LAPD Thugging – Warrent arrest for closed case that was reopened for their coverup operations

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Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Gregory Allen Koenig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign –

After being arrested for a police setup attempt filing a Penal Code 422pc (They call Criminal Threat) on the paper, which is really just a threat working with my neighbors to keep threatening me, thugging, provoking, and terrorizing me to get a reaction to use against me to arrest me. Going on now since before 9 years old all day and night.

In order to coverup what they have done to my life working with citizens world wide and try to make it like like I am a horrible person to attack my credibility which they have always done my entire life in a mass conspiracy which I found out about starting around 29 years old. And have documented which they don’t want what I know coming out in the open, which pertains to all day and night operations directed at me to remove me from society starting somewhere between 5 – 9 yrs old, finding out all the horrific things that were being done to me, that I didn’t even know were going on.

LAPD setup attempt and arrest to try to thug me quiet about the endless terror operations they refuse to stop about what I know –

The police re opened the case after it was thrown out in court, after they had a Person follow me home, keep provoking me, and then blocked my gate to try to stop me from going into my complex. then assaulting me. In hopes they could set me up once again. This time with someone actually physically assaulting me and yelling at me. then stopping all possibility of me getting away from him.

Man who assaulted me, picture taken right after assault, ironically looks a lot like Tom Farly’s friend Leo sent after me working with Police and Metro complex setup operations to remove me from society

(to be expanded more on later)

There are several strange things going on here, which we all, and
the world know about is going on, and since 9 years old.

First, the Arresting officer, Dinse, was involved with a 2013
officer Jenson, who gave me a misdemeanor for sitting on the
sidewalk working with My Brothers restaurant, in the endless world
wide restaurant terror operations to stop me from eating food,
after me asking for his badge number due to his lies and trying to
bait me into situations. He wrote me up a misdemeanor for sitting
on the sidewalk with several other bunk bullshit counts like
assaulting someone by throwing a business card at them. Which not
only would someone laugh over, but nothing obviously was thrown at
anyone. I made the mistake of pleading no contest with an
expungement and took the easy way out, which I should not have
done. But due to the circumstances of my lawyer ripping me off,
and showing that he was not concerned with the crimes against me.
But rather friends of the corrupt police, make it difficult to get
proper representation.

Dinse and officer Jenson were always working with a British Porn
Star Louise Jensen, on twitter who is also pissed off at me like
the rest of the world for no reason or things that no sane,
rational person could care about. Although what the world is
really so mad about has to do with someone my family is in an
angry rage at around 5 – 9 years old they want to off me with
every resource known to man, FBI, NSA, you name it.

Thus putting hidden messages about Me, and Louise Jensen in a
movie with the entertainment industry which has been turned
against me by my family and Brian Longbotham, a man sent after me,
working with the entertainment industry where I worked several
jobs, including Universal Studio jobs, for Wes Craven and such
where he and universal Studios were working on me with all sorts
of frame job operations in their Paranoid schizophrenia Tactics to
try to make me look crazy and remove me from society for whatever
my psychotic family are so mad at me for, working with the police,
gov, FBI, NSA. and world wide support which I could go into, but
does not pertain to this.

The movie is called Escape Plan. One of endless movies used to
try to make me mentally ill or look crazy with the police and
government. Released in same year  2013.

Not only this, but right before my arrest, I watched this movie
and was making twitter jokes which is data mined to the world and
Police, NSA, gov, about it and my life, which sets these people
off when things I know or they think I know come out, when I call
out, what is being done. Especially the police trying to thug me
quiet about these endless operations.

Also, to try to scare, thug me quiet about what is really going
on, they wrote up 2 Bail receipts which doesn’t really make any
sense, showing their true colors, this time not issued by a
officer Salazar right after watching Pirates of the Caribbean in
the theater, last time, pretending to be the Murdering English
Police going ballistic on pirates in an uncontrollable angry rage. Also arrested a couple of days after going to see it showing that they are pre meditatively  planning these schizophrenia tactics out with the entertainment industry. Which I link back to these schizo tactics being used on me in the old Chuck Norris days starting at an early age.

Related image

Which these media tactics have been done to me all day and night
to try to make me look like a paranoid schizo finding out at 29
yrs old, something was not right with my life. And the more I
found out, the more there world wide masses with police, gov, NSA,
starting trying to kill me with the police for speaking out with
these psychological warfare operations, known as Gang Stalking.
Especially when I started writing a book about my life, things got
really bad for me.

Hence their 2 tactics. Patterns of 2’s. Just a strategic pattern.
Because one is normal and pairs of 2’s triggers you into a
hypersensitive state to try to make you look crazy and wonder what
is going on. A bail for $100?

