Starbuck Employees harassing me to death with mobs for over 12 years, then fabricating false reports

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing, Uncategorized
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At this location, as well as all other locations

Employees were told to not only harass me with passive aggressive tactics, but have 90% of the people there do it as well to get any type of thing possible to use to file reports to get rid of me as part of a 30 year campaign to end my life.

The one man is a guy person who keeps passive aggressively attacking me to make it look like I hate gay people, the black lady is doing the same to make it look like I’m racist.

At one point she and all the employees were turning off the lights on me, then trying to get masterbation confessions. At the point I sarcastically mentioned the word “Masterbation” they said I could not come back because the word “Masterbation” is not allowed and grounds for expulsion. They then fabricated a report that they wanted me to sign, but would not let me see, saying I am doing innapropriate behavior.

She also made up false facts about racial comments, as they had a Persian friend follow me to all the other locations with his friends trying to provoke me, and when he snapped, and attacked me, the employees, fabricated a report saying I attacked the man, when it was the other way around so they could cover up their crimes.

This is not one incident, but they have teams of people working on me all day and night for over 30 years to remove me from society, and refuse to address the issue.

Since they can’t seem to find a real reason why, they just want to rid me of the world and ruin my credibility, which is a HATE CRIME.

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