Gang Stalking – 6/18/2-14 – Daily harassment at Starbucks, Home 2 accords, 2 explorers, 2 grey pickups, 2 people waiting in cars

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to Starbucks When I left my house the Metro Neighbors Parked 2 same color honda accords togethor. one with a keys license plate.

P1050898 P1050895 P1050894 P1050892

I then went to Starbucks for about about 40 minutes. It was fairly quiet, not like the days before, but there was one thing going on. For the 40  minutes I was there, several people came in wearing pink shirts. And it was a pattern and not random.

CYMERA_20140618_144018 CYMERA_20140618_135912 CYMERA_20140618_140002 CYMERA_20140618_140541 CYMERA_20140618_142049

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

When I get home, I notice a man just sitting in a Red lexus behind one of my cars. He is there for an hour or so.

P1050938 P1050939

I then take my car to the car shop and come home, where another person is waiting in the same spot, screwing around on his phone for at least 40 minutes or so continuing to do the patterns of 2’s or notifying to masses to do things in patterns directed at me.

P1050966 P1050967 P1050973

Later on, I ordered a pizza and came out to get it. The driver was in a grey pickup, he was nice and polite which is unusual with no innuendos or harassment. But parked right behind him was a metro neighbor I always see in his gray pickup, and he was kind of waiting around in his truck even 15 minutes after the pizza man had left.


Also, someone had pulled up a white Ford Explorer, next to the blue explorer which has been here for months. And it’s the same blue explorer that would be parked in front of my gate each time I went out to a different city or somewhere new.

P1050999 P1060002 P1060004

Later at night, 2 more accords by where the ones were in the morning

P1060009 P1060007 P1060006

This is an all day and night mental illness campaign directed at me started from my own family working with the police to remove me from society any way possible in the gray areas of the law, and keep it covered up by trying to make me look crazy, angry or enraged.

The people involved all have PHD’s in psychology and have been working with the police since I was 10 years old with this terror campaign to either try to pushme out of control or cause enough pain to get me to commit suicide.

For details on this world wide murder campaign you can go to


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