The Alexis Amore Setup attempt and frame jobs

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Repeated Police thugging to try to cover up what is being done to my life

Officer Dinse, Jensen, Toro, Coverup to thug me quiet after calling lawyers for a civil suit for destroying my life

The Police sending a girl named Stephanie (Skyler) after me on IRC having her send me a message, telling me that they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death for some reason. And their ACTIONS show that, that is exactly what they are doing. And it has been going on since young then 9 years old, as I found out at 29. This is just one of the endless operations of theirs to end my life and rid me of the world for some reason. When I told Skyler, I didn’t want anything to do with her when she got abusive towards me. The LAPD went ballistic coming after me more for walking away. Showing these are all cover up operations for their endless crime spree against me since a very young child.

Other people sent after me as well as Alexis Amore to figure out how to remove me from society, working with my family, the Government, FBI/NSA

Lorena Escobar, Aubrey Fisher, Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Jason Baum, Mike Wexler, Lynn Junkin,, Jason Perelman, Jen Hess, Julia Sofia Reynoso, Rodie Morales, Cory Bixby, Stephnie(Skyler), are just a few off the top of my head.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Some of my Art Mike Huntley, Brian Longbotham, my family and Government have targeted me over

Tom Farley with FBI, NSA, Gov told to hunt me down for being attracted to Christy Reynolds with Paranoid Schitzofrenia Tactics to remove me from society in 8th grade   at

With a family and father who telling his entire office to mentally batter me to death, and sending every person known to man after me with the FBI/NSA

“i LOVE you” over and over wile trying to put me in the ground, probably meaning he is paying off Alexis Amore to do what she is involved in with the rest of them

While having her follow me to Spearmint Rhino, Van Nuys, then them having Tim Thompson working with the Spearmint Rhino manager in Los Angeles, asking me to come down take a look at their computers while she was waiting for me there to frame me, saying I was following and stalking her.

Also, her working with  Brian Longbotham having her wait at Sharky’s for me, and him asking me to go with him to Sharky’s after playing pool at Yankee Doodles with him.

Showing a mass conspiracy to end my life, and rid me of the world with these mental illness and terror operations.


When I was around I’m guessing 26 and worked out at Worlds Gym, and was in a Business with a person named Mike Huntley, I knew for 25 years. who was hunting me down. The first thing you might notice was the name. Mike “HUNTLEY” this is because this mass campaign is about creating mental illness and things like Paranoid schitzofrenia, obsessional looping, or that I think differently but more importantly. to make it look like I suffer from things like this. So people with specific names will befriend me using the names to send suggestive hidden messages, amongst endless other tactics.

So, around this time, My Gym Manager, Rodeo Morales befriends me, working with Mike Huntley who wanted to sign up to the gym with me. And because I had always worked out on and off since 16. I said yes.

So Rodie befriends me and as we are friends he is endlessly trying to set me up to try to make it look like I am following women around. For example. One older lady I thought was cute and quit the gym. Not because of me, but who knows what she was saying, and went to 24 hour fitness. Rodie sweeps in and then tells me that he knows a person who works at 24 hr fitness, and he can give me a free membership. Well who’s going to turn that one down right? so of course, not knowing the setup or even having any knowledge of this person. As if I was FBI, and magically knew where strangers go or anything else. I go, and of course she is there working out. The guy says I can try the gym out. I think I might have worked out one day there, but not sure. And then they bait and switch me for a fee.

I then realize the bait and switch not knowing their attempts to try to make it look like I am following people which has endlessly been going on since high school. After this, I remember seeing her boyfriend at Shotzies to sit at our table, but it seemed like he was pissed off or giving me mean looks, and didn’t want to sit there for some reason, but I never made the connection until later because their was obviously nothing I had done and not knowing my so called FRIENDS motives. Anyways, this is an example of probably what has literally been done 1000’s of times over the last 30 years to try to rid me of society of large events, and upwards of 10,000 passive aggressive terror tactics per day.

