Community Mobbing – Key car and slash top after exposing what’s going on

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On Friday the 4/5/13
Several people started provoking me passive aggresively until a security guard came in knowing he was going to try to provoke me any way shape and form into a
fight with this group. After not wanted me to take a picture of the trespass

they refused to show me and wanted a signature, he brought it out, and as I was taking pictures of it for proof, he began to get irate saying things like “Fuck you, leave my property now”

Not only does this trespass show false allegations, but it covers up the Persian man they had follow me from starbucks and friends, who then broke, and got physi

cal with me.
Once this happened, the Starbucks employee’s who have been trying to get rid of me any way shape and form, filed a false report stating I was violent, turning the entire situation around
like usual.

After me addressing this issue, and every other aspect of what they have been doing since I found out 12 years ago, this morning after leaving a spot where my car was parked, I noticed several

key marks, as well as a slashed top. 4/10/13

This also happened about 6 years ago, when I owned a black mustang. They also slashed that top. And eventually stole the car and brought it to south central. Back then I could not comprehend what

these people were doing to me and my life with tactics of provoke, then try to get any reaction possible, then do it again and again, until they can figure out a way to remove me from society

then give it out to the world.

Today as taking pictures out on topanga canyon, a man who lives across from me in a wheel chair who knew me and lives at the METRO across from me approached me and asked questions when I was

taking pics. As we got talking to the situation occurring he tried to give me disinformation saying “well, just live your life, and we will live ours with hidden comments to provoke me and scare

me quiet” As I know they’ve been terrorizing me, then trying to figure out how to keep me quiet with this 30 year crew.

Also, at the gas station oddly enough, a man approached me wearing the color combinations teams of people in the city are told to wear everywhere to make me sick.

He kept calling me “Boss” over and over since Lorena Escobar hired me at work, and then told the entire office to follow me around with tactics to make me sick.
The man who claimed he was a body shop person who refused to give me his card, wanted to buff out the scratches. He was wearing solid black pants, and solid purple top. Lady with him was wearing Solid black pants and a solid punk top, which I have tons of photos because when this started happening, I’d see 100’s of people a day wearing same combinations at the places I go.

When I drive someone I have not been of course

people are not wearing these colors everywhere. This started after Lorena Escobar asked me to do a photo shoot with her, and my final results were a play off colors and color patterns. Telling people I had somehow wronged her, and this information being deceminated secretly around the city, as I’ve been told I’m imagining it. So I took pictures to prove it.

These tactics have been continual for I’d say 30 years.

Youtube video of keyed marks and slashes in top:

For more information go to


P1110135 P1110134 P1110130_2. P1110126_2 P1110030 P1110027

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