Community Mobbing – 6/22/2014 – Neighbors at park use 2 kia’s with no plates, and have a man in Subaru waiting for me to come home

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Yesterday, as I went to the park, I noticed that the previous day people with cars with no license plates and “Keyes” covers brought their cars to the park and parked them.

P1060312 P1060406 P1060410Notice this white KIA without plates, because the next day this car was gone and just about the same place with this black KIA with same plate cover



On my way home, I noticed a Suburu parked the driver put his foot out the window which is an older tactic to try to provoke me into situations

P1060528This is ongoing all day and night with world wide mobs following me place to place with a mental illness campaign since I was 10 years old making up claims that I’ve done all these things which isn’t true. They will make up the lies to justify their actions to hunt me down and end my life or try to remove me from society with a global world wide mental illness campaign started by my own family working with the police and communities.

For details on this 30 year targeting you can go to


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