Now that you understand, just one of the endless tactics of what is going on. Lets talk about Alexis Amore. Rodie Starts taking me to Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys., one of three or four people since I moved off to collage, and were all doing the same type of things with strip clubs. Eric Christianson, Val Morozov, and Tom Farley,  As well as the Strip Club hopping because he knows I like that type of chicks, and it’s a perfect opportunity to use it to try to figure out ways to remove me from society with endless setups and trying to use my life against me.

So, When I started going to Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, Alexis Amore starts working there. There is no doubt that with my entire life since graduating high school, women have been following me from place to place, then turning it around saying I am following them and won’t leave them alone is one of the tactics. For example. Kelly Hatch following me up to Southern Oregon State College, and telling the world I am stalking her. Which has been done by endless women. So it is pretty obvious, that Alexis Amore followed me to the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys working the same tactics.

In the mean time, Another friend I had. Tim Thompson and fellow pool player, who pretended to work for Hot Body International, and was part of this campaign, who I gave free office space too. Because I’m a monster. Was pretending to work for Hot Body International who we sort of were trying to set up some web jobs which turned out to be scams because they had ulterior motives to remove me from society.

So Of course Tim Thompson would have his box covers on the floor with Alexis Amore on the top, always talking about how he was friends with the photographer there. Now, While Alexis Amore was working at the spearmint Rhino, I was extremely nice and professional, like always, and even at one point asked her to do a website, as I had done a few, and wanted to get to a larger scale as well as build my systems. Which apparently, my family and friends who SAID they supported me, clearly wanted me punished and never to be able to do this type of work so, you can only imagine their motives.

Especially when I found out something was wrong and Tim Thompson was in my office with Mike Huntley, andhe stands up and looks at me and starts swinging an imaginary golf club, sending me messages about one of my mothers endless lies, one being that I had hit Josh Burnim, the neighbor kid in the head with agolf club. But of course it goes from criminal accusations, one sequentially after the next and given to the world to rile the masses against me.

Well she said no, and it was of course no big deal, as then the people started with the mind games were suggesting or saying things to me like. Well how dare you build more then one girls site. Who do you think you are from some of the other girls I was working with. which would swith from, I’m obsessed with someone to I want to I want to take over the world depending on who they are delivering their smears too.

Anyways, that was chalked up as a no, and it didn’t phase me at all. I’m sure my friends were saying I was angry and in a rage. Eventually, after a long time. I got sick of the strip club scene, and stopped going. I just wanted more to life then a dance tease. That was the last I had seen of Alexis Amore.

In Comes Brian Longbothum: My so called friend and mentor from Modern Video Film. A man I thought was a good person and was originally my boss until he quit and we became friends after I had quit, because after the intern, the offer didn’t give me the tools to go forward such as. Actually using the software on SGI’s that was mainstream to the industry for computer animation at the time, and I didn’t see it going in the right direction on dos based 3ds max which wasn’t used much. I was friends with Brian for 15 years as he worked on me consistently trying to destroy my life and remove me from society the whole time without knowing it.

But Brian was an Idea man, and thinker, and seems like he wanted to put some things togethor. But unfortunately, the Little did I know, the things he wanted to put togethor had to do with using suggestive messages to guilt, or get confessions, or set me up in the eyes of others to look crazy or abusive. I was friends with him for 15 years, and he had connections to the entertainment industry, and some in the adult. Of course all my predators, range from 25, 30, 10, 6 year relationships while they spent day and night stalking me.

Brian was big on what they called. Their “LAUNDRY LIST” things they collected or better yet fabricated, or didn’t matter, and accused me of since childhood they were going to do to me for the rest of my life and still do until they get false confessions. They will just go from thing to thing until my nervous system gives out and I am dead.

So Brian knew I loved playing pool. And several of my discussions with people once in a while, and I think with brian is a technique called SHARKING. This is the low life loser technique. it is simple really. The person tries to play pool which involves immense concentration, and the other guy sits around trying to distract him so he misses. Only type of people who do it are the ones who have no skills and no life.

Anyone who knew me, provided they weren’t involved in the smear operations, knew that not only did I not play for money, I never sharked and complimented everyone. The reason I never played for money, was because it was about passion, and perfecting the game. Becoming good at something from hard work, and drive, and motivation. being the best I could be. and trying to do things like the masters.

