Community Mobbing – 6/19/2014 – Teams of people coming into starbucks in with green, greenblack, and 2 orange people

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I left my house, I went to starbucks for maybe 40 minutes. It was fairly quiet.

maybe 9 people there. Out of those 9 people, all friends, 2 were wearing Green Shirts , and another 2 wearing orange shirts

CYMERA_20140619_175117After this about 20 minutes later, teams of people came in wearing either green shirts or pants only, or solid black pants, and solid green shirts.

CYMERA_20140619_180116 CYMERA_20140619_183116 CYMERA_20140619_183456 CYMERA_20140619_184424 CYMERA_20140619_180009

My phone’s white balance was off, but I assure you these people all have green on them. I count about 9

also, a man comes in wearing all black, a common tactic and starts saying things like “It is what it is” which are things said to me that I have to live with being huntd because they claim I’ve committed some crime at 10 yrs old when this all started or something which is a coverup for their ulterior motives to remove me from society.


What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

This is a 30 year campaign to end my life any way shape and form possible started by my own family working with the police and world wide neighborhood watch campaigns to smear my name, rile the masses against me, and torcher or terrorize me to death starting at the age 10

For details on this mass murder campaign you can go to


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