Gang Stalking – Court day for My Brothers BBQ time lapse loitering ticket

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today was my court appearance for a ticket I got for sitting on the sidewalk for doing a time-lapse of My Brothers BBQ.

There is no crime in doing a time lapse.

There is no crime doing a time lapse of a location talking about what they did to you

There is no crime in having a camera on a tripod in public if not for a professional job

There is no crime, in the first amendment freedom of speech

There is no crime having a sign “Smeared for making art”

There is no crime if not blocking the sidewalks allowing passage, especially on a non busy sidewalk

The question, due to the cover up, is, I was sited for 41.08(d)-  Sitting on the sidewalk

weather this is or is not, I do not know, but this is the case, which opens up tons of questions regards to the police thugging, and blackmail for the last 30 years of my life to tell me what I can and can’t do, making up lies to rile people up to get what they want claiming, that I am a problem or any other lie to get rid of me for KNOWING, and not DOING what they want. Which basically at this point, seems to be DIE.

In this situation, after My Brothers is responsible for heavy involvement of mass terror and thugging tactics at their location they are also working with all the other locations to make it impossible for me to buy food amongst one of their tactics as well as a world wide terror campaign to basically provoke me all day and night with covert tactics until my nervous system gives out, or I can’t make a living and starve on the streets while millions of strangers attack me all day and night with passive aggressive covert tactics  CLAIMING that they are trying to help me in some brainwashing attempt while IMMOBILIZING me, and trying to thug me into the ground with lies and smears. using the system against me to end my life for absolutely no reason.

Older post located here

When I get to the court house early before anyone, their is a person waiting in an empty lot, sitting backwards, lights on, in a lexus, most likely an intimidation tactic which has been done over and over insinuating most likely about Alexis Amore which in previous posts and on my site speak about those setups to try to make it look like I am pursuing someone in a criminal manor.

So, my lawyer went to the initial Arraignment, and pleaded a not guilty plea after them realizing that in reality, a 41.18(d) is basically an infraction for sitting on a sidewalk. Due to the reality of the situation that the waitress, who came out, approached me, told me to leave, especially after not 1 day of harassment, but years and years working with world wide terror tactics to make me mentally ill, and me being across the street and not on their property, And all I did, like usual was to try to buy some food to eat which they deem out of control, and want to STOP me from eating food, claiming it is my fault they won’t stop harassing me. So, me not going back, but being in public doing a Time-Lapse art piece to express their lies and crimes did not suite them well, especially after getting mad at me for me eating at other BBQ restaurants.

So after the arraignment,  where a simple  ticket of sitting on the sidewalk, and it being an infraction to begin with, and everyone knows it, as well as what they are doing, in the last posts, they are mad because, the person they are TARGETING is speaking out about what is really going on, and they do not want the TRUTH to get out to the world, but need to make sure, I am gone. Abused quiet, or put away, or dead. Because how does it look that someone like me who spent his entire life being kind, generous, giving, and is being HUNTED by the law for doing nothing at all to anyone and have lived an extremely clean life as if asking a stripper for her number is a crime, which I’m sure is asked out every day of her life.

So today was the court date for the not guilty plea of an infraction for sitting on the sidewalk to  go in front of a judge.

When we get to court, and I am called to the stand, all of a sudden there is supposedly their is a clerical error. And the paperwork filed for the INFRACTION seems to be missing. GEE INTERESTING! While the Prosecuting attorney they choose, just happens to be a gorgeous lady wearing Orange and Black, my guess is their Clock Work Orange colors for their false accusations against me trying to send hidden terror messages like the last 30 years of my life.

She starts saying things like. “There is more to this, it is not an infraction” She mentions things like harassment, which is true except I am the one being harassed, and they are crying wolf to cover it up. Trying to get any reaction to remove me from society, claim I have a problem which they refuse to address for the sole purpose to use it as leverage.

They do not want to talk about the whole story, just the tiny FRAME they have been putting around me for the last 30 years trying to rid me of the world.

Not only do they have a prosecuting attorney, but they have several other attorneys, all for me based on this 41.08(d) sitting on the sidewalk.