So Brian comes with me to the pool hall one day and starts manipulating me. Which I didn’t think it was a big deal because I thought it was all in fun. So Brian see’s someone playing pool by himself which I now know he was in communications with Brian on the side. So Brian says to me, I want you to play that guy! and I say ok. So we start the game and he then wants us to play for money. And I don’t remember the convo, but because it was for a tiny amount and Brian said he wanted to see if I could play under pressure. it was for $5 or something like this and I said sure.

While playing, of course Brian does some juvenile things like takes my cue and hides it across the room. Who knows why. I guess trying to shark me. I end up winning and that is that.

Right around this time, Brian invites me out to lunch. Where does he want to go? Guess? Sharkies! Mexican restuarant. And guess what. When he takes me there. Alexis Amore is eating with her mother. At the time, I did not know what was going on. And I had no idea Brian was trying to create things like Paranoid Schizophrenia and mental illness, by taking me to not only places called sharkies, but endless jobs, places, you name it with suggestive hints of guilt or trying to make me crazy. But I assume, by him having Alexis Amore there, he was trying to make it look like I was sharking her at the strip clubs, or guilting me into false confessions so he could tell the world what a horrible monster they say I am and put it in there  “LAUNDRY LIST” or just keep guilting me until I am dead. which seems to be their motive since 10 and try to turn it around on me.

So, I see her as we leave, even though I am pretty shy, I bite the bullet and walk up just to say hi, see if she remembered me and such. Of course she pretended she did not, nor did I care. That was that.

So some time goes by, and while Mike, and Tim, and Bob are in our office every day spending their lives trying to end mine, and me trying to make money.  In such sceneros as Bob telling me things, like we should get rid of Paul as a client, because he does not like him. Of course, me being the monster, and saying, that is unacceptable. But of course, that is not what the world hears. One day Tim Thompson, the man who said we should build adult sites, and as I started some with him.  Kept saying he hadn’t had time to get to it,  and when the shit hit the fan told me this is happening because I built adult sites by shaming me, says. I have a call.

And I say, who is it? he says, it’s the manager from the Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino.  I pick up the phone, he says what do you want? I said you called me. I had met him once as Rodie Took me down to Spearmint Rhino once, and I think I’ve only over been their once or twice, but that was it. But Rodie had Introduced me to the manager so I vaguely knew him.

So he says he wants me to come down and look at their computers. Something about their Citrix environment. And I figure, computers, hot chicks, sure, why not. I go down, it was some questions about citrix, RDP, and networked locations I think, I can’t remember and that was pretty much it.

As I was leaving, I saw Alexis Amore there, and I figured. So I thought. She was very kind, professional and hard working so why not get a lap dance.

I can recall this weird scared look on her face. But I had no clue why, nor could I comprehend it because it’s not like I did anything to her. But then, who knows the endless lies they were spewing. So now it kind of makes sense that she probably knew what was going on, and was thinking. OH SHIT! Who knows if she thought I knew, or what, I am not really sure. Nor does it matter at this point.

And that was it, and left. Now their is no doubt they were building an archive of smears that I was following her from place to place, like my family has my whole life. Especially after having Kelly Hatch follow me in a mass setup operation, and then turn the whole thing around. Which happens from girl to girl my whole life.

I can recall going to a strip club in santa monica called 4 play, where one of the strippers told me Alexis Amore was crazy. Of course, I know how jealous women can be and I didn’t think much of it. Not only that, but all these mass world wide groups hunting me down aren’t crazy. They just pretend to be to try to get away with what they are all doing networked togethor and try to figure out ways to make me crazy to remove me from society which seems to be the world wide agenda since 10 years old. Plus, looking at her social life and carrer, she looks pretty stable to me. Always out with friends, always doing things, and has a career. So my guess would be the same as each and every other person coming in my life pretending to be crazy, and then telling everyone it is somehow my fault for it. It is merely a tactic to smear my name and remove me from society.

