once again. If you obsess on someone. Follow them from place to place trying to apply this to that. You just create fiction in your head.

Example, I actually have neighbors who try to count how many times a day I take walks. I have been hunted for somply giving a 2 dollar tip. Then a 3 dollar tip, then a 4 dollar tip.

I have people who said. You committed a crime because in 1998 you said “Hey you” to someone. And in 2004, you said “Hey” to someone, so you have committed some kind of crime! Or saying “Hows it going” is labeled some kind of crime. You get the idea. It sounds insane, it is insane. But then you finally realize that these people are full of shit, and just want you dead for something much bigger.

So, for example, if I told you that the NSA, and world wide groups probably have detailed specifics on you like since 9 years old of every parking spot you ever parked in your entire life. And are analyzing it. And honestly, the level of servaillance on me with NSA, FBI, my family and government. There is no doubt in my mind they do. Well, you are going to apply this to that, and have a jumble of stupidity out of obsession that the normal person does not think like.

If I have documented how many people you have said “Thank You” too your entire life, then tried to hunt you down saying. Well, in 30 years, you said “Thank You 1456 times. You have a problem THAT IS INSANE!

Who does this? well, my family for one! And this is no joke!

Where things really get scary is then they try to torture you into coerced false confessions by pychological torture and severe abuse which is extremely hard to prove, but is beyond any level of illegal and one of the highest crimes known  to man! Especially for me. A world wide murder operaiton for 35 years with NSA resources to off me. Goes way above and beyond just adolf Hitlers crimes.

This is world wide operations against one man to keep someone alive and torture them to death.

Ok, so, you might try to say. Oh hey, well take medication right? which is a forced tactic to begin with. But I can assure you. After going to over 30 psychologists/psychiatrists taking meds. Never feeling better. And the more I speak out, they more they get togethor with mass groups to mentally batter me to death showing they aren’t even concerned with me getting better.

Why do people go to shrinks? to unload, and feel better. But if you try to go to a psycholpogist. They say, you are not allowed to talk about it. or do things which were done by talking my confidential information, taking it out of context giving it to the masses. As well as Lorena Escobar getting my therapy session conversations to use against me. Create mental illness with their spy games means. It is obvious. This is not about health. It is about CONTROL, and me NOT TALKING.

While I don’t want to get too deep in the world wide media tactics being done to me to create paranoid schitzofrenia, and obsessional looping and things like this my entire life.

The Media TACTIC  to create mental illness and remove me from society –

As punishment for me endlessly trying to seek help, as well as shrinks working with the police to try to make it look like I was on the run or get info to use with the police. I eventually started documenting who was doing what in my defense. So people could know what is going on. And so my website says I went to 24 psychiatrists. And so, while this is not a new tactic. Put in the movie SPLIT! who originally was making up lies about me working with my mother a psychiatrist named Susan Donner. Who would tell me lies when I told her “The Devil is in the details” saying, no it’s “The Angel is in the details” trying to make me look crazy, and telling the waitresses with Tom Farley, that I am harassing them and in fights with them.

So, SPLIT, like the endless media coincidences to try to make me look crazy, basis all my families lies, working with psychiatrists, to sort of create a movie image of who the world should know who I am. Kind of like. Well so and so wrote a story, but it’s kinda based on Kevin Perelman to the world. But it’s really just a movie, and it has nothing to do with anything but fiction. Yet everyone is being told the same things that I am like this character and coincidently, so is Janet Nordet, who my father also put in jail. Which is very strange.,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

But like usual, nothing is said to you, you cannot defend yourself. Nor should private info leave the room. But not only that. The one thing I learned from these people. is no matter how good you are, they just keep trying to get dirt on me, like my family since 9 years old. Showing they just want to put me in the ground.

Now, the first thing that runs across my mind. That in 35 years, 1000’s and 1000’s of lies have been disseminated to the world with every resource known to man. WORLD WIDE.

Not one single thing addressed directly to me. And my father telling me things like “well people don’t address issues, because peopel can lie”

Well, where I come from, and I sure as shit didn’t come from my family. THAT IS A PSYCHOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to cover up the fact that I am being hunted by mass groups pretending to be psychotic, then they say. Well it’s my fault for not communicating with psychotics trying to kill me. Which clearly I have endlessly.

then trying to spin it with

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam

Clearly shows that they have motive, Intent, this is all pre meditated, and being that it is mass groups, that it is organized. And we can use big scary words like CONSPIRACY! it sure as hell is!

I can tell you, that Edward Snowden is no doubt my hero, and while we have different situations. He was accurate, and right about the future of the U.S. with NSA terrorism. And we all know they went straight for the jugalur with propaganda trying to discredit him. Which is why he fled and went to Russia for his Safety. Because he would never have gotten a fair trial.

While I am not a government employee and bound to contracts like this. I am the example of what happens when the NSA has a bad day. or digging too deep using the Patriot act. And once I found out at 29, it was clearly EXTERMINATION TIME!

While maybe I am an enemy of the state for what I know, NSA tools are being done to people. Which people have been speaking out for years. But a lot were afraid. And while Gang Stalking is jumbled with some people who are actually paranoid, and some people who are accurate which no one believes. This things scary enough do happen with our government.

Obviosly, you have to read the details and specifics, and sure, it sounds crazy with the judgement without looking at the details. But once you get in deep. Things are explained. Things make sense.

For me, it starts with a neurotically insane family. Goes to the police and psychology community. To government public schools. Then state, then colleges, city’s and professors involved. then in 1994 where my brother who basically told me at 14 he was going to put me in a mental instition, showing me the Internet.

Working both sides of the fence to the world to rid me of the world, to coverup his childhood behaviors which my family told him to do. Making a world wide extermination operation basically. or to try to put me in some kind of mental and physical cage just like my father put his dog maggie in a cage for most of it’s life.

You kind of get the idea. It’s difficult to know where it starts. But it’s clearly a world wide all day and night operation going on since 9 years old. Hopefully people will see past the fear of what they’ve been told. Or maybe the fear it could happen to them for being honest.

But, I will never be quiet until this whole operation and NSA, Government, Police, and whoever is involved is known for what happened. They were involved in, and the truth.

While poeple will say I am loopy, or a cutter, or canot seperate media from reality, those are just coverup operaitons.

Obviously I am not, an angry, enraged, bitter person who snapped and am a cutter. I am a very friendly passionate, driven motivated person who used to love life despite all the hurdles I was trying to overcome in life. And while my family wants to try to make me look angry, a danger to myself or others, or violant. I can spew out frame job after frame job about it.

Example, age 14, family taking me on a Carribean Cruise, Telling the world I am a white surpremecist. Brother for no reason buying me a kershaw knife, giving it to me. Then continually buying Kamikaze and B52’s every night to try to plant seeds about WWII, Pearl Harbor. These types of operations are ENDLESS for 35 years also known as a tactic called “Street Theater” in the Gang Stalking world of targets such as my self and usually government operations.

So no, I am not a cutter, and that is what someone wants the world to think. But you know, why not just ask me about me to find out? welp, I believe anyone with any common sense older then a 10 year old knows that answer 🙂

My World Wide Targeting info

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