Brian Longbotham Frame Jobs with Universal Studios on a Pilot called Hollyweird

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While in College in University of Colorado, And learning 3D animation on my own. Because their wasn’t much in the way of education at the time accept specialized schools like Cal Arts, and the technology was extremely expensive as far as in studios.

Average Silicon Graphics computers ranged from 50K – 500K not leaving much leeway for most colleges to buy and teach that type of thing.

I did however manage to buy a DOS based 3D Studio software from the Student store for learning. But they however did not have any type of classes in the College. I do recall taking some private courses, and buying books and teaching myself at home. And keep in mind. This is before the Internet days where they had things like online documentation or tutorials.

This forced me to take the initiative and learn things on my own. Which my family seemed to use against me that I someone think I am smarter then my professors turning them against me and things like this using their psychology degrees and funded information dissemination with government and world wide resources.

Needless to say, I was hired for a non paying Internship for a few summers while not at University of Colorado to work on on some Visual FX for a company called Modern Video Film in Burbank, Ca, with my Visual FX boss named Brian Longbotham and figure out if I was any good at it. And see where it would take me.

I have a feeling this isn’t even his real name being that their isn’t much information on this person. No social networks. no information on the internet. No pictures. Kind of gives you an idea of the type of person who was sent after me.

Just like Rodie Morales, who also was working with the police in all sorts of setup attempts and frame jobs. Yet kind of disappeared, and has no trial of an actual identity. Just people involved in highly illegal extermination operations with the government.

After finding out that the eventual job offer was not going to lead to me working on industry standard equipment, and not paying very well, I decided to not take the job for several reasons. One being that while almost all studios to really get anywhere used SGI silicon Grapics computers. With Alias or Wavefront at the time.  While some Lightwave on Video Toasters on some small studios. I wanted something that was going to help me in the future go somewhere.

But not only this, Mike Huntley, another person sent after me. Originally my brothers friend I had known for about 25 years swept in wanting to start an Internet Host Provider to host websites. And I saw an opportunity to do my own thing.

While all of this may seem trivial on the surface, I didn’t really understand at the time that when my brother around the age of me being 14 said to me that. “He and his friends made a teacher mentally ill and put them in an instition”, and that “He has a bug in my room and are listening to everything I am doing on the radio” was his way of telling me that he was going to put me in a mental institution.

Reasons being? I have no clue. I guess I was too nice to him, or maybe invaded his territory by talking to one of his friends or something. And when you invade a psychotic dog like this, territory, he devotes the rest of his life to exterminating you. I really can’t answer the Why’s about psychotic murderers hunting me down my entire life because most psychotics don’t have good rational reasons for trying to kill you.

Needless to say, Mike was a conduit to my brother, and was told to pursue me. And contact me to get me close to do these things to me. Mike was not the only person told to do this. Other friends of my Brothers introduced to me Mike Wexler, Jason Baum. Who all took part in the same type of frame jobs and setup attempts. Showing that non of these are isolated incidences from random people coming in my life from different areas and places.

So, Needless to say, after moving on from modern video film, I decided to stay friends with Brian, who got fired due to some credit dispute or something which he then supposedly sued modern video film for breach of contract. Because I saw someone who seemed like they had inspiration, passion, creativity, and innovation. Little did I know he was just a paid murdering thug who had nothing but the ability to use kids. And trying to off the ones he didn’t like.

While I cannot tell you if any of that is true in regards to his lawsuit against modern video film and him sueing for a million which I always assumed was true, I can however tell you of what he was involved in doing to me and my life.

While Brian spent endless time and energy on me while knowing him for 15 years after Modern Video Film with pre meditated motive, and intent to remove me from society any way, shape or form possible. His agenda always seemed to be the same. Keep getting m involved or associated with the 800 lb guerrillas in life, and turn them against me to go ballistic on me with insane amounts of money and resources. But while things go deeper, this is actually NSA and Government Operations as well.

You might ask yourself why hunt down and exterminate some kid how makes absolutely no money and is just trying to accomplish something in life, and have friends and relationships. I cannot answer these questions, just as I cannot answer the question of why my own brother wants to put me in a mental institution with my family for being the nicest person imaginable to him and everyone else in life.

Normally I’d say. Yes, their are some psychopaths in life. But when it is connected from one sequentially to the next for 35 years with NSA resources. Doesn’t quite add up.

While I was playing pool at Yankee Doodles which I used to love playing pool to try to strive for perfection on something and work to be the best I could be. Apparently my family believed that I was causing problems because playing pool to them is somehow shady and attracts murderers or something.

I guess my family went out and watched the Color of money and actually believed that playing pool is always something out of that movie or something. A they can’t seem to separate reality from movies thinking that what they see in a movie is somehow real life. Telling me weird things that I somehow did this to my life and am Shady for simply playing pool a lot is the stupidest thing known to man.

Especially from someone who played mostly straight pool, and usually refused to play for any money.