These tactics go all the way back to high school with Paul Humphrey and his girlfriend Carissa brands. Who I had no contact with other then a few sentences probably, and Paul trying to figure out ways to get me to steal her which didn’t work. As well as a supposed, attempted suicide which him and my family would run around saying it was my fault for the way I treated her. Yet aside from the minimal contact it would be impossible. And if I was so god aweful abusive to her and she really did, then I would imagine something like me picking my nose would push her to her end. But from what I’ve seen, I am sure it was a scam and a way for my friends and family to pin more lies on me to remove me from society.

After this, I think a long time went by for years. Where things were coming to light. After I had been hunted all day and night for maybe like 5 years or so. world wide terror torcher campaign to end my life. Got severely sick while watching millions try to kill me for no reason and still goes on to this day while the masses try to cover it up.

I don’t know if you can imagine what every aspect of your life, careers, and finding out 1000’s of things from the age 10 – maybe 38. Every aspect of your life coming to light that you thought was normal that was a setup, mental illness tactic, you name it, world wide to kill you, while watching 10,000 people per day working on you all day and night to cover it up. You live in severe isolation, terror, and severe lonelyness because nobuddy will tell you what is going on. And you are not allowed to have any conversations with strangers, any friends, no family, not even a meaningless purchase without being attacked and millions trying to kill you all day and night. And telling you, that you are imagining it. or it’s somehow your fault, but won’t tell you specifically why, because they know, you will call their bluff of lies.

So realizing that your life is gone and trying to survive enough, just to function while millions are trying to kill you for no reason. My mentality changed a little from mostly being about business  and probably a little too professional. to wanting to have at least some kind of social interactions, weather it be superficial,  or meeting real friends and such at places like coffee shops, or hobbies, and such. Or even social network interactions which everyone loves.

Which I always had, but was a lot harder to focus on work with a world wide massecre since 10.

So while signing up to social networks. And once again, world being told I’m committing crimes for being somewhat social on social networks And adding people, and hoping vice versa while being hunted and told I’m a monster and am not allowed to have friends, relationships, talk to people, as well as my hypocrites stalking and their “Don’t blur the lines mentality” which is impossible because that is not how life works while hunting me down. Pus, the fact that they bring in all these things from my life that don’t exist, and then tell me, I am not professional for addressing them or defending myself.

This is one of their biggest tactics. You sit in an office all day, while provoked over 100 times a day in this office. each provoke is some suggestive message that I have done this or that. And if you say one thing. People Like Lorena Escobar, orchestrating this, try to immobilize and torcher campaign will say. “You are not professional and this needs to stop” Not allowing me to defend myself or address the issue. Because nothing is said directly and they are setups. So if you say nothing they never stop, and if you say something, they say your a problem and creating issues. These types of tactics have been going on since 10 years old, and then they try to cover them up, saying it’s because of me. Which are clearly premeditated and well thought out.

I can recall, Alexis Amore asking everyone on her twitter to visit her at Bobs Classy Lady. And of course, thinking she was nice, kind, professional, and driven, I figured why not, I will show my fan support I guess you call it. Of course, if you invite people places, how can they be following you? but of course, they manage to spin that one too.

I can recall going there.

Pretty much still in a state of shock as to what was going on, and not really being able to understand or comprehend it. While afraid to talk to anyone or say anything from the state of my health and what was going on.

I can recall going in. Instantly being harassed by the bouncers. Had no clue why. Harassed by several people. and watched her do a few dances. And briefly wanted to go up and say hi. As I was extremely nervous and shy, because I had no clue what the hell was going on. And like the old me, didn’t want to offend anyone. Which was strange because everyone wanted me dead.

So I spoke to her for a couple of minutes, practically studdering from being for screwed up from everything and wanting to be polite, but not knowing what to say. That was it. I think she then was with a guy, or regular, that she wanted to spend some time with, which of course did not make me jealous and I just go ahead and tip and be polite friendly to others. Although, it sort of seemed, and I am not making this judgement except saying seemed. Like she had a smirky, I want to make you jealous type of thing going on. But I never put a conclusion to it because I rarely make judgements without enough logical or factual data to support the conclusion, and said. It doesn’t matter and I’m leaving after a few girls dance, etc. And that was it.