About two weeks ago, I was out videoing a firetruck situation, and two police officers walked by, and one said to me “We are watching you Perelman” meaning, I better do what they say, or they will “exercise the law in their own way” just as officer Toro said to me as he followed me to Encino Starbucks Stating if I pursue photography, he will “Exercise the law in his own way”

I should also note, that two weeks ago, in the Van Nuys court house, After paying for a fixit ticket,  The next day, a police officer saw me card. and decided to call me up and thug me quiet. Officer Dinsey is his name and it is very strange that he wants me to be quiet or better yet, does not want to stop this mass crime in the millions all directed at one person in SECRET for the sole purpose of CONTROL.

He called stating that he saw my card, that he was trying to help me, but things like a card on the ground, or even put on a car, is a crime. When he asked to come out, because I gave him detailed information, which was also on the site, he said he wanted to investigate. I said that’s great, I will come out there. At this point he said, well, I can’t know, but in two weeks, knowing that I was going to court. If he was concerned about stopping a crime he would not hold this over my head, but immediately put a stop to it. And I mean all of it.

So being that the waitress is friends with the police, and working with the police to destroy me no matter what. She comes out telling me to leave. The then says “You fucked with the wrong person” At this point proceeding to notify everyone in the area to call the police, then making claims I am harassing them. When they spend all day trying to bait me into reactions to remove me from society, then cry wolf.

So, as I enter the court house, one of the security starts whistling at me, which is the normal whistling tactic to provoke me, and if I wasn’t in the wrong, they would not need to do this.

When I go into court, I am called first, as this huge ordeal about the paperwork is lost. There also does not exist a police investigative report, which I am to see before the arraignment to get proper counseling which is odd claiming their is no paperwork, then of course, the filed plea of the arraignment stating that I have pleaded NOT GUILTY for a infraction also seems to be missing while they are CLAIMING that this is the arraignment.

The judge then makes a statement that, If it gets out that they have a case on a misdemeanor for sitting on the sidewalk, the court will be a laughing stalk. She then goes in the back to research, comes out after 15 minutes, and says something to the girl making copies that she will be charged for copies. She then mimics one of my past sentences saying “I am getting old”

First off, they will not look like the laughing stalks, but who they are which is a bunch of corrupt power hungry tyrants who has hunted one man in the millions causing sever pain on every level, and has ruined his life on every level. For no reason and acting above the law. Not only have I not done one thing to anyone, I’ve spend my life caring and giving to everyone in a NORMAL sense. This is about what is right, and not power hungry tyrants who spend a lifetime and unimaginable resources on one man who’s just trying to live his life like everyone else and has no means to even defend himself while it’s a world wide murder campaign for no reason. This is what the world must know, and not the LIES to cover it all up.

Also, by filing a 41.18(d) sitting on the sidewalk. And making it a misdemeanor,  then intentionally loosing the infraction paperwork, then not wanting it to go to trial when all she has to do is dismiss it since that is what anyone would do anyways, is their own problem. By trying to figure out ways to punish me in the grey areas of the law by thugging, seems to be their tactics and truthfully, if they are laughing stalks, it would be their own damn problem for escalating the non existent problems of righteousness like they always do when it comes to me.

At this point after all the attorneys vs my one of course discuss the situation he comes out and has a plea-bargain, which is normally before an arraignment as he says. I can Go out, unofficially, do a 10 hr community service with nothing on my record. Normally, I would say, that this is the greatest deal ever.  All is wiped clean in regards to this incident, and I get a free pass. But in reality, it is not a free pass. It is a plea Bargain with me stating I am guilty and will take the deal.

With the police following me around, ,making up lies that I am a dog and out of control. Telling me what I can eat, where I can go, who I can ask out, with 24/7 world wide neighborhood watches, and full time surveillance, This is nothing but me bowing down to their blackmail demands with scare tactics while they continue to follow me around the world thugging me to death with their “SPECIAL LAWS” unconstitutionally violating my rights, and in a Nazi and communist state telling me what I can and can’t do, and when they don’t approve, smearing my name in SECRET riling people up to terrorize me in SPECIAL punishments at will which has destroyed my life on every imaginable level, with no judicial system whatsoever empowering the average citizen to take part on me and violate my rights because they are protected and I have no civil rights. Not only this, but they cannot come up with one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, not that it would then be ok.