Booking FelonyBooking Infraction


But were things really get weird. But not for me because I’ve now watched this all day and night 24/7 world wide for 17 years. Finding out it was going on since before 9 years old to off me. On this document, the court reporter Debbie Wollman on this case. With all the 35 years of trying to set me up for things like breaking and Entering with all sorts of people they could not do over and over. Is the owner of the Townhouse sharing the same wall as mine. And in the last 17 years. This place has not been lived in. And I believe to be used for audio bug tapping. As people world wide were posting things on social networks as to any sound coming out of my place that they knew this or that about what goes on in my house. Giving me endless subtweets about people living in glass houses, threatening or thugging me world wide. aside from the endless police privacy violations of phone tappings, cell phone GPS tracking, and 20 yrs of internet privacy violations for the use of their spy game tactics to use private information to create mental illness.

Example, last week I typed Auxillery cord in ebay, and someone pulled out a car in front of my place with a license plate “auxillery” dealer type of non plate on it. which is done to me all day and night, world wide. Hence as we all know, it is not my thought process as you say, it is people working on me with patterned terror operations and all sorts of mental illness tactics working with people like my family with their psychology degrees to torture, hurt, harm mame, and rid of the world. Even with threats from my own brother at 14, he and his friends are going to put me in a mental institution. After stopping him from bashing my friend Greg Waugh head in with a crowbar, and giving me some kind of mobster speech that blood is thicker then water and I need to support him, which I did not want any part of, and told him so.

Hence, Our court reporter here, owns the adjoining property she’s never really been in, or living in.

on court document.jpg

Debbie Wollman _ 21620 Burbank Boulevard, Unit_ 17, Los Angeles, CA 91367-1Debbie Wollman _ Professional Profile

Ok, so now you have to ask the important questions like, why did I choose this property and the other accusations to the world about my location and how I’m crazy. Well, first off, my fathers realestate agent found this for me right after a Porn Star Blake Mitchell is a Porno in one of these complexes next to me. as well as them using the street name Juliana PL, to hint about a girl in Univ Colorado working in the copy center and in some of my classes named Julia giving me free copies. They are also using the street at the park MaryLee at the park I try to go to, to take walks or get fresh air, telling the world I am crazy and looking for a Porn Star named Heather lee from the 90’s.

You get the idea. All premeditatedly planned out, just like the adjacent court reporter Debbie Wollman. Also, by the way, Jen Pilcheck, my brothers wife’s father Jay, is a Court Reporter.

The LAPD, who doesn’t want me talking. Kind of like them horrible flag burners or 60’s protesters the Government wanted to silence. We could also go into my families accusations to the world that I am a white supremacist for kissing a black girl around 12 years old because they are in a rage about that, but that is out of the scope even though it relates.

Also, during this Arrest, Officer Dinse mentions he has seen my website which shows endless proof, photos videos of every crime known to man being done to me since 9 years old with mass world wide mobs. And tried to play stupid and make me look crazy the LAPD has done over and over my entire life. From I am a paranoid schizo who just magically turned to one being a business owner at 29 yrs old who went to college and worked for all sorts of companies in the Animation industry/Hollywood, Adult Industry, you name it with people like Mike Huntley threatening my life and working with these mass groups. But of course, they say non of this is not only relevant. But endlessly for years going to the police with proof, they still weren’t interested in stopping the crimes. Any honest person can take the time to look at the proof on my websites, especially the photos on the word press blog, and they will say beyond any doubt that it is clearly going on. Especially since it is world wide. Thus showing that the LAPD is not only aware of this all day and night endless crimes against me since 9 yrs old. But they don’t want the truth coming out. And the reason for this is because they are involved in the crimes.

LAPD on audio admitting they have seen my websites which shows endless proof of these 35 yr crimes against me. Showing they are involved and trying to cover it up by removing me from society on a fabricated warrant when re opening a case –

The LAPD could have stopped this at 9 years old, or any time after 29 years old when I found out I was being hunted. But to this day, want to try to thug, terrorize, torture me quiet, and try to end my life because they don’t want the truth coming out. They are responsible for negligence, and stopping the crime, if they know it is going on. Hence while they lie and say I am crazy to keep the crimes going. Then tell me weird things that I have to go to the forest with all their neighborhood watch groups who have been hunting me with them since 9 years old.

An example of the operations they are trying to coverup which are all day and night world wide directed at me

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000’s

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used

They have absolutely no excuse why a detective wouldn’t go through all this and stop it with the amount of probably cause against me, so they make up the lies that I am crazy, too sensitive, and imagining it, and am crazy.

For more on these all day and night world wide operations to remove me from society, you can go to

My World Wide Targeting info


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