Community Mobbing – 7/8/2013 – More people come out with Umbrellas

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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On the way home from work today, in another attack to figure out ways to stop me from making money to eat, and pay rent people were notified at 5:00 pm to come out after I left the office on the way home with umbrellas.

Mostly on Roscoe/winnetka and Sherman way area as well as Canoga Park.

The usual areas while at the same time using these tactics to try to create mental illness. then go around telling the world that I am crazy and need to be removed from society.

Also, At work, Lorena Escobar has been parking her car crooked because, one day I didn’t sit perfectly straight, and according to Lorena and her amassed 20 year army since hired to get rid of me, I have committed a crime by not sitting perfectly straight at a Starbucks and she wants to teach me lessons of what she deams as crimes while PREACHING she is trying to protect the company from me.

Lorena Escobar, also had George Escobar come up to me PRETENDING his social network account was HACKED as he changed his email address to his works, then asking me why they did this as he knows not only did he do it, but he was, like usual, with Lorena, trying to scare me into another false confession, or create mental illness to get rid of me.

Also, one of their tactics to make me uncomfortable is having two of the people I let people know what was going on between my father and therapist come to try to make me feel guilty for addressing the issue. One was Tom Farley who I stepped out because I gaurentee there would have been a fight in the office. And the other was Shelly’s (My fathers wifes parents) who kept attacking me for no reason for the end of time. I believe this tactic is, If I address the issue, it will be done more to me, to try to stop me from speaking the TRUTH which has been going on all my life to try to SILENCE me about this MURDER campaign.

Also, Elsie, #3 in charge, who is a low life, loser with no business skills, is walking around coughing in two’s to try to get rid of me.

Which I seem to be the only Moral and ethical one in the company. Lorena will this group will stop at nothing to CONCEAL her true motives while trying to destroy and end my life while smearing my name, and even giving lie after lie to the police in her efforts to do so.

Every place I go, every thing I do, she will make up LIES about each and every situation and disseminate it to the world with some SECRET life long rage against me to wipe me off the planet, and pay employees to work with her on this effort while claiming they are their to actually make the company money or at least have ulterior motives to target me on the side.

Lorena and this crew can send women after me from place to place, and when I’m nice to them they can CRY WOLF and make up CLAIMS I am doing something to them, especically as if it’s my fault they are having people follow me from place to place doing this over and over, but in the END, I will make sure WORLD knows what these people are doing, and what their TRUE INTENT is. Which is MURDER.

Also, as we were leaving, Connie asks me if I am going to  be their thursday, when I say yes, seems like she starts in with the Ideas of references tacttics, as if she and Lorena, whom she collects info for Lorena to use to try to control me, as if it matters when I am there.

For me to go into an office and do my job and what I am paid for is my business, and for them dictating what they want me to do and then try to make me mentally ill when they don’t agree is a CRIME, and the WORLD will know of their COVERT CRIMINAL Activities by smearing someones name and trying to make them mentally ill and kill them in the name of their LIES

Also, at each location I went to today, the police seemed to covertly show up trying to scare me quiet.

The police were trying to intimidate me at Claim Jumpers, Northridge, Coffeebean Northridge, and Pulling out of the neighbors complex The Metro


Umbrellas on the way home





Specific  Details at:

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