And of course, leaving, being harassed by the employees and bouncers once again. Which is world wide, all day and night. never stops. And not one person can actually tell me what this whole thing is about. Because non of it makes sense, because everything is a blatant lie to begin with.

At one point around this time, I could sense the weirdness from her, but didn’t know what was going on. And like a decent person that I’ve always been. And sure, some attraction, I am a guy. Especially at this point where everything In my life was destroyed, I tried to flirtingly addressing the issue sending a joking contract saying “You are invited to discuss, your issues” or something. Because It seemed like she was really mad about something. And I figured, maybe get to the bottom of it. But little did I know, what was really going on.

Of course she responded with a hidden message about look at my ass or something. Which seems to be based on my brother and friends going on his road rages and getting cars and people to chase them, then going ballistic on them. But to this day, I am confused why they are mad at me for what he is doing. But that seems to be the pattern of behaviors from people based on everything anyone around me has done since 10, for some reason seems to be pinned on me in the LAUNDRY LIST. So while endless people give me ass hints. I have no clue to this day, what it means, other then my brothers road rage. And I need to be killed for everyone elses crap.

After this, I can recall going to Adultcon in Los Angeles. Still freaked out, not knowing what was going on, or why, and not being able to comprehend why the world wanted me dead for no reason. I figured I’d go anyways. Despite the fact these people wanted me dead for being nice to them, and providing services that they could benefit from. Alexis Amore found out I was going and notified everyone she was going after this as I think she joined some friends or company she knew booth. As I was going up to everyone’s booth, introducing myself, passing out my cards, trying to talk to people such as some body painting booth for photo shoots as I got a really mean look I can recall talking to them. And for some reason people getting mad at me for being social or promoting myself which is what you do at conventions. Go from booth to booth, see who is who. And exchange services, or you benefit from theirs. And how you everyone can benefit.

I can also recall going up to Yurizan Beltrans booth, which for some reason, we had never met, talked or anything else, and when I went up to the booth she had a scared look. I did not know what to say, nor did I say much. Took a card and left. Of course not saying anything mean. Probably the extent was something like. Your sweet yurizon. As she gave me a card and and I said I would check out the website. That was the extent of it.

I can recall briefly going up to Alexis Amore with a photoshoot idea and giving her my card. But I didn’t say much from how I was treated at Bobs Classy Lady from everyone there. And of course was very professional and like usual nothing mean said despite what this smear operation is telling the world. I remember the guy she was with, bouncer or friend, not sure. Got mad even though I didn’t say anything, like usual,  and said something like well go to Jaylene Rio’s booth. Another hispanic porn star. And Alexis saying something to him, seemed like she was telling him to be quiet. I’m not sure. But it seems that I have endless people trying to manipulate me into situations like this as well to try to set me up. Who knows, maybe they knew I went to Yurizan’s booth and she was jealous of me, even they she pretends she does not know me or is interested in me. Yet, seems to have some weird secret interest in me, but I don’t know someone who follows someone around from place to place for 20 years trying to get them to like them, and pretend they don’t know them, tell everyone you are obsessed and in love with them, especially when AMORE means love, and they use names to try to create or make it look like I have Paranoid Schitzofrenia. But of course, nothing was said to Yurizan about dating. Not even much at all. So how does one go from absolutly nothing. From walking up to a booth to this or that. Especially when I’ve walked up to 100’s of booths. So now one could have a lie for each booth based on, not one thing said or done. And what’s weirder, is after all these endless types of things, then they reverse it and say I am crazy, obsessed in love and think everyone is my friend. Or you could say, she’s Brazilian, so maybe she’s Julia Sophia Reynoso, some IRC person who was pretending to be crazy, hunting me down, and trying to set me up trying to smear my name, or make it look I was going after her with Rodie Morales and Mike Huntley. But that would be every girl from Brazil playing the same game to make try to make me crazy. But then, wasn’t that Italian Girl Mila, also the brazilian girl. I guess they left out the facts to the world that she was Italian and not Brazilian which would make that imaginary stalking impossible as well.

