Community Mobbing – Gaslighting – The repetition tactic

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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One of the tactics that is and has been used on me my entire life is people doing things in patterns and repetition to drive me crazy.

For example, women are told to flirt with me to get me to talk to them then, they will start provoking me with covert tactics they are given to try to start a fight. These tactics are invisible to the eye to the average person.

Every women I met from the age 10 0 42 all pretended they liked me and kept dangling carrots saying, not yet. Then I move on to the next, and the next never being able to meet women. The motive is to make me more and more aggravated. and try to make it look like I am an angry person.

Another tactic for example is women are told if I look at them to run their hands through their hair sending hidden messages to terrorize you to create paranoia. This will go on from women to women. trying to provoke me into something.

Another one is the more subtle, the continual same color clothing patterns and people will come in, in teams.

One was whistling, where for the first several years when I found out I had at times upwards of 40 people walk by and whistle per day.

businesses all around the world were told to great me by saying “How are you” by every single one so that you know what they are doing but if you say something you look crazy. Then of course they told every single business to say “Have a good one” endlessly added too it to make you more crazy.

At one point I had girl after girl following me to places claiming I was following them.

Another tactic they use is having people put their feet on chairs. For years every time I walked into a coffee shop people would put their feet on chairs.

Another tactic was tapping after a girl named Aubrey fisher was sent after me to befriend me and remove me from society she didn’t like me accidentally tapping my foot telling the masses world wide if they see me, tap.

There is also a singing and humming tactic. If people see me, the y start singing or humming

Another tactic is trying to collect the way I talk and gestures and when people see me, mimic them.

This is just an example of a few of their mental illness tactics they’ve been using on me since I was 10 years old. You can imagine a world wide campaign upwards of 10,000 attacks like this per day with the internet and a world wide campaign anywhere in the world. And the same happens out in public the numbers are less but any person you have contact with in the world.

These tactics are designed for one purpose only and to end a life. There is absolutely nothing I’ve done but maybe be imperfect. My targeters and my family know this working with the police but keep making up lie and lie after lie not only smearing my name, but riling up the masses to kill me with their mental illness campaign. They will just keep going from thing to thing trying to torcher me until I am dead. They will never stop and if I ask what it is about, of course, they lie and say I’m imagining it.

At times, my family is so sick in the head, that after these things they are doing and have unleashed they still try to manipulate me to being around family saying things like. We are you family and you will miss out on life without us trying to turn the scenerio around and make me look crazy. And if I go back, they continue their attacks while trying to manipulate me back pretending they don’t know what they doing. This means the only reason they want me back, is to intentionally cause pain.  The severe inflicted torcher for no reason at all except they hate me because I like things they don’t they want me dead, like Adolf Hitler.

I have caught my family even contacting random stranger I meet any where in the world and have them try to manipulate me into things, or even ones trying to manipulate me into going back to my family dangling carrots.

Whats freaky about the whole thing is, people are actually taking part in this mass murder/terror campaign going on since 10. The lies my family tells to the masses and the police seem to be very convincing which is strange. Not only this, my family tries to give me information that this is for me and they are trying to help. In the beginning of this 13 years ago my own mother says to me  “Keep your chin up” as if she’s helping me or something. 13 years later, I have strangers saying things like “Hang in there” as if they are somehow doing me a favor.

These are the sickest of sickest  people, and they will say and do whatever it takes because to them, The ends justifies the means. Meaning, their is no LAW. they will kill because they have insecurities and feel it is right. They are the righteous, they are murderers and liars. And if I actually had done one thing to anyone, they would have addressed it. But they did not.

I can only think of 1 actual occasion where an issue was address because my mother came up to me asking me if I hit the neighbor kid Josh Burnum in the head with a golf club. I thought she wa crazy asking me If I hit some kid, couple grades below me, I’m not friends with, never talk too have 0 relation, am never the same place with golf clubs I do not own in the head. But after that, or maybe even before my mother was working with my teachers to try to prove I was  liar.

But after you find out, their is not one secret world wide criminal accusation, but endless, countless accusations you realize what is really going on. My family i just making up lie after lie, and publicizing them on a funded campaign to the masses to end my life. Remove me from society. This is why things are never addressed directly and I’m told I’m imagining it. I can’t conceive of a human being that could think something like this up and it clearly would take someone with a psychology degree to do it. And since my father, mother, and brother all have psychology degree’s it seems relevant. Especially with trying to make me look like I suffer from obsession and paranoid schitzofrenia.

These are very sick and demented people. And since Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager has been heavily involved since she was hired 20 years ago following me from place to place trying to destroy me any way possible with lies, smears, and a terror campaign, she seems to be one of the main people running the operation. Although everyone I know or have met since 10 years old has been confronted, involved and turned against me so I have no clue where it starts and ends, I just know who is involved and who is not.

For information in regards to all the people who came in my life and befriended me and what they were doing and the tactics, you can go to

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