Community Mobbing – 6/16/2014 – Metro complex using 2 light gray vw’s and 2 dark gray Honda Accords and 2 Lexus’s to create mental illness

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight when leaving my house, or this morning I noticed that the Metro complex is still parking cars in 2’s to create mental illness.

First, by my gate they parked 2 gray vw’s across from each other. This may or may not be one of their attacks but because since it is all day and night for the last 30 years it most likely is.


about a few 100 feet down the street to very similar, same color Dark gray accords which we see every day with different cars like this.

P1050672P1050664 P1050668 P1050670

About 30 minutes after coming home they pulled up 2 Lexus’s

P1050674 P1050677 P1050679 P1050680

This is an all day and night mental illness campaign for the last 30 years using every imaginable psychological warfare tactic to try to make me mentally ill to remove me from

society by trying to either push me out of control to try to make it crazy and I am a problem, or push me to suicide to rid me of the world. This campaign is covered up in every lie and smear disseminated to the

world in a funded operation working with the police, my family, and the communities world wide to achieve their hidden agenda. For details on this mass targeting, you can go to

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