Across from them, I bought a T-shirt and the guy was pissed and started attacking me for no reason like usual as if I had wronged her.

Of course, I have no clue what all the animosity of these people is about. I think I might have some rumors where I’m trying to pick up two Mexican girls in the same convention or something, but the reality is I am at a convention and going from booth to booth, and nobuddy has been asked out. So I have no clue how a brief simple sentence or two goes into elaborate stories well thought out stories based on zero facts or things happening. And this is every specific detail of my life from 10 years old given to the world which shows exactly what this operation really is.

Because everyone in my life, I’ve been as nice as can be, and I have no clue what their rage issues really are because it doesn’t make any sense. Except them collecting things like a practical joke or something that everyone does, and somehow strategically taking each detail from my life and taking it out of context and giving it to the world somehow managing to turn it into a crime to rile the masses to end my life. Which makes no sense that everyone would be doing this.

Example. Going out on a few dates with a girl and saying. Well, it’s not working somehow equals. Your are stalking me, are a skull fucking and trying to make me mentally ill and kill me. And the coincidentally given to the world on funded smear operations is pretty damn strange. Especially when it’s almost every detail of your life.

Needless to say, while these people, and mass groups are on my social networks, everyone seems to want me dead. But like usual, no legit reasons except things that don’t matter. At this point, I can recall Lorena Escobar setting up an appointment for me down in Pomona.

And Lorena Escobar seems to be interwoven into all the lies, setups, smears, and terror operations for the last 25 years since my father hired her. Her lies and smears, and endless attempted setups with women from when I was in Oregon, Colorado, in college and back to California, every single place I go, you name it.

And the sicker they try to make me, the more they try to use it as leverage. So if you have to defend yourself in any way. It’s “See, I told you so” which obviously is a reaction to defend. Just like my brother saying I tried to kill him with a knife, to coverup his endless physical attacks. And he damn well knows I didn’t try to kill him, nor was their even any blood, or physical contact. Because I passively scared him by dropping it to the ground. As if a warm convo with coffee about why he keeps attacking me is going to happen instead.

The one thing you need to realize, is that while these people are trying to set me up. They are using every resource to track me. From hacking into my computer, or using spyware to try to collect dirt. But they also play both sides of the fence. Also, as they do these things, they well use their smear pedistole to make it look justified by saying. “Well kevin is a hacker and spying on people so it’s ok” of course we all know, I have no concept on how to hack. Not only that. These claims are based when my computer knowledge was pretty much, how to create art in programs like 3d studio, or photoshop and had no IT experience. Pretty much just an art background and how to use the internet.

Now this is no coincidence. To give you an example. When I was friends with Rodie, he called me up, gave me his login information, and asked me to check his email for him because he was driving. And while these same people with Rodie, Mike, Lorena, working togethor collecting the computer information as they say, to keep me inline to cover up their murder campaign. They just take my actions of logging into Rodie’s email, saying look everyone! Kevin is hacking Rodies account and spying on him. If i can even get to a point to talk about the situation which I am told nobuddy cares. Which is a lie, they will then try to cover it up by saying things like. I hope you learned your lesson for doing what you did. As if I did something wrong by helping a friend in need.

Well guess what? Jenn Hess out of her endless setups did the same exact thing to me. What are the chances? So you can understand what is really going on with these all day and night world wide setups to try to rid me of the world. You get the idea of what actually is really going on, and has since 10 years old.

For example. The day that I went down to Pomona for an apointment that Lorena Escobar had set up for me, the same exact day, Alexis Amore starts spouting on her twitter that she is going to Pomona. And the fact that everywhere I go in the world their are mass world wide networks. Everywhere I will go, people will know me. of course pretend they don’t, showing me their is  And most people on social networks and world wide, will know where I am instantly, because of this demented terror system built around me to end my life for no reason.

So, you can imagine. Lorena setting up an apointment. Alexis broadcasting where she is going to the world. And then me hopping in my car, while the world is keeping tabs on me, and where I go. So, what does it look like, to the people who aren’t told that Lorena made this appointment for me with clear and obvious intent to set me up and smear my name. And there is no, if, then, but, if that is intentional setup. Because why would you have secret networks world wide in the first place. Especially after you notice this type of thing is done over and over for 30 years.