After this, when I come back in the court room, waiting to make my decision, The black bailiff, starts whistling at me. To provoke me in front of the judge of course.

Then of course the next two people they have in front of the judge are man in handcuffs in jail. The first one stating he did not want community service, and wants jail time. Although he was already in cuffs and a prison uniform. Seemed like a scare tactics. The second I wasn’t paying attention too. But I’m sure similar type of tactics to scare me into a plea bargain to keep me quiet.

Then of course, a black girl in a red shirt sits down next to me, and starts pulling her hair over and over with her fake hair nervous reaction which is another common tactic.

Of course, normally I would be able to get the discovery or police report before arraignment, but in this case I have to file a plea. So basically I filed a not guilty plea, because I believe the TRUTH is more important then bowing down to corruption which isn’t going to stop, unless someone is held accountable for these crimes against me telling me I have no constitutional rights and the police with the masses can tell me to do whatever they want and I have to obey or their our covert mental illness consequence to my rational decisions in life.

At this point, I basically plea not guilty, and now the judge does not want to make any eye contact with me, and strictly looks at my lawyer. Now she could have, and always can do the right thing. Showing her guilt and frusteration in regards to my situation of an innocent person they want to sweep under the rug for their severe painful all day and night INFLICTED crimes again me, when all they really had to do was stop. At this point, knowing they have worked on me all day and night my entire life, I know, that they will never stop, until someone is held accountable because they do not want the truth coming out. And want to hold the power of their lies over me , to cover up their mess, and keep me scared and quiet.

Well, I refuse to have to live a life like this, especially when we have a constitution and civil rights to PROTECT us against Tyranny like this. And while everyone else has these rights, random police officers are allowed to come up and say things like, I don’t like you being a photographer, so me and the department with the citizens will execute you for your crimes of having constitutional rights and doing what you want or dreamed of.

After I leave, I notice that in the court parking lot, now there are about 50% of the lot, cars are backwards.

On my way home, I get some food, of course harassed like usual, and I stop at the park to eat. When I get to the park and sit down. 2 People come out, both in black and green. One in black pant and green shirt


second in green pants, black shirt


And of course, while eating a police officer pulls up to the EXACT spot where the other officer on video told me “We are watching you Perelman” and started his spying, thugging, and most likely trying to get me to react with the other two people trying to provoke me into a situation like usual. This time in a bronco I think.

P1110916 P1110928

This is just another daily situation for me, where there is mass mental illness tactics, thugging,, terror tactics to keep me quiet, and the bigger picture, ridding me of the world for finding out what they have been doing to my life.

Not only is this unconstitutional, I am being told the laws don’t apply, I am supposedly out of control, which is just an EXCUSE to turn people against me being that they cannot actually tell me what it is I’ve done that is out of control. In the end, it is really about keeping this mass terror campaign covered up.

I cannot bow down to demands, if they situation is not going to stop. For example.

We have now SCARED you into court, we now pretend we are your friends with this great deal of unsupervised 10 hr community service. But in the end, you do what we say, because we are your buddies, and in the reality of the situation. I would not be in this situation if they were not CLEARLY, and INTENTIONALLY creating the problems to SMEAR my name, and use them against me for CONTROL.

I myself know that I have spent a lifetime being the best I can be. Not striving for perfection, but being a good person because I believe in things like Karma, Ying Yang, etc. And for people to tell me, that I’ve done things I have not, or worse, fabrice them or do elaborate setups so they can then turn around and tell me what I have to do for them, or who to be is completely unacceptable, and anyone in my shoes would damn well agreee.

For example, one of the My Brothers Waitresses trying to make it look like I stole from them, then telling me I can come there, but I have to do what they tell me. The same girl following me from place to place digging for dirt trying to get confessions based on their SETUPS, so she can control me to then find out they are working with the police.

This is unacceptable and she and others alike are the criminals PERIOD. This is one of the major daily tactics to dictate my life ongoing for the last 30 years with world wide notifications of lie after lie.

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