George Escobar and Connie Raya’s endless hate, rage jealousy towards me

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Two of the people that work with me in Golden State sports medical names are George Escobar and Connie Raya. George has been at the office for something like 15 years, and me something like 8 years.

George, with this mass terror information collection dissemination campaign in secret has been heavily involved. George has showed his anger and rage since day one coming up to me every day with covert hinting messages of guilts or attempted interrogation scare tactics.



For example, he will say something like. “Remember Dominique who worked here? his brother works for the police and deals with pedophilia” George would also do things like try to figure out how to get me to look at his daughters facebook page. or insinuations, “I check my daughters page every day on facebook and see what she is doing” As well as endless smears to the masses I am a pedaphile, or I can even recall a 28 year old on irc befriending me, speaking for about a month, then telling me they are 13. Of course me then not talking to them afterwards. But you know how they like to leave those details out and probably say I am talking to 13 year olds. After this I think Elsie Sandoval’s daughter with Fox News was working on some attempted Pedephilia setups or trying to get confessions. But like usual, all these endless lies aren’t based on any factual things happening. Just me trying to live a good life and trying to avoid the endless impossible setups like. Hi, I’m 28. And tell the world I am talking to a 13 year old leaving out, me walking away once told.

These types of thugging and suggestive behaviors but nothing ever directly said usually except vaguities to try to get me to obsess on my life, and say anything they can use to give to the world. Example. “You committed a crime! ”
Was it when I did this?” Notifying the masses . He will go from thing to thing, from things like, I think you did or said this in a strip club, to the next and the next.

Also, when we go out to launch, my father will work the same types of things, and Lorena once I start talking will endlessly be texting things out to people about me. As the other day, I came back to the office, and employees knew our lunch convo.

Today, he comes up working with Connie who they put next to me, of course, hired by Lorena Escobar who is telling everying I was doing adult websites to con women, and once again using people names and paranoid schitzofrenia tactics “CONNIE”

Now we all know why Lorena is doing this. She is hired by my father, and he pays her to try to torture me quiet with this mental illness campaign to dictate my life. So obviously such lies to the world as I am scamming or conning people is because the PERELMAN family does not want a son associated with the adult industry, so she needs to try to set me up or smear my name. this way, once that is accomplished, and I am hated by the industry, they have no more worries about me getting into the industry. Plus, ruining my credibility in the first place makes the lies that much more believable.

endless attempted setups, from people like Emily Jewel, or Tracy Anna Koval to smear my name or try to set me up. once I built their sites. Probably paid by Lorena. This is another story.

So today, of course, George comes up to connie and me and starts talking about media and the internet to try to intimidate me. He will talk about how it’s illegal to download media off the internet or start fabricating stories or details to figure out ways to scare me. I basically told him that the things he was talking about was like J-walking or the fact that one of the largest companies, Youtube, or google you can listen to any song, or watch movies, or whatever and it is all free, and uploaded. This is copyrighted material, everyone watches. And nobuddy is mad at youtube, or the fact that billions are watching for free, and nobuddy is arrested for it. Meaning, the reality is that things are different then before the internet came to life.

But since George and Connie have ulterior motives, they will work every angle and tactic. At this point connie will start humming, trying to guilt me about something. Which was a tactic at one point where millions of people world wide, would walk by and hummmm, or sing. Because it is a way to create mental illness and end my life.

Not only this, but since they do things specific to times and number in patterns, and one of those patterns is 23 which is suppose to mean something, be an accusation, or maybe just try to create obsessional looping. Today, Lenoer the main secretary for my father, calls me at 2:23 pm and asks me to look at her computer because the site she was going to was blocked by the firewall. When I have to go to Leonors office, I have to walk across the hall to another office where an elevator is. As I say, ok, I will be right over. And walk across the hall, the elevator doors open, and and man in a wheel chair in purple and black solids, which is one of the tactics comes out with someone and says “Here’s Johnny” a quote from the shinning.

Now, a couple of days prior in the office, I said to Connie, the hall I am sitting in, reminds me of the movie, The Shining. Now one could say, that this type of thing is a coincidence. But, because they are done, in the 1000’s every day, it was not and shows, what she and George, and what Lorena Escobar has done with entire office doing, since the first day Lorena Asked me to work with her.

The intent is clear. Make me mentally ill, most likely at this point, because I know the motive. But in the end, since they do it all day and night, it’s clear, either keeping me in severe pain, or killing me, or removing me from society is the goal.

George also, couple of months ago, bought a used 1968 firebird from me, I had bought to restore because I didn’t get to it. Right after George bought my car, when I went to go get food at a restaurant called Sansai, as I was leaving, a guy was in the lot, with the same type of car restored, waiting around. The car was silver with black stripes. A color you would rarely see a 1968 firebird. Not factory colors, and very odd choices.

After George started restoring the car, and trying to make me jealous and figure out ways to try to get me mad at him to rile me into defending myself as we all know how Trolls work or sickos who try to set people up work. And guess what colors he choose to paint his car?

exact same thing. Silver with black stripes. Finally, after I’m guessing he spent 15,000 or so. And I have no proof but I have a feeling my father gave him the money to do it.  He sort of suggestively, was hinting or wanted to sell it back to me. I have no clue of the motive of why.