Image result for color of money

Also, they seemed to tell the world on their secret propaganda channel with the NSA, Government, and unlimited resources, that because I love pool, I play games with peoples lives.

Which doesn’t really make much sense. that’s like me saying because you went out and bought a Ferrari, you are reckless and race around at 200 MPH   whever you go.

Or maybe because you learned how to build websites, you are somehow a hacker who is hacking the department of defense. Any rational person will say. Well how does one go from here to there? Sane rational people generally don’t, but crazy murderers do.

Because 80$ of life is logic and facts. And even most  impulsive people go by logic and fact. Example, most people go out to eat 3 meals a day, because logically in their minds, their stomachs sending them signals that they are hungry and need food.

Or most people even buy a car because they like the car, no matter how impulsive, or aggressive they are. It’s only the Loonies that go around saying weird things like. You bought a Jaguar so therefore you are threatening to slice someone up or weird crazy crap like this.

Welp, I’ve just explained to you who my family are. And now you understand what crimes I will be accused and world told of for simply going out and buying a car, a jacket, shoes, music. not sitting perfectly straight, You name it!

Needless to say, while playing pool one day right before Brian hired me to work on a Pilot for Universal Studios, with Wes Craven producing it. They had a Porn star named Holly Body come in. And I can recall when she and the man she was leaving with walked by leaving they gave some kind of weird or insulting look, or comment. I cannot recall it was so long ago.

But right after this, Brian Hired me to work on this pilot, Hollyweird. Now you might say that, that is a coincidence. And NORMALLY you would be right. And at the time, I did not think a thing about it. Until I watched these things for 16 years being done to me all day and night, over and over and over and over and over and over and over to the point there was no possibility of coincidence. And that what is known as Street Theater in the Gang Stalking world of targets like myself are done to.

I have watched these types of mental illness, and paranoid schizophrenia, and obsessional looping tactics done to me all day and night. Since 29. And then looking back realizing. It had always been going on. Which is way beyond any level of disturbing imaginable.

n example would be. If you kept walking into random stores, and playing the lottery, and you kept winning. Then you went from state to state, and kept winning. And for like 100 times in a row, you won the lottery. And you kept telling everyone. Something isn’t right, I keep winning the lottery.

And they look you in the eyes, and lie to you giving you disinformation saying Well, people win the lottery. And while you can see from their eyes, their guilt, while also watching them INTENTIONALLY  ignore the obvious saying that their is nothing strange about winning the lottery 100 times in a row. You can’t of get the idea of the type of psychotic murderer you are talking too.

That kind of sums up my friends and family I grew up with, and their motives and intentions. Also gives you an idea of the types of people who would actually go this far to rid you of the  world.

So, After this, it was about turning things around on me. Maybe saying that I conform to media, and I hate this girl Holly body. And I suffer from obsession, and can’t let go from my jealous rage. Things that I have found my family with the police, government, and masses spewing to the world in secret for God knows what reason. I cannot fathom why my own family would do such a thing and have world wide support. Then tell you that you are not allowed to address their insecurities doesn’t make any sense other then. TRANSLATION: We don’t like you and will rid you of the world, ny way shape or from, no matter what it takes

Now most people know that Wes Craven was the writer for Nightmare on Elm Street which I have for some strange reason gotten a lot of flac for watching the movie as a child. But to be fair, every aspect of my life is gone through and I am accused of every crime known to man from every insignificant thing imagineable.

Example, if I go out buy, listen, or sing music. My family or people will be told to collect insignificant fragments to use against me. Maybe it is a song title, or maybe it is the skull on the guns and roses album art. And once again. Without any logic or common sense, lies will be systematically be made up from nothing, to the worst crime imaginable.

Maybe I will go out and buy the Queenryche Operation Mind Crime album. And then after that, the world LITERALLY will be told I try to make people mentally ill and kill them. For simply going out and buying some music. While 99% if the people in this world would say. If someone buys an Album. Or more importantly listens and buys like 100,000’s of different Albums. And doesn’t commit any crimes. Then their is no issue.

I have never really heard of people Cherry Picking fragments of information, then hiring creative writers to fabricate entire stories of crimes based on thin air, unless they wanted to paint a picture to have the world mob them to death. Based on no crimes, factual evidence, or anything else. So you kind of get the idea of what is being done to my life with unlimited people and resources, and all in Secret to try to make me look crazy. And have no means of defense.

Not even the 1st amendment freedoms of speech or protection from people helping and speaking out that non of it is true, and is beyond any level of ILLEGAL imaginable. Civilly, and Criminally.

So, while hiring me for this Job, At one point, Brian Tells me that Wes wants me to put in a video clip spliced into the effect, of OJ Simpsons news footage of him fleeing the scene.

While I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t really have much choice in the matter. My boss is telling me what he needs, and I pretty much have to do it provided that it is LEGAL. And if that is what Wes wanted. Who knows what his reasoning would be. Maybe he is joking around. Maybe he wants to joke around with his friend. Things that aren’t really my business.