Since my brother would attack me, and then make up lies to the world if I reacted and such saying I suffer from anger and rage. Well it’s notmal to be angry when attacked. But it’s not normal to attack and be angry for no reason.

After this, I finally started to see the Patterns of setups, as well as the worlds endless trolling to try to make it look like I am angry, or the endless cry wolfs from people world wide making up lies I did this or that, to rile the world even more. Especially since every single girl who has ever been in my presence has been given setup tactics to try to figure out ways to passive aggressively to try to make me angry. And one sequentially after the next my whole life. The motive is obvious. Make him mad, and turn it around on him and show the world he is a monster, and kill him.

So of course, from this point on, every one of Alexis’s social posts for endless years, has hidden trolling messages directed at me for the masses and has taken part heavily in all these psychological warfare tactics, which pretty much happens world wide with anyone. And any sicko control freak will say. If they don’t like you, go to someone else, you suffer obsession. But what they leave out, is that if it is each and every person world wide. Then you are being setup. Because no matter who you are interested in, you will be in the same situation. Just like what was happening to try to get food and supermarkets or restaurants. They would try to  say, You have a problem, if you don’t like it here, why do you come here? and the answer is pretty simple. I need to eat, and if I don’t eat, I die. And if you do this at every place in the world, you intent is to make me die.

Now what gets weirder after this is. While this person is going crazy on me, as well as each and every other. Endless people are trying to manipulate me into going to her events. And I can’t count the events and amount of people working on me there were so many. But the question of why they are doing this is odd. Because if I am sharking her, or whatever? I hate her?  Then why does she and her friends want to trick me into going there to see her? Or better yet, why do they even care. Why wouldn’t they just let me go off and live my life and she could live hers, And if this person liked me, they would just ask me. And the very act of strangers trying to manipulate you indirectly is beyond any level of spooky imaginable. or if I am a horrible monster, why are they trying to get me there so bad, and over and over. And the answer is simple.

Because they are trying to make me look like a crazy obsessed stalker who won’t leave people alone, or I’m out of reality, or this, or that. Because the ultimate goal is to remove me from society with the masses.

Now these attempts go on and on for years. And she spends her entire time following me around with this mass info collection network. doing weird abusive things. And then of course, it’s I have no clue who you are attitude as If I am going to believe that. And that shows, that is to only make me look crazier on any level imaginable to end my life or try to set me up, to remove me from society.

These people know their is nothing I have done to them. Just like my brothers endless lies and claims supported by my family since 10 years old. These are all operations to remove me from society, by lies, smears, attempted setups, coverups, you name it.

And there seems to be this common pattern with people. I want you to like me so I can destroy your life over and over.

The bottom line is that nobuddy in their right mind would do these things, and nobuddy would support them. And so their is ulterior motives in all these things clear and simple. And they need to cover the whole operation up. He’s crazy, he’s obsessed, he can’t move on, he demands perfection, he only dates models, he suffers from anger and rage, he’s a women beater, he’s paranoid schitzo, he committed a crime, it’s what he’s doing in his home,  it’s his personality, he can’t see himself, etc. These things are said to leverage and we all know it.

For details on this 30 year campaign to end my life with government, police, social workers, started by my family, with the masses world wide, you can go to

My World Wide Targeting info


Related incidents

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Tom Farley with FBI, NSA, Gov told to hunt me down for being attracted to Christy Reynolds with Paranoid Schitzofrenia Tactics to remove me from society in 8th grade   at

Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Gregory Allen Koenig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign –

Richard Barnwell my previous defense Attorney at the Cochran firm working with the prosecutors and LAPD –

Hispanic Person trying to Thug me quiet Working with LAPD Baily Bernard and the Lady in Green –

Gangstalker who hit the back of my Car with her hand another encounter –

Winnetka 12 – Movie Theater Thuggings to try to blackmail me quiet for what I know –

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics #cnnireport –

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property    –

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –


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