Maybe he would tell everyone I’m trying to be his friend, or maybe he would tell everyone I’m indecisive, or maybe he would tell everyone I was using him. Or all the above.

At the point George, realized I really could not care about the car, and that I really didn’t want it back, and I guess he was stuck with it. He really is now going ballistic.

After this, he starts coming in the office, and he starts saluting me. Which is a mimick tatic, which I did to Mike Huntley, once, and only once, as a joke from friends for 25 years in a convo, just joking around. Of course, little did I know at the time, every insignificant thing I did with Mike was being taken out of context, turned to blatant lies and given to the the world to rile the masses to end my life.

Example, I jokingly at a bbq at Mikes house, which we pretty much did 4 days a week for like 6 years. I jokingly, and softly with zero pressure put my hands on his neck and said, we need to start making money. After this, Lorena, working with Adriana Olivarez, a girl they tried to get me to date, to keep me in line, and as my dad puts it, “I just want grand kids from you” from some jailer working with Lorena. And they were running around telling the world that I have severe rage, and tried to choke and kill Mike Huntley.

So, after this, George starts saluting me. with this common guilt/terror tactic in the LAUNDRY LIST or world wide lies. Now, for several weeks after this. Each coffee shop I went into, as I was there, people would come in saluting their friends in front of me. the motive, is obvious. try to trigger me to get me to attack some random stranger. And it’s done over and over endlessly. An obvious tactic to remove me from society because it never stops or ends and goes on all day and night for 14 years upwards of 10,000 of these types of things per day. And has been escalating since I was 10 years old.

So, these locations aren’t close by. One was in Chatsworth, one was in Malibu, and one was in Tarzana. So the question of how the information is getting out to these mass groups in strategic calculated attacks for 30 years is being covered up to protect the people who started this murder campaign with the police, my brothers lies, working with all his and my friends to accomplish this. Also remember, that Mike huntley who wanted me to move back to california and start a company for 6 years was originally my brothers friend. And yet, if I am this horrible monster, why did he want to start a company in the first place.

So back to George and Connie. Right as Connie is leaving. She asks me a question. And she always does this on a daily bases, or asks me to fix something. and for years the entire office did the every single time. But after I fix the problem, or in this case.

Connie will say “Thank you, Thank you” one of the tactics they do in patterns of 2’s. Not only this, but they were communicating with webcam girls and telling them, who were hacking into my computers with a group of people after endlessly trying to manipulate me to MFC My free cams, so that they could do these things if I watched the feed exploiting port 81 which isn’t normally used to surf the web.

Also of course then the turn around tactics, “He’s spying on us” which we all know doesn’t make sense.

So of course, George will also make suggestive innuendo as he did today, that I’m a chicken or this and that to try to rile me up. knowing that every person I’d tried to date, be friends with, and world wide have all done the same things stopping me from having friends or relationships since 10.  If i had to guess, the harassments from george today alone I’d guess around 10 attempts to provoke me into a fight. with suggestive inuendos, mental illness tactics such as ideas of references, and insinuations and belittling. Maybe 6 from connie, then the things I discussed from the strangers.

But today, is nothing like it was before, where their would be around 500 attempts a going to the office between strangers in the lot, cars backwards, people waiting for me in cars in patterns, people in clothing patterns, and the inner office thugging around be around 100 a day.

Of course this has gone on for 8 years since Lorena hired me then started telling the world I think I’m the boss and trying to take over the company for being nice, and saying yes. And going above and beyond for a great network.

Once again, it’s about removing me from society where Lorena will talk about things like everything in moderation. Clearly didn’t like my pool hall, strip club life, or me into studio photography, or any other photography for that matter. And uses such excuses as he does this too much and we need to keep him inline. But we all know, that she isn’t part of my life, nor are any of these other people and why would she even care? Which makes it obvious. And of course, they will try to justify their actions saying things like I am a danger to myself or others.

She also happens to be the same age as my brother although, they are not friends, but it is interesting on that level. And I know for sure, when Mike and I started the company, my father just magically happened to have office space on ventura blvd in the same office for close to nothing. So we took the space INTENTIONALLY getting Mike and me, close to Lorena and their office.

Although, their are world wide information and terror systems build across the world in secret as well for this murder campaign.

This gives you a taste of Not only George and Connie, but what is really going on, as they will try to cover up the crime with any lie imagineable. So for example, my neighbors might say. Well, you downloaded something off the internet. You committed a crime, you are a criminal and that is why this is happening.

But of course, you don’t see me saying. Well, I know today, you broke the speed limit and did an illegal U-turn, you are a criminal and we are going to end your life. And, I don’t think anyone in the world, unless completly nuts, would do it either. Showing that this isn’t about who I am, in any way, shape or form.

Most of this seems to link to me stopping my brother from endlessly beating me, by dropping a knife I was holding when he hit me in the back of the head, to the ground as I turned around. And he ran scared claiming I tried to kill him. And ever since then, he and my family have been working on this mental illness campaign. As I recall around the same time, him telling me. I have a bug in your room and we are listing to you on the radio.

Clearly trying to create paranoia with the rest of my family, which doesn’t seem concerned with his physical abuse towards me at all, as he and his friends were bragging about giving a teacher a nervous breakdown. And remember, Mike Huntley was originally his friend. But the question is why my family has been supporting him.

for more details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society you can go to


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