But the problem with this is that. That isn’t what was going on. What seemed to be going on after establishing certain behaviors not only from Brian Longbotham, but all the people told to come in my life and do these things over and over and over and over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and over

Was that Brian was doing the same exact things coincidentally Brian Weaver was told to do to me at 16, when I got into building cars and was in High School. Was to try to endlessly set me up, and or frame me.

So what Brian was doing was reeling me into these 800lb Guerrillas, then trying to dessimate me by turning endless resources against some kid just just trying to make a living, and meet people, and have a life. Who made absolutely no money.

I mean what is there fear? I might make some money to pay rent, and meet a girl, and that is an unknown quantity that can destroy the world? I’ve accumulated too much power by going out on a date with a girl who is not told to end my existence, and or might be able to buy a 20K car? So like usual, their arguments to the world don’t make any sense based on honesty and truth. Or logic and facts. Just pure fiction to turn the world against me.

So for the past 16 years I could not fathom why people not only keep hinting that I am somehow playing games and somehow F**cking with people.  I have no clue not only where the lies are coming from. But even stranger. Why it is WORLD WIDE! and also in SECRET! and even Stranger while my own father eventually breaks from his pathological lying and manipulations to cover up his endless setup attempts and frame jobs of things like him putting a bullet hole in his 300e Mercedes and Secretly telling the world I am crazy and did it.

He tells me strange things that people don’t tell other people what they did because they can lie. You know. The types of things psychotic murders tell you. Because when they kill you, you don’t see it coming. Just like someone in the Maphia. But this is who my family is.

Especially when I was 16, stopping my brother from bashing my friend Greg Waugh’s head in with a crow bar, and him telling me blood is thicker then water. I need to support him and spy on Greg for him. Which I told him I wanted nothing to do with. What kind of psychotic tell you that based on those ACTIONS?

But you get the idea of where all this is coming from.

My point! why would the world be told that I am F**cking with Wes Craven, the entire entertainment industry wanting me dead. And not only this. Not one person world wide telling me what it is about saying I could lie. Which is irrelevant. And then watching for the last 16 years alone, over 100,000 mental illness attacks per day to kill me. While attacked by every person in contact with world wide all working togethor. Still doesn’t even add up. Even if I was F**cking with Wes Craven.

My point is, that I am sure people have screwed around like the Tyler Durden thing which I think was probably written into that movie trying to base it on me, like they have done to me with endless media to try to turn me into a schitzo. And my point is. That sometimes people do jokingly screw around with people, and I have never heard of global murder campaigns over it.

So, Here is the Pilot we worked on, which I have never even seen until last night. Because as you can guess. You don’t really get to see the show until it is completed or is sold and goes and is on television. or maybe some after event to see it which I do not believe i was invited too.

According to Brian the show was cancelled because of some Violent event that happened in the media. I think some freeway shooting or someting.  right after completion. Who knows. But it never made it on TV.

While this one just one Angle Brian was working on to remove me from society, their were endless others. And we can ask questions about things like OJ fleeing the scene, and his thoughts, and relevance to it. For example, does this pertain to my brother being mad at me for stopping his endless terror as a child.

Who kept hitting me in the back of the head. Or holding me underwater in the pool. or having Darrin Moselle hold a knife up to my throat in his movie he was making with us in it called “Psychos” where he says to me. “I will make you the 5th member of the BeeGee’s”

Does it have relevance to when my father took us on a Caribbean cruise when I was 14 years old with My Brother Jason, and Darrin Moselle, and them trying to turn me into a schitzo hinting about WWII by ordering B52’s and Kamikazies,  over and over every night. Then buying me a kershaw pocket knife for absolutely no reason to try to make me look paranoid, crazy and with a knife, in hopes he could get me to go after him?

Does it have to do with my father telling my brother after my father buying a boat he called “The Flicka” then telling my brother to endlessly walk up behind me and flick my ear over and over, and then show my movies to try to send me hidden messages to try to turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic which I had no clue of until maybe 38 years old?

Does it have to do with Mr, Blood is thicker then water not liking that fact that one of his endless times of running up from behind hitting or flicking me in the ear, and me fake thowing a Steak Knife by dropping it to the ground. To stop his abuse which he could not deal with. As most Murdering Bully’s cannot deal with you stopping them or telling them to stop.

But like usual. Why would anyone even obsess on these things that normally wouldn’t even matter? For example, When I grew up, despite all my brothers abuse to me. I held nothing against him. Except I didn’t know of what was really going on. I thought they were just random childhood acts. And not calculated demented operations going on to rid me of the world. Which sort of explains why they got so DEFENSIVE at 29 when I found out something was very wrong.

Because people don’t get mad at people normally if they say. Something really F**ked up is going on. They don’t follow you around normally saying. We are watching you and you better not say anything. That is not the actions of people concerned about your health or you having a good life. Especially when it is coming from you family, friends, and the people around you, you grew up with. Or places you worked.

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